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CS: GO is the name of the popular multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the plot of which develops in the first person. The game style is based on the confrontation between two teams, as close as possible to modern combat operations.

Because of the great popularity of the game, there is a huge demand. Due to the great popularity, esports tournaments are being promoted, which causes a lot of material support from fans. Obviously, the game is also not bypassed by online casinos. You can enjoy CS:GO at the top online casinos in Canada 2022

Game Features

The main difficulty of the CS: GO game lies in its absence, this is how seasoned gamers joke. Beginners on the above-mentioned site will be able to find all the necessary information regarding the beginning of the gameplay. For example:

  • clarify the launch parameters;
  • configure the symbol;
  • increase fps;
  • adjust the mouse and/or the scope;
  • learn how to hold hands and so on.

There you can also clarify the current cost of Steam inventory or gear if you like. By the way, on the same site you can find out how and where to get the AWP Deagon Lore, and it’s completely free.

Popular PC games

Not only the Counter-Strike game is popular. Other PC games similar to this game are in demand among players. These entertainments include:

  • Point Blank;
  • Ironsight;
  • Rainbow Six Siege;
  • Insurgency;
  • Black Squad;
  • Day of Defeat Source.

Let’s take a look at each of the above options. This will allow you to understand the features of each computer game and its similarities with CS: GO.

Point Blank

Initially, PB was created to replace the outdated CS 1.6. This game was released back in 2008 (in closed access), and already in 2010, the game became an eSports discipline. But fate itself was against PB becoming something more than another unsuccessful copy of the COP.

Indeed, despite the improved graphics, most players continued to play “pixelated” 1.6, because it was simply better and more realistic. This does not mean that the game is so bad. It has its audience, and quite a large one, but it can’t lure a huge audience away from CS: GO, even though, in general, the games are similar, both externally and by the rules of the game.


To some extent, all shooters are similar to each other, and Ironsight is more like PUBG than CS: GO. But you think so until you come across various buildings on the map and grass, which immediately evoke the theme of CS: GO. In addition, the game requires rather few computer resources, and if your hardware does not have enough power for CS: GO, then it will be enough for Ironsight and you will get at least 60 FPS.

Rainbow Six Siege

The main difference between R6S is that it almost completely copies CS: GO in terms of the competitive process and rules. That is, conditionally there are 2 teams of 5 people, some are bad terrorists, and others are good commandos. And one team must defeat the other. Yes, and visually R6 is similar to CS: GO, a little, but there is something.

The main difference between the games is their directions. CS: GO is a regular shooter with a focus on realism, while R6S is a tactical shooter where you have to use not only shooting but also the special abilities of your characters. Of course, we can say that there are almost as many players in R6 as in CS: GO and that the game itself is better. We do not argue but to each their own.


In today’s selection, Insurgency is perhaps the most visually similar game to CS: GO. Perhaps this is because the game is also made on the Source engine, and its setting is quite similar to Counter-Strike. All the textures, all the weapons, and even the tactics of the game – all this evokes thoughts of CS: GO. But there are also quite strong differences in it. The main feature of Insurgency is that the game is a hardcore shooter. That is, here you will not see cards or health bars, so you will have to remember everything. But I especially want to highlight the incredible realism of shots and ballistics in general. In addition, the hitting moments also look much juicier than in CS: GO. Again, the game is less demanding, so it’s quite suitable for weaker PCs.

Black Squad

Another shooter that is quite similar to CS: GO visually. Let’s talk about it right away. As a clone of CS: GO, it will suit you quite well, but let’s be honest, it is inferior to its counterpart in many ways. In general, needless to say, the game is not bad and is quite suitable for you to relax and pass the time. In addition, it requires fewer resources, and as a replacement, the game will fulfil its role quite well.

Day of Defeat Source

By the way, this game is all from the same Valve, but, to be honest, it was not even close to CS: GO in visual terms. If you remember what the first CoD games looked like, then you will surely have something to compare it with. But the game is very similar to CS: GO in terms of rules. Probably, Valve made the game specifically for very weak PCs. Needless to say, the game will play with you, even if you have 2 GB of RAM. And the theme of World War 2 will always be interesting. Perhaps, today these are all the “big” CS: GO clones in the gaming world. How much you like or dislike them – you can share in the comments. We say goodbye to you on this, good luck to everyone, and see you again.

Summing up

Modern manufacturers of computer games offer potential consumers a wide range of entertainment software of different directions, themes, and genres. However, Counter-Strike remains the most popular computer game, although after this game a lot of new developments were created and presented to the public.

Moreover, many players, when choosing a new game for their PC, pay attention to the fact that it should be similar to CS: GO. Most often, it is the male half of society that likes this kind of gameplay. It allows you to feel like a real man, a hero, and a conqueror. Therefore, the popularity of other computer games is present, because they somehow have common features with the computer game Counter-Strike.

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