6 Ways to Protect Yourself From Mobile Phone Hacks


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It is safe to say that a vast majority of the population of the world has to some degree, stored their private or important data in their smartphone. It is understandable; after all, mobile phones can provide unmatched ease of access and portability compared to other devices.

However, it is vital to note that along with storing such data, one must also take the proper precautions to protect it too. While storing important data on a mobile phone, such as credit card information and account passwords, is convenient, it is certainly not unbreachable. Therefore, you must take the proper precautions to protect yourself from mobile phone hacks, which include:

1. Use a VPN

A VPN protects you from phone hacks by disguising your connection on insecure networks. Unsecure networks include public wi-fi, where you can become an easy target for hackers.

You should primarily try to refrain from using insecure networks altogether. However, if you find yourself in a position where you have to use one, remember to use a VPN too.

2. Visit Secure Websites And Download Official Apps

It may seem like elementary knowledge, but a lot of people make the mistake of opting for unofficial applications outside of their respective Play Store or App Store. These apps carry the risk of compromising the data on your phone and should be avoided.

In a similar way, you should also visit websites that are properly authenticated and have a secure connection, especially if you intend to register your private information (such as credit or debit card credentials) with said website. For example, in recent years, Indian casinos have taken a more virtual approach to their consumer base. If you happen to be a part of the said consumer base, you should always verify the security of your respective platform.

3. Keep Your Phone Up To Date

Mobile Operating Systems like Android and Apple consistently pump out small updates and packages for their supported phones. These updates are made after reviewing the latest security threats. Once reviewed, the appropriate security measures are devised and released for the respective platforms.

4. Keep Extra Protection

Instead of just storing all your passwords and information on your phone without protection for the convenience of the auto-fill feature, devise a separate security feature for them.

For example, you can install a password manager and set it up with a small password to be given before any of your other passwords can be accessed.

Also, you should refrain from using the same password for two or more separate platforms. Always keep your passwords unique and strong. Furthermore, you should also keep two-factor authentication on for platforms you’re able to do so.

5. Keep Backups

Even if you ignore the security benefits, backing up your phone has plenty of other advantages too. For example, you can easily change phones if the data on your previous device is fully backed up.

With the technological advancements of the world today, shifting backed-up data from one phone to another can be done in a few minutes.

Aside from that, the obvious benefit is the fact that you get to access and restore your data if your phone is lost. In fact, even if your phone is stolen, you can either restore your backed-up data or even wipe it off the stolen phone to keep your information private.

6. Put Up Remote Emergency Measures

If you lose access to your phone due to any reason, you should still have measures in place to get rid of all the data in your compromised mobile. In fact, you can even access the functions of your phone and lock it remotely. However, if you tend to keep regular backups, wiping out your information is a far safer move to protect your privacy- after all, your data can be recovered.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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