How Online Gaming Can Help Fight Climate Change?


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Climate change is a vital aspect of our livelihood. Without giving it a deeper consideration, the world might not become a safe place to live in anymore. Any disruption to the climate can lead to detrimental effects.

That has been evident during seasons such as summer. For instance, last summer was characterized by high temperatures, flooding, and wildfires. Organizations (Governmental and Non-governmental) dealing with climate encourages people to opt for better methods that promote environmental conservation.

Some of the available options currently include fictional video games. However, many wonder if video game fighting and other aspects of gaming help in the fight against climate change.

To get more answers, we linked up with one of our experts Klara Czerwinska (view profile), to enlighten you on the key considerations. Read on to find out from this post.

Why climate fight remains a priority in Poland

Helps in controlling runaway costs

Many regions in Poland are already experiencing various impacts of climate change. As a result, various bodies are taking timely actions. They believe their steps will find amicable solutions that will help such regions overcome climate-related challenges.

There have been increasing crop heatwaves, flooding, and pests. There is no lie that the effects have been dire for everyone and every sector. The impact has been felt from farming to business. Recovering from the consequences of climate change has been costly in the past.

The government and other organisations have been putting much effort into changing the situation. That has seen it incur much. But through actions that minimise climate change in Poland, the costs easily get eliminated.

Has been creating job opportunities

Renewable energy has taken effect all over globally. Every country is embracing better renewable options such as solar energy. In the process, job opportunities have been created, especially in Poland.

It’s easier for you to land a job opportunity in the sector. Also, it allows you to create better opportunities for other people, thus helping in growing the economy. The trend will see a rise in the number of renewable energy companies by 2025. Also, an increase in job opportunities for everyone will be witnessed.

Preserves better ecosystems and species

Addressing the issues relating to climate change in time will help in minimising the negative impacts on various sectors. The ecosystem has numerous benefits hence the need for early action.

Various species also depend wholly on a better climate. Enhancing it enables the Polish government and other concerned organisations to take care of the fisheries and other species that depend on better climate.

How does online gaming impact the climate fight?

You’d wonder how playing games such as zdrapki przez internet interrelates with energy conservation. But the gaming sector and environmental control interrelate. Surprisingly, many people are not in a position to detect the relationship. It’s mostly about energy use.

Gaming consoles have got an impact on the climate change fight. Any inefficiency from gaming consoles manufactured by top gaming companies such as Microsoft and Sony has impacted the environment.

Also, their production process is intensive, and the companies dealing with them emit toxins to the environment. For instance, DVDs and CDs consistently emit heavy metals alongside CO2, a leading greenhouse gas, to the atmosphere.

According to findings by researchers, about 0.39kg of the gas gets released into the atmosphere. Also, the production of  Xbox one or FIFA 20 has led to the emission of over 600000 kilograms of gas.

Unfortunately, energy production does not just stop at the game production stage. Even after their purchase, more energy gets emitted to the video games environment. The reality is that the game consoles have a series of inefficiencies, thus polluting the environment. Some gaming items, such as the X box series, release about 0.7 kilograms of gas.

Here is the good news

Despite the impact of inefficient game consoles in the past, it’s good news that the major game production companies are doing much to streamline the production process to eradicate the emission of CO2.

If you love console gaming, expect to have new ones in the coming days that will sip electricity and energy from other renewable sources that will eradicate unwanted gas emissions. That signifies that video games saving lives will be the new order.

From the above, you can confirm that the fight for climate change is steered carefully by the efforts in the gaming industry. Much will still come from the sector.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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