Top 10 iPhone Games in 2024


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The smooth performance of the latest iPhones guarantees intriguing mobile gaming adventures. Even if your Apple device is an older version, a wholesome experience is still imminent. The big reason why iPhone gaming is so successful is the variety of titles to choose from. Whether you like puzzles, strategy, sports, or fantasy games, they’ll be available on the iPhone. But not all games are the same. Some of them have bigger audiences and generate more revenue. As we are closer to the end of this year, we want to show you the most played iPhone games of 2023 that are worth downloading to your Apple phone.

The Benefits of iPhone Gaming

In 2023, iPhone gaming has become a major source of fun and excitement, with a wide range of advantages that appeal to people worldwide. There are many pros to playing popular iPhone games that almost everyone can testify to. These enjoyable experiences are not just for those seeking casual entertainment but also for serious gamers.

Some iPhone users find gaming more fun when there’s something to risk and, of course, some cash to pocket in the long run. So, many prefer mobile games to test their luck with the games on offer. With your smartphone, you can play with best iPhone games, and stand a chance to win real money while trying out the games. The convenience of Apple devices with their sleek performances in this regard is second to none. Now, aside from the perks for gamblers, let’s explore the finest in mobile gaming with a wide range of benefits:

  • High-Quality Graphics: iPhones have stunning visuals for immersive gameplay.
  • Regular Updates: iPhone games receive consistent updates to boost performance.
  • Exclusive Games: Some titles are for iPhone users only.
  • Convenience: Some games to play on iPhone are accessible on the go, allowing players to enjoy their favorite titles from virtually anywhere.
  • Educational Opportunities: iPhone gaming includes educational games, making it a valuable tool for both enjoyment and learning.
  • Winning Possibilities: Some iPhone games offer monetary rewards, giving you a chance to win while you play.

These benefits collectively contribute to the growing popularity of iPhone gaming, making it a prominent source of entertainment and engagement in 2023.

10 Best Games for iPhone Users

Let’s start by checking out the table below for a brief overview of these games, including their genres, developers, and release dates on iOS. Keep reading to find out what makes them the most popular among iPhone game lovers in 2023.

Game TitleGenreDeveloperRelease for iOS
Pokémon GOAugmented RealityNianticJuly 6, 2016
PUBG MobileBattle RoyaleLightSpeed & Quantum StudioMarch 19, 2018
RobloxSandboxRoblox CorporationDecember 11, 2012
Slay the SpireCard GameMega CritJune 13, 2020
Stardew ValleySimulationConcernedApeOctober 24, 2018
Subway SurfersEndless RunnerKiloo and Sybo GamesMay 24, 2012
Call of Duty: MobileFirst-Person ShooterTiMi Studio GroupOctober 1, 2019
Among UsSocial DeductionInnerslothJune 15, 2018
Genshin ImpactAction RPGmiHoYoSeptember 28, 2020
MinecraftSandboxMojang StudiosNovember 17, 2011
10 Best Games for iPhone Users


Hearts is a trick-taking card game in which the main objective is to avoid scoring points. The game is typically played by four players, and the cards that carry penalty points are all hearts, each worth one point, and the queen of spades, which is worth 13 points. Players must navigate through each trick, carefully avoiding these penalty cards, unless they attempt the risky strategy of “shooting the moon”—taking all penalty cards in a hand to give other players points.

Hearts.Land is an online platform where this classic card game can be played, featuring a user interface that’s perfect for iPhones. The design of the site is such that it makes the game easy to view and interact with on the smaller screens of mobile devices, allowing for a satisfying game experience for iPhone users on the go.

Pokémon GO

Top 10 iPhone Games in 2024

In 2016, Nintendo launched Pokemon Go globally. Even though it has existed for seven years, this game, created by Niantic, is still among the top iPhone games in 2023. In the title, your journey to find and catch cute Japanese creatures called pocket monsters, or ‘Pokémon.’

They keep improving the game by adding new Pokemon, items, exciting battles, and more. Although you also get this game on Android, many prefer it on an Apple device. It’s one of the best free iPhone games ever created.

