All Active TYPE SOUL Codes for January 2024: Soul Earn Tickets and Blue Pills for free


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“Type Soul” is a Roblox game that draws its inspiration from the widely popular anime series, Bleach. The game was launched in sync with the return of the Thousand Year Blood War anime, making it a perfect fit for fans eagerly awaiting the latest arc of Bleach. As you start the TYPE SOUL Codes game, you find yourself in Karakura Town, the hometown of Ichigo Kurosaki, the anime’s main character.

Initially, you’ll likely struggle due to your character being underpowered, and survival may be short-lived. However, this initial defeat paves the way for real gameplay, allowing you to select your character type: Soul Reaper, Quincy, or Hollow. Each type comes with its own unique abilities and progression paths, significantly influencing your overall gaming experience. If you ever wish to switch your character type, you have the option to use Type Soul codes, which can be a game-changer. These TYPE SOUL codes offer valuable items such as Soul Tickets and Blue Pills (used for resetting your build), as well as Weapon and Element Rerolls.

With the recent surge in popularity following an update, players often seek new TYPE SOUL codes to enhance their gameplay. This guide is here to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest and most effective TYPE SOUL codes in Roblox, helping you stay ahead in your journey as a Soul Reaper battling treacherous Hollows.

About TYPE SOUL Game

TYPE://SOUL is an engaging Roblox game that draws inspiration from the well-loved anime series Bleach. In this game, players have the opportunity to take on the role of Soul Reapers, the guardians who protect against malevolent entities known as Hollows. The game offers extensive character customization, unlocking unique abilities, and an opportunity to explore recognizable settings from the Bleach series while engaging in intense battles.

The experience extends to cooperative missions, player-versus-player (PvP) showdowns and epic boss fights, providing opportunities for players to earn rewards and advance through the ranks. Regular updates keep the game content fresh and ensure that players remain fully immersed in the dynamic Bleach universe. In summary, if you’re a fan of anime-style Roblox games, TYPE://SOUL is sure to be a delightful choice.

Working TYPE SOUL Codes

The table below contains the latest active codes for TYPE SOUL in Roblox. If any of these codes do not work, they may have expired. Keep in mind that there’s always a chance the codes may no longer be valid

All the working Roblox Type Soul codes:

  • newcodeoldbugged – Locked Shikai/Res/Volt Reroll and a Locked Clan Reroll (NEW)
  • mainmenufixes – Locked Shikai/Res/Volt Reroll and a Locked Clan Reroll
  • tradehub  – Locked Element Reroll and Locked Weapon Reroll

How To Redeem Roblox TYPE SOUL Codes?

All Active TYPE SOUL Codes for January 2024: Soul Earn Tickets and Blue Pills for free

If you have these codes on hand, you might be wondering, ‘How do I redeem TYPE SOUL codes in Roblox?’ If that’s the case, don’t worry—it’s a simple process. Just follow the instructions below.

To utilize the mentioned codes, the process for redemption is quite simple and mirrors the method used in many other Roblox games. It only requires a few uncomplicated steps. If fans require assistance with the redemption process, they can refer to the step-by-step instructions provided below:

  1. Begin by launching Type Soul.
  2. Click on Play.
  3. For first-time players, select a gender and come up with a username.
  4. Once inside the game, locate and click or tap on the red gift-shaped button at the top left. It’s slightly transparent, making it a bit challenging to see.
  5. Upon clicking the button, a menu will pop up, revealing the “Enter Code Here” field where fans need to input the code.
  6. To redeem the code, simply hit Enter.

How To Find New TYPE SOUL Codes?

You can discover the latest redeem codes on the official TYPE SOUL Discord and Trello Board. Occasionally, developers may also share redeem codes on Twitter.

Here’s the updated TYPE SOUL Trello Link Official:

How To Play TYPE SOUL Game?

“Type Soul” can initially seem complex, particularly for newcomers looking to start their adventure. However, the process has been streamlined for ease. As a Lost Soul, you have three race options: Hollow, Quincy, or Soul Reaper. Here’s a simplified guide to help players seamlessly integrate into the game:

Becoming a Hollow:

  • To embody a Hollow, simply press Ctrl K. If Hollow isn’t your choice, refrain from using this command.

Becoming a Quincy:

  • As a Lost Soul, seek out the Wanda gate located at coordinates xx:10 and xx:40. Recognizable by its blue side on the right and white side on the left.
  • The gate is accessible for 10 minutes during specific times.
  • Enter the gate and follow the path to find a statue NPC. Interact with the NPC, who will inquire if you worship the king.
  • By interacting with this NPC, you’ll transform into a Quincy.

Becoming a Soul Reaper:

  • Currently, there are two paths to becoming a Soul Reaper: purification and a Shinigami Quest.
  • You can request a Soul Reaper player to purify you, transitioning you into a Soul Reaper.
  • Alternatively, be on the lookout for the Shinigami Quest, which might offer an alternative route to becoming a Soul Reaper.

By following these steps, you can easily select your path in “Type Soul” and commence your journey in the game.

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