10 Best Ways to View Someone Else’s Snapchat Activities


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‘Is it possible to access someone else’s Snapchat activities and data?’ is something you’ve probably asked yourself a couple of times. Since its inception, Snapchat has found a way into almost everyone’s life. 

There’d be hardly anyone in your circle who doesn’t know about Snapping. Most people prefer to snap with their friends since the app has excellent security features. Everything you send or receive on the platform disappears after some time.

Therefore, to find out about your target’s most private details that they don’t even share with you, you need to access their Snapchat account. Using the right tools, you can read all their chats and get to view exchanged media files.

Let’s see how to achieve that with our ten best ways to view someone else’s Snapchat activities:

Part 1: Spyic – The Leading Software to View Someone’s Snapchat

If you wish to know what your dear ones are up to on Snapchat, we highly recommend opting for Spyic. It’s a trusted, reliable and reputable software in the business. Its elements have been covered by multiple prominent media channels like PC world and Forbes.

What’s more, Spyic has customers from all corners of the world. You can gauge its popularity from the fact that its subscribers aren’t in thousands but millions. It’s super easy-to-use, and you can find it in 190+ countries. 

One of the app’s key strengths is the user interface. As you’ll see in the Spyic free live demo, it’s extremely easy to find what you wanted on your target’s Snapchat. Most apps that you’ll find online can be very complicated and take a lot of time.

Spyic’s developers made it with your needs in mind. Without further ado, let’s learn the program more closely and know how to use it to view someone’s Snapchat.

How Spyic Helps to Access Someone’s Snapchat Data Secretly

With Spyic, you’ll get 35+ exclusive features amongst which, one of the most popular is that of viewing Snapchat activities. You can know who your target interacts with and see their chats in real time, so you are always updated. 

There’s no need to acquire programming skills to use Spyic. It functions without jailbreaking or rooting the victim’s device. It uses cutting-edge innovation and does the hard work for you to avoid breaching the user’s phone security. 

Furthermore, the iOS variant of Spyic uses smart tech and doesn’t need you ever to touch the target’s iPhone/iPad. The app works with the user’s iCloud backup account to obtain their Snapchat data remotely. You only need their iCloud credentials to use the app.

If your target uses an Android smartphone, it’s a bit different from iOS. The Android app of Spyic needs installation first before you can use it. It’s small in size and runs in stealth mode to avoid detection. Once you access it, everything gets done remotely, including uninstallation. 

Besides, the Android variant of Spyic comes with a built-in “keylogger” that comes in handy. It gets for you all data that your target types in with keypresses. The feature opens a whole new world of opportunities since you can know the victim’s Snapchat username and password.

Why Should You Pick Spyic?

The following are the benefits you’ll enjoy when using Spyic:

  • Easy Setup 

The whole process of using Spyic to view someone’s Snapchat activities takes less than five minutes to set up. That’s just for the first time. Once the software is running, you can know what your target is up to on Snapchat at any time instantaneously. 

  • Straightforward Interface 

Spyic has an easy-to-use user interface, which won’t give you any issues anywhere. It’s built and designed for the most novice clients out there. Even grandmas and grandpas can operate Spyic if they want to.

  • User Support

If you need some guidance to operate the Spyic app to view another person’s Snapchat data, a professional customer service team is there 24/7. They can assist you in any way that you like.

Let’s check out other useful apps that can help you view someone’s Snapchat account:

Part 2: Spyine    

The runners-up software in our list of the top ten online methods to know what someone shares on their Snapchat is Spyine. It collects data in real-time to help you keep tabs on your loved ones round-the-clock.     

Part 3: Spyier 

Besides the two already mentioned solutions to view a person’s Snapchat, Spyier is also reliable and works almost the same. Spyier supports iOS version 7.0 to the latest and Android version 4.0 or higher.

Part 4: Minspy 

Next, we present a one-stop solution where you can view your target’s Snapchat activities and other phone activities. Minspy boasts 35+ different features to help you know what the victim is up to 24/7.

Part 6: Cocospy 

Cocospy has an excellent reputation and is highly praised online for its prowess. It helps you keep a constant eye on your target’s phone, and you can use it on any web browser. The app works remotely without you having to touch the victim’s phone. 

Part 7: TeenSafe 

TeenSafe is mostly used by parents who want to protect their kids from online threats. It comes in handy since you can know what your underage child does on his/her cell phone. You won’t need to root or jailbreak their mobile device for TeenSafe to function.

Part 8: FoneMonitor 

FoneMonitor is another genius invention for both Android and iOS operating systems. It has a client-friendly interface that anyone can use without the need for any programming experience. 

Part 9: Spyzie 

Spyzie can be used to listen to phone calls, read text messages, view social media chats, know the location and check web history. It’s online-based, straightforward, and easy to use. Plus, it doesn’t need you to spend a lot of your funds. 

Part 10: Neatspy 

Neatspy, as its name suggests, is another app with a neatly organized dashboard that anyone can utilize. It sets up quite fast to give you access to its powerful elements in less than five minutes.  


We hope our selection of the 10 best ways to view someone else’s Snapchat activities comes in handy. The apps discussed above are reliable, trustworthy, and worth your money. Check out Spyic today to feel how such apps work. 

Parth Singh
Parth Singh
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