Should EA Place More Emphasis on FIFA Mobile?


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FIFA Mobile does not seem to garner the same level of interest from EA as their other titles, and when you factor in the obscene player counts that this game receives, things begin to start getting a little strange. It is a perfectly valid question to ask why FIFA Mobile gets neglected – there are quite a few reasons why it would benefit EA greatly to focus more on their most popular mobile title.

However, there is also one huge reason why they shouldn’t, and as you are about to find out in this article, things may just be a little more complex than you would think. Let’s jump straight into it and take a look at whether or not EA should place more of an emphasis on FIFA Mobile or should they steer well clear.

EA’s Reputation Is Already Dwindling As It Is

It’s no secret that EA isn’t viewed all that positively by the public. The question of why everyone hates EA can be answered in a plethora of ways, and almost every gamer on this planet has their own personal gripe with this once-great company.

Taking this into consideration; it is highly likely that focusing more of their efforts on FIFA Mobile would just make things much much worse. Mobile games are generally seen as cash grabs by the overarching gaming community, and if EA were to prioritise FIFA Mobile over their other titles, it’s fair to say that things would get a little messy. 

The little respect that most gamers have for EA would likely disappear in an instant if they were to focus more on FIFA Mobile, and by these parameters, prioritising FIFA Mobile would end up being a terrible move for their reputation.

It Would Likely Be Financially Beneficial

The mobile gaming industry is incredibly lucrative. Just take a look at how much any of the best mobile online casinos rake in every month – some of these figures happen to rival some triple-A games.

There is no doubt that EA would see huge financial gains if they decided to focus more of their efforts on FIFA Mobile, and if it were not for the other two points that are featured on this list, this would have likely already happened by now.

It still could – the pressure from investors and the prospect of increasing profit margins can be overwhelmingly convincing. The revenue that EA would receive from putting more of an emphasis on FIFA Mobile would be astronomical, and we have no doubt that these benefits are something that EA would love to get a hold of at one point or another.

The Whole Controversy Surrounding The “FIFA” Name Stake Will Have To Be Settled First

There is one more obstacle in EA’s way if they would like to spend more time/resources on FIFA Mobile; legality. If you were not aware, the deal between EA and the governing body behind FIFA has fallen flat on its head, and if things don’t change, EA will no longer be able to use the FIFA name for any of its upcoming titles.

The FIFA brand name controversy makes developing future FIFA titles more tricky than usual, and truth be told, EA can not truly predict how they are going to fare once they have to change the FIFA franchise name to something else.

This means that spending a ton of time and revenue on FIFA Mobile at this point could just end up being a huge financial loss if the player count begins to dwindle after the change, and this is likely one of the main factors that is holding EA back from paying more attention to their mobile title.

The future of FIFA is uncertain, and because of this as well as the backlash they could receive from fans, a push for FIFA Mobile is not all too likely to happen any time soon.

So, what do you think of EA’s neglect of FIFA Mobile? Do you think that EA should cater to their mobile fans and just deal with the backlash that follows, or do you think their decision to keep things under the radar has been incredibly effective?

Both sides of the debate have their truths, and in reality, we are just going to have to wait and see what EA has to say on the topic by keeping an eye on how much they choose to focus on FIFA Mobile going forward.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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