Top 10 Stellar dApps in 2023


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dApps are the most popular form of apps that are found around us due to their ability to operate on a blockchain network that functions similarly to a peer-to-peer network. dApps have gained immense popularity among users, and as the world bounces back after the pandemic there has been a rise in Stellar blockchain development for the building of dApps. 

What is Stellar? 

Stellar blockchain is a platform that aims to connect banks, payment systems, and people to reduce the cost and time to conduct cross-border monetary transfers. Stellar’s co-founder Jed McCaleb says that Stellar runs on a network of decentralized servers with Distributed Ledgers being updated among nodes every 2 to 5 seconds. The consensus protocol is also a bit different from other rival blockchain platforms as Stellar does not rely on the entire miner network to approve transactions. The Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) algorithm of Stellar makes it process transactions faster by using quorum slices to validate and approve transactions in the network. 

So, here we will let you know those top 10 trending dApps developed on Stellar Blockchain to look forward to in 2023, which offer loads of benefits to app developers and users alike. 

Top 10 trending Stellar dApps to look in 2023 


Moneygram is a cross-border P2P payment and money transfer app providing the speed, flexibility, and freedom to move money around. The Moneygram app is built over Stellar and is made available on Android and iOS platforms. This app lets you have access to mobile digital wallets, bank accounts, or cash pickup in over 200+ countries and regions. 


NiceTrade is a social trading platform with multi-account, social trading, competitions, and more. NiceTrade app offers a multi-account wallet/exchange to let their users trade with multiple Stellar accounts and further share trading results with friends and win XLM prizes. Overall, the mission of NiceTrade is to improve Stellar Distributed Exchange’s liquidity by offering a new trading terminal with powerful features. 

Ayadee TRAK 

The Ayadee TRAK app lets consumers see the entire history of a product by recording the product’s history in the supply chain from beginning to end. It is the first of its kind supply chain tool to be built over Stellar Blockchain. The Ayadee TRAK app is available on android and iOS platforms that can be accessed simply by scanning, photographing, or commenting on your supply chain product. 


Beans is a Stellar Blockchain-based payment and savings app specializing in cross-currency payments. Beans app focuses on providing a savings app that gives almost instant conversions for 100% free while offering a healthy yield. 


Biblosphere is an app built over the Stellar blockchain to serve as a marketplace for sharing paperback books. The goal of the Biblosphere app is to let users share and reuse books already available in the community instead of buying a new book. Biblosphere mobile app uses Stellar as a payment method and is available on android and iOS platforms. 


Bitrophone was earlier known by the name of XLM.Records, but due to possible copyright issues cropping up, they changed it to the Bitrophone. The Bitrophone aims to become the biggest music distribution app while utilizing the potential of the Stellar blockchain network. The uploaded content of Bitrophone gets delivered to major music stores like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Youtube, Google Play Music, and Bitrophone Music App. 


DEB is a ride-share app to be built over the Stellar network that strives to provide a safer, and stronger relationship between riders and drivers. DEB app uses Stellar’s payment mechanism to a lower commission on every rides so that more benefits can be passed on to riders and drivers. 


CoinTigo is a fintech platform that aims to offer universal financial access through its services and a payment gateway through SMS. The CoinTigo app focuses on providing financial access to such people who are without internet, smartphone, or bank accounts by their layer 0 protocol. 


LedgerAds is a decentralized cost-per-click advertising network that aims to lower one-third of the costs that are incurred in Google Adsense for advertising. The easy-to-use LedgerAds app gained popularity due to its policy of transparency, privacy, and fraud resistance. The app needs no sign-up and the users can monetize their content in less than 1 minute by adding LedgerAds HTML snippets to the websites and blogs. 


Coinme mobile app functions as a typical crypto exchange that lets users with debit cards or prepaid cards, buy, sell and transfer crypto hassle-free. The Coinme app offers a digital wallet that can be used to buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies over the Coinme platform. 


Stellar is an ideal platform to develop a dApp, especially if you are a financial player looking forward to developing a robust fintech system reports dApp developers at Rejolut. Even for building entertainment apps Stellar has the potential to cater to dynamic business demands, as you can it as a backend to power all kinds of apps and other services.

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