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Prepare Yourself for the Reactive Web- Top 5 Advantages of React Development

Since its first release in 2013, the React framework has come a long way. Once a new technology, React is one of the most in-demand development tools today. The most reliable source in the entire known Universe, the StackOverflow survey, shows that React is deeply rooted in developers’ hearts and minds. The best part is that React is much more than a framework beloved by enthusiasts. Industry titans trust it when it comes to developing an application on which business success depends. For example, Netflix has adopted React as one of the significant development frameworks to achieve better application startup speed and performance. And where’s Netflix now? That’s right, everywhere! Today, we’ll consider the main advantages of this framework to understand what’s so special about React JS development.

1. React is as Fast as a Shark

First of all, React is a framework that speeds up web app development and ensures outstanding performance. Such features as sharing some part of code on both client and server give a significant productivity boost. Different React development team members can focus on different project parts without worrying about breaking the application logic. 

React Developer Tools, a plugin that supports all major browsers can also invest in the overall productivity of React development teams. Reduced development time will also become a pleasant surprise for those who want their business to benefit from adopting a web app since it means less spending.

React is also an outstanding framework from the average user’s perspective. There’s nothing more annoying than watching endless loading animations when trying to order a taxi to the airport or just wanting to treat yourself to a delicious dinner from a restaurant after a hard day. The React framework provides access to the development technology called Virtual DOM. The use of React technology ensures that web application development outsourcing can handle high loads with ease.

The concept is simple: why load something that the user doesn’t even see? Instead, the React application can compare the virtual representation of DOM (Document Object Model) with the actual state of the app to load and process data that a user requires at a given moment.

2. With React, Mobile Development is a Piece of Cake

If you decide to create a mobile application along with the web app (and most probably you will), React can also become quite handy. React Native allows developers to avoid the necessity to learn new tricks where there’s the need to ensure that mobile users will receive an excellent experience. Once written, JavaScript code can be used both for web and mobile applications.

3. React Enables Access to Tons of Reusable Components

Another React feature that helps cut development time and the cost is component reusability. The complex user interface of a web or mobile application is divided into a set of components, each of which can be used in different parts of the system and changed effortlessly. Additionally, dozens of UI libraries provide access to ready-to-use and customizable UI components, for example, MUI, formerly known as Material-UI.

4. React Can Help to Improve Your Rankings

One of the main problems of web app development is achieving high SEO rankings. The reason is that such apps use a lot of JavaScript language a typical search engine may not understand. For example, suppose you work in a small business nobody knows about and decided to adopt a tiny Single Page Application to boost your sales. In such a case, ranking higher on Google will mean a lot. If a web crawler has no idea what your web application tries to say to the world, you can face some issues. The React framework solves this development problem by rendering and returning the application from the server as if it were a regular website.

5. React Has a Large and Devoted Community

Last but not least, community matters. The more people use a specific framework for creating web applications, the more effort developers will put into its development. At the moment, there’s no shortage of React developers and enthusiasts worldwide. The ease of learning and using it makes this crowd even more prominent every day. Due to such popularity among the developers’ community, React creators pay due attention to regular updates. Developers, in their turn, do not sit idly by and release dozens of development tools and libraries enriching the React ecosystem.

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