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App development is an industry that’s been growing at an alarming rate, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more companies are seeking app development services to bolster their organization’s processes and customer offerings as we delve further into this digital age.

The growing need to develop business apps at a rapid-fire pace has led to many companies outsourcing their app development projects to app development agencies across the globe. But how exactly do these companies find the best agencies to handle their app development projects? Well, mostly through recommendations from either other companies or reputable industry sources! So, without further ado, here are our top ten app development agencies across the globe that you should consider outsourcing your next app development project too.

1. DreamWalk, Australia

DreamWalk Apps in Melbourne, Australia is at the top of our app developers list for two key reasons. First of all, the award-winning app development agency has produced multiple game-changing apps that have been listed as one of the Australian App Store’s Top 10 apps at the time of their release. DreamWalk’s phenomenal track record superbly demonstrates its ability to create highly intuitive Android and iOS apps across a diverse range of industries, from financial services to food delivery, and dating apps to the contactless buying and selling of luxury cars, and even recycling and conservation apps.

Secondly, DreamWalk is also Australia’s only app development company that possesses a tailored ethical app development charter. Because of the company’s sustainability-minded ethos, DreamWalk routinely partners up with charitable organizations across Australia as well as NGOs and social enterprises in order to produce mobile apps. The app development agency also donates 5% of all profits to a handful of charitable organizations, and provides their clients with the opportunity to select the organization that profits made from their app development project will go. We love a highly proficient and transparent app development company that’s also future-oriented in a variety of ways.

2. intent, Poland

Founded in 2008, the intent is an app development agency that well and truly defies expectations. Despite possessing a modest body of staff, intent services some of the globe’s most recognizable brand names, including Samsung, Google, iHeartRadio, and even Nike. The intent is also the innovator behind the Oura app designed for wearers of the Oura Ring health tracker device.

intent are highly involved in the global app development community and are regularly represented at industry awards events, both as spectators, supporters, and award recipients. Some of their recent accolades include receiving honourable mentions at a hackathon during TechCrunch’s Disrupt tech convention in 2021, as well as Paypal’s own Hackathon. In essence, intent is managed by an agile team of development professionals who take pride in what they do, and are open to working with a wide range of clients.

3. FreshWorks Studio, Canada

Referred to as Canada’s #1 app development agency, FreshWorks Studio is known for being a prolific development company that predominantly services health and digital services industries. In fact, the team at FreshWorks Studio are credited with the development of Hootsuite’s app and website, pioneering the social media management platform’s affordances and its ability to integrate with Google My Business.

Although FreshWorks Studio is generally open to taking on app development projects from clients operating out of an assortment of industries, the company does prefer to take on nearshore projects over offshore projects. This means that Canadian and American businesses and startups may have better luck with organising a partnership with FreshWorks Studio over Asian or Oceania-based businesses.

4. Tapptitude, Romania

Tapptitude is a unique app development agency who seeks to produce high-quality apps for both business clients as well as mobile users across the globe. One Tapptitude project that you may already know and use everyday includes Tenor, the user-based GIF keyboard that’s integrated into hundreds if not thousands of messaging mobile and computer applications across the globe. There’s talks that Tapptitude are in the process of developing another pop culture-inspired app that allows users to find songs that are being used in films, TV shows, commercials, or perhaps even in TikToks.

Alongside their instant messaging and social media content projects, Tapptitude have also developed award-winning real estate, health and wellness, business management, and gig economy apps. They are also the innovators behind the Tap2Map app, a 3D flight planner and companion video and photography app for DJI drones.

5. Halcyon Mobile, Romania

Another Romanian app development company that’s made quite a splash at a global scale, the innovators at Halcyon Mobile are credited with some of the world’s most innovative app and highly recognised app development projects, including critically acclaimed LEGO mobile app games and virtual building apps, the AI financial management app Dollarbird, and Neural Draw, the AI-powered doodling game. 

Although Halcyon Mobile originally opened their doors for the first time in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 2005, Halcyon Mobile has expanded firmly and quickly, having grown both a local Romanian team as well as an international headquarters in New York City. This full-service development agency is known for being highly ambitious, and is likely to take on any project that excites them!

6. Dogtown Media, USA

Venice Beach’s own Dogtown Media is a little app development company that’s working with some huge names, some of which include Google, Citibank, Red Bull, Lexus, and even the United Nations! Their primary areas of expertise include developing appointment-setting apps for the healthcare sector, financial services and other FinTech offerings, as well as AR, VR, and the IoT. Simply put, if you’re after some highly intuitive B2C mobile apps that utilise augmented or virtual reality technologies, Dogtown Media may be just the company to call.

Dogtown Media prides itself on its ability to design stunning user interfaces for their clients, both through the consideration of UX design principles and user psychology, as well as the use of machine learning app development processes.

7. Hyperlink InfoSystem, India

Hyperlink InfoSystem service clients from all over the world, including the US and the UK. The company has a strong reputation for being highly reliable, transparent, and communicative, which is precisely what makes it a popular choice for companies across the globe who are seeking to outsource their app development projects at a reasonable cost.

Most recently, Hyperlink InfoSystems have created a handful of augmented reality and gaming apps that are designed to integrate with the Metaverse. Alongside this, the Ahmedabad-based app development company has an extensive portfolio, with apps designed for a wide array of industries, including gaming, food delivery, wellness tracking, health appointment scheduling, and even crypto wallets.

8. Futured, Czech Republic

A company that prides itself on its innovative approach to UX and UI design, Futured is a genuine game changer in the global industry of mobile app development. What makes Futured so special? The company practices a holistic approach to app development that goes far beyond simply designing a UI and then programming it accordingly. Futured also prides themselves on their ability to create novel and invigorating user interfaces that align with the foundational purpose of any app development project. Using their team of dedicated developers, designers, and app testers, Futured are more than happy to ‘go back to the drawing board’ however many times it takes for them to develop the best possible end product for your app development project.

Futured is also highly vocal as a company about the value of education in the app development industry. In fact, if the name ‘Futured’ sounds familiar to you, it may just be because you’ve explored the company’s open source library on GitHub, an expansive collection of educational resources that have been collated by the team at Futured to support budding app developers and self-educated developers across the globe.

9. Daffodil Software, India

Another highly proficient software development firm based in India, Daffodil Software has cultivated quite a reputation for being a jack of all trades. With over twenty years of experience working with companies from all corners of the world and operating out of a range of industries, the team at Daffodil have produced a substantial assortment of custom software and mobile applications.

Unlike some of the other bigger name companies on this list, Daffodil Software are also very open to taking on smaller mobile app development projects, making this company a great fit for any startups looking to partner up with an international app development company.

10. Sidebench, USA

Sidebench is one of California’s most prestigious app development agencies, and is more or less considered a household name amongst industry workers across the United States. The company is typically renowned for its work with VR, AR, and social media applications like Facebook and Instagram.

In a nutshell, as far as US-based app developments go, Sidebench is generally considered to be the best of the best. In fact, the only reason why Sidebench isn’t higher up on this list is simply because the company does maintain strict prerequisites for their potential clients, and will generally only take projects that possess a fairly substantial minimum budget or that can ensure repeat business, at the very least. If you’re hoping to develop an app for your startup, we’d advise exploring some of the other options that can be found on this list.

Whilst there are hundreds if not thousands of other app development companies to consider from all corners of the globe, the ten that we’ve outlined above do well and truly stand out from the crowd.

Explore their portfolios to find out more information about any of the ten companies outlined above, and to help you gauge which app development company is best suited to cater to all your own development needs.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.


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