Top 3 Location Spoofers for Android [Pokémon GO Available]


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In a world where boundaries are increasingly blurred, the ability to change your location has become a valuable tool for Android users. Whether you’re an avid Pokémon GO player or looking to add a touch of intrigue to your social media presence, we have just what you need. In this article, we will explore the top three location spoofers for Android, enabling you to modify your virtual whereabouts effortlessly. Discover how these recommended applications can empower you to navigate through virtual landscapes and unlock exciting possibilities. Join us as we delve into the realm of location spoofing and uncover a world of endless exploration.

Top 1. LocaChange – The Most Stable GPS Location Spoofer without Jailbreak

LocaChange stands out as one of the most stable GPS location spoofing tools for Android devices, offering a reliable and seamless experience without the need for jailbreaking. Let’s explore the key features of LocaChange and how it distinguishes itself from other location spoofers.

Key Features of LocaChange

  1. Easily switch your iOS/Android location to any destination with just a single click.
  2. Seamlessly compatible with popular location-based apps such as Pokémon GO, Snapchat, Tinder, and more.
  3. Effortlessly simulate GPS movement by creating personalized routes and adjusting the speed.
  4. Enhance your experience in AR games with flexible GPS movement control using the joystick feature, bringing extra excitement and enjoyment.
  5. Fully compatible with the latest iOS 16 and Android 14 versions, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

How to Fake GPS Location on Android Using LocaChange

Step 1. Install and Launch LocaChange on your PC. Click on “Get Started”.

Step 2. Connect your Android phone to your PC using USB.

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to open the USB debugging, and confirm”Allow USB debugging” on your Android phone.

Step 4. Select “Social Mode”, and follow the instructions to install “LocaChange Assistant” on your phone.

Step 5. Find “Select mock location app” in Developer Options, and select LocaChange Assistant.

Step 6. Choose “Teleport Mode” and enter your desired location. Click on “Move”, and your location will be changed to the entered location with one click.

Top 3 Location Spoofers for Android [Pokémon GO Available]

[Bonus Tip] How to Spoof Pokémon GO without Moving using LocaChange

LocaChange offers an additional advantage for Pokémon GO enthusiasts. By utilizing the built-in joystick feature, you can navigate through the game without physically moving. This means you can catch Pokemon, explore Pokestops, and engage in battles from the comfort of your home, all while maintaining a spoofed location.

Follow the above instructions to connect your Android phone to your PC, and enable USB debugging in the settings.

  • Check and confirm the Declaimer, and select “Gaming Mode
  • The program will start Loading, it will take a few minutes. Wait until you see a popup showing “You’re All Set!”.
  • Sign in to the Game with your account, and enter the map.
  • Select the mode from the upper right corner, All four modes are available for Pokémon GO, now enjoy your new adventure!

Set GPS Movement Parameters (Optional): If you wish to simulate movement, you can set parameters such as speed and movement type (walking, cycling, etc.). This will add a more realistic touch to your spoofed location.

Top 3 Location Spoofers for Android [Pokémon GO Available]

Pros & Cons

One of the notable advantages of LocaChange is its stability. The app offers a reliable connection, ensuring that your spoofed location remains consistent. However, it’s important to consider that while LocaChange provides stability, some users may find the interface slightly less intuitive compared to other apps.

Top 2: iMyFone AnyTo – An Advanced Location Changer

iMyFone AnyTo is an advanced location changer for Android devices, offering a comprehensive set of features that go beyond basic GPS spoofing. Let’s explore the key features of AnyTo and how it can enhance your location-changing experience.

With iMyFone AnyTo, you can effortlessly modify your Android device’s location to any place in the world. This app allows you to set a custom location with pinpoint accuracy, giving you the ability to explore different cities, regions, or even specific addresses from the comfort of your own home.

How to Fake GPS Location on Android Using iMyFone AnyTo

Step 1. Install and Launch AnyTo and connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 2. Enable Developer Options: On your Android device, go to Settings, then navigate to About Phone. Tap on the Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options.

Step 3. Enable USB Debugging: In Developer Options, locate USB Debugging and toggle it on. This will allow your computer to communicate with your Android device.

Step 4. Select a Location: Using the map interface within iMyFone AnyTo, choose the desired location you want to fake on your Android device. You can search for a specific address or manually navigate to the desired spot.

Step 5. Start Faking Location: Once you have set the desired location and movement parameters (if applicable), click on the “Move” button within iMyFone AnyTo to start faking your location on your Android device.

Top 3 Location Spoofers for Android [Pokémon GO Available]

Pros & Cons

iMyFone AnyTo offers advanced features that set it apart from other location spoofing apps. Its ability to simulate movement and create customized routes adds a level of realism to your virtual location. However, it’s worth noting that AnyTo requires a connection to a computer and USB debugging enabled on your Android device. Some users may find this additional step cumbersome, especially when compared to standalone apps.

Top 3. Fake GPS location- A Free GPS Spoofing App

When it comes to changing your Android device’s location, Fake GPS Location stands out as a popular and reliable option. This free GPS spoofing app allows users to modify their location with ease, opening up a world of possibilities for various applications, including gaming and social media. Let’s delve into the key features of Fake GPS Location, along with a step-by-step guide on how to change your location on Android using this app.

Key Features of Fake GPS location App

Fake GPS Location offers a range of features that make it a go-to choice for Android users seeking to alter their virtual whereabouts. With this app, you can:

Set a Custom Location: Fake GPS Location enables you to choose any location around the world and set it as your device’s GPS coordinates. This means you can explore different cities, countries, or even continents from the comfort of your own home.

Simulate Movement: Take your location spoofing experience to the next level by simulating movement. With Fake GPS Location, you can set a desired speed and direction, giving the impression that you’re moving in real time.

How to Change Location on Android using Fake GPS location

Step 1. Download and Install Fake GPS Location app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Enable Developer Options: Go to your device’s Settings, navigate to About Phone, and tap on the Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options.

Step 3. Select Mock Location App: Once Developer Options are enabled, go back to Settings, enter Developer Options, and select Fake GPS Location as the Mock Location App.

Step 4. Set Desired Location: Open Fake GPS Location and enter the desired location in the search bar. You can either search for a specific address or move the map to select a location manually.

Step 5. Start Spoofing: Tap the Start button in Fake GPS Location to initiate the spoofing process. Your Android device will now reflect the chosen location.

Pros & Cons

While Fake GPS Location offers a range of benefits, it’s important to consider its limitations. On the downside, the app’s connection is not always stable, which may result in occasional drops where your device reverts to displaying the real GPS location. Additionally, it’s worth noting that most location spoofing apps, including Fake GPS Location, do not support live location spoofing on Android.

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