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There is a considerable lot out there when we talk about looking for fax services online. We can’t go for any other service to do our personal and professional work for us. For this purpose, we need a trusted service on whom we can rely without work. Users can try to send a fax with good fax service, but the research involved in this task is quite hectic.

It is a bit easy if you have some know-how about the tools, but if you are new, then there are chances that you would fall for the wrong faxing application. In case by any chance you are looking for an online fax service that does all the work within a couple of minutes and is accessible to us, then you have landed on the right place.

This article will introduce a fax service that is considered one of the best ones in the market. Look at the below information to find out what we have for you to look forward to.

CocoFax, The Quickest and Most Convenient Fax Service Online

With the help of this cloud-based software cocofax, users can gain access to one of the best online faxing services for their personal and professional usage. Many other market applications claim to do the work for you, but there is nothing better than this service.

Numerous features make this application one of the best ones out there. Apart from its fantastic features, the convenience and ease of usage that comes along with this fax service can’t be traded with anything else.

Major Features of CocoFax

Before we move forward or think about using this incredible fax service, it is significant that we all should know about its leading features. Following are some of the primary elements that we associate with this tool.

Fax Covers

CocoFax offers you multiple fax covers to use. There is no need to look for them separately as the application covers it on its own. You can choose any of the fax covers according to your fax requirements and make the most of it.

Subscription Plans

This fax service comes along with more than one subscription plan. You can choose the one you think suits you the best according to your fax requirements. All these subscription plans are affordable in price.

There is no need to be worried about spending a significant amount on a monthly subscription. If you still have second thoughts about the app’s authenticity, you can go for a free trial to understand about it in a better way.

Highly Encrypted

CocoFax is 100% safe and secure to utilize as it is a highly encrypted application that lets you use the fax service without having any fear of the breach of privacy. All your data will remain safe as the application makes sure that your faxing operation will be done with safety.

Customer Support Service

CocoFax offers 24/7 customer support service to its users, so you can always contact them until the end of any trouble dealing with the app. The customer support team is professional and will guide you if you need to fix any app issue.

Searchable Faxes

By using this device, you can effortlessly search your desired fax whenever you need to. There is no need to do the work manually, as it would be time-consuming until the end if there are always chances of making any mistake. With CocoFax, you just need to enter the main keywords in the search bar, and within a few seconds, you will see the results you were looking for.


CocoFax is best for all kinds of business needs. It doesn’t matter for which type and area of business you want to deal with CocoFax will remain there for you in all sorts of conditions.

All kinds of e-devices work fine when it comes to using this tool. You can do your faxing work with your Mac, Android, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, computer and will receive instant notifications at the exact time. It means to say that you will find out everything related to faxing when someone signs, opens, or edits the document.

Quick & Convenient Fax Service Online

Easy to Use

CocoFax is easy to use as there is no need to train yourself with technical knowledge. People of all ages and backgrounds can use this tool without any issue as the commands are simple to understand for everyone.

Mobile Application

This fax service makes things easy for the users as they can use the app on the phone. There is a mobile application of CocoFax that is pretty convenient to use. We all know that we can’t take the faxing machines with us wherever we go, and for this purpose, we use mobile apps that will do the same work for you and can be carried wherever we need to.

Faxing from Google Apps

Users can pick their fax number for free and on their own, which is another fantastic feature of CocoFax.

Blacklist Spam Faxes

Now you can save yourself from those unnecessary faxes that pop up while you are working. Just add those faxes in the spam faxes and do your work without having any trouble.

Delivery Reports and Lifetime Storage

Here you are supposed to enter the receiver’s fax number and can begin to send fax messages. After the receiver gets the mail, the app will send you a delivery report within a minute. CocoFax gives you lifelong storage of the faxes that you send or receive. You can save all your necessary faxes till the day you need to.

Faxing through CocoFax

Step 1: At the start, sign up for CocoFax and get the Start Faxing period. After doing that, you will see the option to pick your fax number for free. Ensure that you register the email address that you would utilize to do the faxing work.

Step 2: Now, open the email client on your device. It can be on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other device. You have the ease to use the email client’s application or open it in a web browser or via any other method.

Step 3: From here, you can navigate to the option of composing a new email and tap on it. The new email popup will open where you are supposed to add the necessary details. At this space, you need to compose your fax.

Step 4: In the end, after filling all the necessary fields, you can hit the ‘Send’ button. CocoFax will receive the email and translate it as a fax document for the receipt. It will dial the receiver’s fax machine.

Final Word

We hope you would find this article helpful, and if your primary concern is to go for a fax service that does all the work without causing you any trouble, then there is nothing better than CocoFax to rely upon. Go for it without wasting any of your time, as what you need is right here, available in a single application.

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