Sony Xperia 2024 Flagship Phones not coming to USA and many more regions claims a Taiwanese site


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As MWC 2024 approaches, speculations around Sony Xperia 2024 Flagship Phones. Sony is making some interesting moves with its upcoming Xperia lineup for 2024. The Xperia 1 VI, 5 VI, and 10 VI have been confirmed as part of Sony’s 2024 Xperia lineup, but there’s uncertainty surrounding the potential release of the Xperia Pro or the domestically exclusive compact model, Xperia ACE IV (tentative names). The focus on specific models like the Xperia 1 VI, 5 VI, and 10 VI suggests they might be streamlining their offerings to target specific market segments more effectively.

Recent observations indicate that Sony may be streamlining the availability of its flagship smartphones for 2024, possibly limiting them to fewer countries and regions. There has been a news item shared by a Redditor indicating a possibility of potentially fewer variations in model numbers and a possible shift in target markets, especially in Asia. The news has come out in Taiwanese media outlets.

Judging by the number of model numbers, Sony’s new flagship smartphones in 2024 are likely to be sold in fewer countries and regions.

Taiwanese online forum

This hints at Sony’s efforts to optimize their smartphone business. This speculation is based on the observation that Xperia model numbers typically vary depending on the country or region, but there appear to be fewer variations for the upcoming flagship models.

The Xperia model numbers follow the format “XQ-OOOO,” with the last two digits varying depending on the country or region. However, for the upcoming Sony Xperia 2024 flagship models, there seem to be fewer variations in model numbers compared to previous releases. This suggests that Sony may be standardizing or simplifying its model lineup for the 2024 Xperia series, possibly as part of a strategy to streamline production and marketing efforts.

A notable development is that while the Xperia 1 V was launched in the US last year, the Xperia 5 V was not, marking a departure as it’s the first time a 5 Series model wasn’t introduced in the country.

Moreover, Sony seems to be making a strategic move by reintroducing the Xperia in certain regions where sales were previously discontinued, particularly in Asia. This indicates a potential shift in Sony’s target markets for the 2024 Xperia models, suggesting a reevaluation of their market deployment strategies.

The information about potentially fewer variations in model numbers and a possible shift in target markets, especially in Asia, could indicate a strategic move by Sony to optimize their smartphone business. It will be intriguing to see how these developments unfold and what new features and innovations the 2024 Xperia models will bring.

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