Sakamoto Days: From Convenience Store Shelves to Anime Screens in January 2025! Will it be on Netflix?


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Calling all action-comedy fans! Get ready to be entertained by the upcoming anime adaptation of Yuto Suzuki’s hit manga series, Sakamoto Days. Buckle up for a hilarious adventure that blends over-the-top action with laugh-out-loud moments, premiering on January 2025.

A Legendary Hitman with a Twist

Sakamoto Days follows the story of Taro Sakamoto, a legendary hitman who’s seemingly retired to live a mundane life running a convenience store. However, beneath his unassuming exterior lies a past filled with deadly assassinations and superhuman combat skills. Now, at the ripe old age (well, not that ripe – he looks 30!) of 38, Taro just wants some peace and quiet with his loving wife, Shin, and their adopted daughter, Hanako.

But trouble has a way of finding Taro. When a group of assassins targets him, his legendary past resurfaces, throwing him back into the world of hitmen he desperately wanted to escape. Now, Taro must juggle his duties as a doting family man with his deadly past, all while keeping his secret identity hidden from his unsuspecting family.

A Glimpse into the Action-Packed Comedy Plot

The recently released trailer offers a glimpse into the explosive world of Sakamoto Days. We see glimpses of Taro’s impressive fighting skills, his chaotic yet hilarious attempts to maintain a normal life, and of course, the wacky cast of characters he encounters. The trailer promises a thrilling blend of action sequences, heartwarming family moments, and laugh-out-loud humor.

Where to Watch Sakamoto Days? (The Streaming Situation)

While an official announcement regarding the streaming platform for Sakamoto Days is yet to be made, there were earlier reports suggesting a potential Netflix release. These reports stemmed from a list containing projects in development for release on the platform in 2024-2025, which included Sakamoto Days. However, Netflix removed the title soon after, leaving the official streaming home a mystery for now.

We’ll be sure to update this article with the confirmed streaming platform as soon as the information becomes available. In the meantime, fans can keep an eye out on official announcements from the production team or reputable anime news websites.

So, will Sakamoto Days be on Netflix? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure – with its captivating story, unique blend of action and comedy, and an intriguing cast of characters, Sakamoto Days is definitely an anime to watch out for in January 2025. Mark your calendars and get ready for a wild ride!

The Talent Behind the Scenes

Sakamoto Days Character design

Adding to the excitement surrounding Sakamoto Days is the talented team bringing the manga to life. Steering the ship as director is Masaki Watanabe, known for his work on the acclaimed anime adaptation of “Bartender.” Scripting the series is Taku Kishimoto, who recently penned the screenplay for the much-anticipated anime “BLUE LOCK: Episode Nagi.” Bringing the characters to life with stunning designs is Yo Moriyama, whose artistic talents were showcased in the concept art for the movie “Bubble.”

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Sakamoto Days is poised to be a must-watch for fans of action-comedy anime. With its retired-hitman-turned-family-man protagonist, a healthy dose of humor alongside explosive action, and a captivating plot, the series promises a thrilling ride. Mark your calendars for January 2025 and get ready to be entertained by the wacky world of Sakamoto Days! While the official streaming platform remains under wraps, stay tuned for updates as we eagerly await the premiere of this highly anticipated anime.


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