PUBG Mobile

Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives in India
PubG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a popular game on home consoles and PCs, is now on smartphones. Players join huge battle royale matches with their mobile devices. It’s now easier to enjoy PUBG.

The fourth-anniversary update of PUBG Mobile introduced exciting changes. Unlike anything you’ve seen in a battle royale game, there’s a lively, colorful theme, fun bicycles, and a wild aerial battlefield mode. Alongside these, you’ll still find the classic gameplay you adore, short 10-minute matches, and a wide range of cool items to collect and wear.


Here's how to unban Roblox in 2022 in easy steps!

Dive into a virtual world with Roblox, a game available on Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Xbox. Thanks to its many popular games, Roblox is a hit in the UK and US download charts. Roblox Corporation’s game has over 100 million active monthly players, and it’s loved for its endless creative opportunities.

This Gen Z app combines gaming and social media. So, play games, make your own decisions, or chat with friends worldwide.

Slay the Spire

In Slay the Spire, you choose one of four characters to climb a multi-floor spire. The spire’s layout differs each time you play. You fight various enemies and monsters. The battles work like a collectible card game, and you earn new cards by winning fights and other methods. This means you must build a solid deck to climb successfully. Slay the Spire’s card-based combat is very engaging and addictive.

Stardew Valley

Many iPhone games let you create and manage a farm, but Stardew Valley is exceptional. This farming game, developed by ConcernedApe in 2016, puts you in the shoes of a character who inherits a run-down farm from their late grandfather and is determined to bring it back to life. Up to four players are allowed to play together online. With over 15 million copies sold worldwide, it’s one of the greatest video games ever, applauded for its music, characters, and soothing atmosphere.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer is a non-stop running game based in Chicago. You control characters like Jake, a graffiti artist, Tricky, or Fresh as they run through subways and train yards to escape an inspector and his dog. You must avoid obstacles like moving subways, poles, tunnel walls, and barriers. Collect items and power-ups to get faster and boost your special abilities. This game is one of the most loved and addictive endless running games globally.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 12 Chinese version, gets major animation overhaul leading to turmoil at the global level!

Some years back, Activision launched Call of Duty: Mobile, a mobile version of their popular game series. It’s now in its fourth season and offers different multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Battle Royale. Plus, it’s free on iOS and Android and available for playing on the go.

Among Us

Among US - Best Cross Platform Games To Play with Friends

Among Us is a top-notch hidden killer game with a mafia-style twist. It came out in 2018 but suddenly became extremely popular two years later. With other 4 to 15 players, your mission is preparing your spaceship for launch. But in a rather interesting twist, some players are secretly Imposters aiming to eliminate everyone else. If you’re not one, you need to fix your ship and figure out who the Imposters are. Among Us helps in testing your social skills and keeping your wits sharp.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 1.3 Release Date, Weapons, Geo Buff, Xiao banner, New Characters, Zhongli Reveal

Genshin Impact, the 2022 miHoYo game, is a newcomer that broke all expectations. The action RPG game shows you have console-quality gaming on mobile. Genshin Impact’s world is Teyvat, a fantasy place with seven nations connected to a distinct element and ruled by a different god. You explore this beautiful but risky land using a unique combat system. The fact that Genshin Impact got over 100 million downloads in its first six months shows how big of a deal it is. Besides, it was named the highest revenue-generating first-year-launch video game.


Minecraft has been around for over a decade. It’s always considered one of the top iPhone games worldwide, offering to play on your Apple iPhone for a meager fee. In this sandbox game, you have the opportunity to create and explore the world: climb mountains, discover caves, and mine valuable ore to construct houses, weapons, and more. Minecraft is more than just fun. It’s also an educational tool that helps people learn skills like teamwork, creativity, and managing resources.


These are just a few of the many games to play on your smartphone you can enjoy. Whether you like intense battles, tricky puzzles, immersive RPGs, or iPhone games, you’ll find one here that suits your taste. The great thing about all these games is how easy it is to start playing. Go to the game’s website or download the app; some might ask for a quick registration. Then, you’re ready to play with just a few taps. Anyone with an iPhone can start discovering and exploring their favorite mobile games easily. Remember, iOS gaming is constantly changing, so watch out for new releases and exciting experiences waiting to be explored.

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