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Most of the time, it becomes quite annoying when even thousands of attempts don’t give you a perfect picture. The exact sharpness, color contrast, brightness, texture, and many aspects lead to a considerable impact on making a picture look good. However, you can easily make even imperfect pictures the perfect one by using photo editing apps.

There’s nothing cool and special than sharing your edits with the whole world. And, this handy solution can edit the photos in the way required and let you rock on every social platform.

Whether you agree or not, these cool edited pictures expose yourself and let you meet new people. So why not make it more fascinating and cool? To make it happen, we are sharing here the best five photo editing apps that you will love to have on your smartphone! Get all here!

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an amazing app providing access to professional tools for picture editing purposes. It’s very easy to use that provides free editing tools to turn a raw image into a high-quality professionally edited image right away. It will help you stay organized by managing different photos at the same time.

Key Highlights

  • Provides high-quality adjustment tools to make proper adjustments of color, grain, light, detailing, distortion, and many more
  • Turn your photos into animated videos & visual stories
  • Give access to transform photos by removing objects and combining multiple images
  • Get the best shots by accessing images from anywhere
  • Let you reorganize themes and photos for a better image and album

With Abode Lightroom, none can beat you in photography even in its free version. For the premium version and to get added features, you need to pay some amount ($9.99 per month).


Google’s Snapseed is enough to provide you seamless editing experience with its exceptional combination of tools and power-packed settings. It lets you change the complete overall appearance of the image. Unlike others, this app doesn’t limit itself to just filters, but has many other features in its bucket, including HDS Scape, perspective change, glamour glow, white balance and many more.

Key Highlights

  • Provide color adjusting features with several tools
  • Gives you blurring options with great adjustments
  • Gives a monochrome touch for classy photographs
  • Get a drama tool to lift the images
  • Selective adjustment lets you tweak the focus area
  • Add text either plain or stylized as per your choice

Snapseed is available for free for its users.

PicsArt Photo Studio

When it comes to a complete photo editing app packed with abundant powerful tools, then it becomes hard to overlook the PicsArt Photo Studio app. This versatile tool bestows the user with creative control over photo editing with a blend of cool filters.

Key Highlights

  • Provides a lengthy library containing infinite effects and filters options
  • Besides offering several sticker options, it allows you to even make custom stickers
  • 100 free templates to make a collage
  • Carries great drawing tools with customized options
  • Cutout function allows you to change backgrounds
  • Mask tool adds different looks and textures to the images

The app is free to download and also offers its premium version under the PicsArt Gold section.


This is again the most demanding app serving the best purpose of editing pictures. It’s the best feature is the removal of unwanted elements, highlighting particular ones and all. Unlike other apps, it will not let you change the image thoroughly or make major changes, but let you remove unwanted things that might be making the image unattractive.

Key Highlights

  • This app lets you remove minor imperfections or unwanted things with Blemish Remover
  • Quite easy to use without any difficulty or guide
  • Embellish pictures graciously by removing extra substances
  • Remove pimples and other impurities of your face at a moment’s notice

This app is not available for free. You need to spend some money i.e. $2 at Google Play to get this app.

Photoshop Express

Last but of course not the least one is Photoshop Express. Its simple yet amazing features bestow the people with the best photo editing experience ever. It features all the desired tools that make a photo editing app the best one.

Key Highlights

  • With just one touch, you can cut out dust or spots from the photos
  • Adding text on the picture is easy
  • Additional filters can adorn the pictures brilliantly
  • Attractive borders and frames can make your picture look unique
  • Remove haze & fog from the pictures quickly
  • Common issues get corrected automatically by smart filters

The app is absolutely free to download on your Android device. However, to unlock some special features, you need to sign in with Adobe ID.

We found these five photo editing apps as the best ones for Android. Though many of you might not agree with us, the perfect photo editing definition might differ from person to person. Still, try out these apps and share your experience with us!

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