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Our smartphone devices, regardless of whether your preference is for an iOS or Android-compatible model, have become an extension of us these days as we continue to spend a large portion of each day on them.

Given that we are able to do a range of different activities on them these days, it is perhaps no surprise that we spend a lot of our waking moments on these gadgets. Of course, we can do a variety of different tasks and many of these have been made easy to do via the use of downloadable apps.

There are millions (if not hundreds of thousands) of apps available to choose from in the respective stores, which is why it can sometimes be rather overwhelming to pick one, whilst it can also be incredibly difficult to know what apps you should have.

Naturally, deciding what type of apps are considered must-have will have to come down to an individual’s preference, as we are all unique human beings that have different tastes and needs, but it could be argued that whilst there are differences, there are a number of similarities between all of us throughout the world.

For instance, when taking a look at the type of apps available, it is hard to deny that we will all look to try and select an app that features that particular category. Therefore, in this article, we have decided to take a look at the categories that are available and explain why the apps that can be found within them have to be considered must-haves on your smartphone!


One of the main things that we are all guilty of using our smartphones for is in regard to social activities, such as the use of social media platforms. A large portion of users will typically log on to one of their preferred options – or perhaps each of them – and spend hours browsing them and trying to stay up-to-date with the latest events that are happening.

Indeed, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, or any other social media platform available, these types of apps have to be considered must-haves to install on your phone. They allow users to communicate easily with their friends and family, whilst also being able to find out all of the latest news and trends taking place in the world.

Internet browsers

For many, the generic internet browser that has been provided with the device that is owned is not always enough, as many will head to the store and download their preferred option. This could be for a variety of different reasons, with some providing additional security features, whilst others simply able to perform better than others.

Indeed, many will use a web browser for a range of different activities that they might not always be able to use an app for. This could be to pay a bill, shop online, or even to play a variety of games that are available at the top online casino sites that can be found, as not every operator will have created an app that can be used.


Although we might use our phones for purposes such as communicating with others, there is no denying that many of us have continued to use them for entertainment purposes, including gaming.

Mobile gaming has become one of the top activities to do on a smartphone device in recent years, with the vast majority of apps to have been created being titles that are available to play. If you have time to kill and want a way to do it whilst commuting or are simply looking to unwind, then having a game or two downloaded should be considered a must.


Travel apps have to be considered a must for every single smartphone holder, especially those that provide help in regard to directions.

Apps such as Google Maps or Waze amongst the many others are exceptional at providing satellite navigation services for those who drive, whilst they can also be used if a person is walking to a certain location they have never been to before. The former of the two is also great for those who wish to use it for commuting via public transport, thus making it a must-have type of app.


If you are not playing games on your smartphone device in the free time that you may have, then it is likely that you are using it to stream. You could be streaming the latest TV show, watching a Hollywood blockbuster film, or even streaming audio such as podcasts or music; basically, streaming covers a lot of different forms of entertainment.

There is a range of different must-have apps that fit in this category but it is rather evident that these need to be included, as regardless of your preference, it would be hard to state this is a type of app that is not needed.


To summarize, there is a range of different types of apps that need to be considered must-haves to install on your phone. There are many types that have not been mentioned, such as sports or online shopping, as these can be preferential, but those outlined above should be downloaded by everyone. 

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Jennifer Wilson
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