7 Pros and Cons of Using Mobile Testing Application Tools


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Do mobile app testing tools offer any benefits? And do you even know that mobile app testing tools have multiple benefits and drawbacks too? Well, come let us explore all the details here.

Modern techno-freak customers ask for mobile applications having advanced features and easy access to entertainment, shopping, communication, education, financial transactions, and other daily activities. The end-to-end mobile application development process helps deliver a high-quality product within a limited period.

Similarly, if we talk about mobile app testing tools, they also play a crucial role in application development. Therefore, we’re here to inform you about some of the benefits and drawbacks of using testing tools to take better advantage of them.

Benefits of Leveraging Mobile App Testing Tools

1. Ensure Proper Functioning

One of the prime tasks of the QA process is to make sure that an application is functioning seamlessly. To be more precise, QA experts identify whether consumers can download a program to multiple devices in a successful manner and whether it collaborates with the supporting infrastructure as per the need. They should use real devices for testing an app, ensuring they bring a properly functioning product to the marketplace.

2. Promises Higher Revenue

The testing process may need you to make a few initial investments, but it is helpful in the long run as it helps rebuild a product and rectify errors early on. It is time-savvy, minimizes the total cost, and permits a faster time-to-market. This helps you get higher reviews in the future by cooperating with strategies that the app testing professionals recommend.

3. Increases Customer Loyalty

If you guarantee proper functioning and easy usability of an application, you’ll surely see a rise in customer satisfaction and a great user experience. Similarly, analytics will also benefit from the excellent reputation of the business and reach the desired target audience.

4. Ensure UI/UX Usability

Mobile application testing allows experts to keep themselves in end users’ shoes and then figure out the look and feel of a solution. Experts use an application to understand whether its navigation is intuitive and logical and whether it’s convenient to use the application in several conditions. Therefore, testers in users’ places feel the emotions that an application triggers and can predict that customers will continue to use that application or will uninstall or delete it forever.

5. Decreases Testing Time During Development Phase

Manual mobile app testing always demands a necessary amount of workforce & time. Analysts are able to run several tests in a limited period. Hence, the main benefit of automation testing in the development phase of a mobile device is improved efficiency and speed.

6. Reduces the Cost of an App Development

If automated app testing is efficiently used, it can minimize the cost of application development to a large extent. Thorough testing is the main reason behind cost savings that reduces the arrival of bugs after deployment.

Launching an application with error-based functionalities may lead to app uninstallation, deletion, poor user reviews, and creates a negative impression of your brand. Thus, always try to test your application thoroughly from its initial development stages.

7. Faster App Deployment

Automated testing conglomerate Agile development process helps in providing fast development of an application that leads to increased ROI and extraordinary results. Automation testing diminishes the mobile application development life cycle, leading to speedier development.

Drawbacks of Leveraging Mobile App Testing Tools

1. Requires Bulk Efforts Initially

Test automation requires bulk efforts at the beginning. There are two essential tasks in software testing:

  • Test Execution
  • Test Design

For test design, the tester’s interaction is most important. Testers only design test scripts with the help of programming features and test tool features. It consumes more time in comparison to Manual test case design.

2. 100% Test automation is Not Feasible

Generally, testers try to automate the highest test cases, but not all. And some tests require a lot of human observation. Because of some environmental restrictions, we can only automate some testing requirements.

3. Cannot Perform All Types of Testing

Testers cannot perform all types of testing in one application. For instance: Usability Testing. A user can automate Performance Tests, Functionality Tests but it’s not feasible to carry out tests that verify the systems’ user-friendliness (AUT).

4. Rectifying Errors in Code

We use programming code and syntax/logic to write Tests, and sometimes it becomes difficult to detect or locate errors in the Test Script itself.

5. Programming Knowledge is Must

Every Test Tool uses one or the other programming languages (selenium supports Perk, PHP, Ruby, Java, and C#, and UFT supports VBScripts) to write Test Scripts. So to edit and create these Test Scripts, it’s very vital to know the respective programming languages. No programming language is needed in Manual Testing.

6. Test Tools Have Environment Restrictions

Some Test Tools have compatibility issues with Web Browsers and Operating Systems.

For instance:

  • QTP/UFT only supports Windows operating environments and does not support other environments such as Macintosh, UNIX, etc.
  • Selenium supports Web App testing only and does not support Windows/Desktop-based applications.

7. Defect in Tools

Tools may have some of their faults, unlike Software Testing Tools. It may have faults, and we may fail to achieve the desired goals and benefits.


Now that you have learned all the positives and negatives in the mobile app testing tools, it’s crucial to consider these things while using them to ease your work.

Learning about the testing tool before downloading and using it is vital to avoid any mishaps and ambiguity to achieve your goals. Thus, choose your test tool wisely!

Parth Singh
Parth Singh
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