Why Your Smartphone is the Ultimate Entertainment Center


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The pandemic saw millions of people forced to lockdown and restrict their movements. This saw many begin remote working from their homes and many more search for new ways to entertain themselves.

One thing that changed massively during 2020, was the use of the internet. More people than ever use their devices to order groceries and takeaway and search for entertainment options.

Over 90% of internet users do so at least part of the time with a smartphone, and now more people than ever are realizing how powerful their devices are. In the past, many consumers were happy to find they had Snake to play on their Nokia, now, gamers are using smartphones instead of laptops in some cases.

What can you do with your smartphone?

You will already know many of the forms of entertainment available for your phone, but you may not be aware of the best ways to use them. You may know where the best anime websites are, but do you know the ideal way to view them?

There are lots of little tricks and apps to bring out the best of your smartphone, and these can help get you the most from streaming, gaming, and communication.

Here are some of the best ways to entertain yourself with your smartphone. 

Streaming movies and TV

Disney Plus is the new streaming service that everyone is flocking to, but Netflix still holds its own with over 200 million subscribers. Most of these streaming platforms offer large libraries of original and licensed content. But, there is more waiting for those who know how to access them.

With Netflix in particular, the libraries of shows available are region-locked. If you live in Thailand and subscribe there, then you will be unable to access the US version of Netflix. This is due to licensing issues in different regions, and also because of foreign-language content.

However, there is a way to get access to any regional library on Netflix and to be able to access services that are only available overseas. Download a VPN, and use this to mask your location and fool your favorite streaming service into believing you are in another country. 

Live gaming with better controls

These days, many smartphones are far more powerful than anything that went before. Some are more powerful than laptops from previous years. But, the controls aren’t always the best.

The problem with smartphones is that because they are largely now all touch screens, the controls cover part of the playing area during gameplay.

This can be resolved by using Bluetooth controllers, such as those supplied for the Xbox and Playstation 4. Pair up a device and use your mobile as a console to enjoy titles such as Fortnite online. 

Cast or mirror your smartphone

So, you are aware of how to get the best online casinos on your phone, and also how to access foreign versions of Netflix, but the screen is a bit small isn’t it?

There are many things to consider before buying a smartphone, and the screen is one of them. No matter how modern your new device is, the screen will always be smaller than is ideal for movies but this doesn’t need to limit your fun.

By mirroring your smartphone to a TV, you can view anything on a much larger screen. This can be done through an HDMI cable, a device such as Chromecast or Miracast, and a TV mirroring app. 

Organize a horse racing night

If you are into gaming nights, then you can use your phone for a different type of event. Horse racing nights are organized by professional companies over the internet, but there is no need to hire one.

Set up a playlist of existing races from YouTube and use TV mirroring to play them on your screen for your guests to bet on. It might be a good idea to search for overseas races just in case you have one guest who is a fan and might know the outcomes. 

What about the future of smartphones?

A few years ago, Microsoft announced a new type of laptop powered by a smartphone. It is highly possible that as smartphones become more powerful they will replace or at least co-exist next to medium-range laptops.

Just as iPods can dock with speakers, so too can laptops with a keyboard and screen. This would make a lightweight alternative to carrying around a laptop and a smartphone at the same time. 


Smartphones are ideal entertainment devices. They are game consoles, and radio stations through apps such as Spotify, online casinos, and movie platforms.

There are 100s of millions of viewers on Twitch watching people stream games, and if you are one of these fans then TV mirroring is a great way to follow the action. When used with a VPN, mirroring can allow not only the latest Netflix films to be displayed on a large screen but overseas content too.

Free sign-up bonuses, free trials on Netflix, and virtual casinos can all increase your enjoyment of your favorite smartphone uses.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge is a professional writer, editor, and technology aficionado with in-depth knowledge and experience of digital publishing technologies. Elizabeth is keen on learning more about writing with each article or paper she works on. In her spare time, Elizabeth likes to catch up on pop-culture comfort foods and write blog posts.


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