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Mobile is, by an ever-growing margin, the platform of choice for gamers. Mobile gaming generates more revenue than all other platforms put together. Yet when you take a step back, this transformation has come about almost by accident. When the first mobile games were developed, nobody had the serious notion of taking on the console market and even, perhaps, driving it to obsolescence.

For all its multi-functionality and its gaming capability, a mobile handset is still just that – a design that is first and foremost a telephone, not a game controller. There are literally dozens of accessories on the market that enhance, or claim to enhance, your gaming experience. Here, we separate the wheat from the chaff and select some of the top trending gaming gadgets that are genuinely worth having.


Fans of FPS games are guaranteed to try these gadgets and then wonder how they ever managed without them. They clip onto the side of your handset in seconds and provide far more responsive input than the touch screen. There are several on the market and they start at about $10 for a pair, so read up on the reviews to find the ones that best serve your needs.

Finger sleeves

Anyone who has spent any time playing mobile games will inevitably have encountered sweaty thumb syndrome at one time or another. It can play havoc with your performance and also leaves you with the task of cleaning up the fingerprints from your screen. Spandex finger sleeves solve the problem and are available for coins from the usual online sources. They stretch to fit any size, and although the sensation is odd at first, you soon get used to them and will find your control becomes better than it was with direct skin contact.

A mobile charger

Games can be quite a power-intensive, especially when they involve either serious processor work or live video streaming like the live games offered by online casinos (check this online casino list for more information). There can be nothing more frustrating than suddenly running out of power when you’ve just been dealt a full house or a straight flush in the casino, so a mobile charger should be an essential gadget for any gamer.

A cooler

When the gaming heats up, so can your handset. We’ve all been there when a phone can become the main cause of that sweaty thumb syndrome mentioned earlier. A phone cooling fan magnetically attaches to the back of your phone. As well as making it more comfortable to hold, it reduces the likelihood of heat-related performance issues like lag or stutter, as well as the possibility of more serious damage to the phone or its battery.

A wireless headset

Today’s games are highly immersive, and if you are playing in a public area, you’ll need some form of headphones or ear pods. Don’t compromise here. A good quality wireless headset will make all the difference to your overall gaming experience.

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Audrey Throne
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