NostraCapital Reviews 2021 – Why do I prefer this broker over others?


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Hello folks. I am James Anderson and I have been forex trading for the past 10 years. I’ve tried many different brokers both in the forex and stock trading field, but my NostraCapital Review will tell you why I’ve decided to stick with them.

First of all, I would like to tell you how I got to know about the company. Around 4 years ago, I was looking for a new investment company to make some extra money online. I’ve tried almost everything but nothing really worked. Then one of my friends told me about his friend who runs firm trading stocks and forex currencies on the financial markets. Of course, I got very curious because he was telling me that they are making a huge profit every week!

I did some further research via the internet, read some reviews and decided to register with them. I have started small, with a little bit of money I’ve saved up over the years. At first, it looked like another company where you put your money in and they will lose it fast. But after the first month, I could see that my account was growing very slowly but certainly.

I was following their instructions and strategies and it seemed like my broker knew what he was doing. So I decided to open a new account using the same trading strategy, but this time with more money. After one year of trading, I have managed to increase my initial investment by folds! Of course, there were some periods where I’ve lost money, but these were just minor corrections compared to the growth that followed after them.  

So the more I was gaining confidence with my NostraCapital broker, the bigger trades I was opening. I would like to mention in this NostraCapital review that I never stop learning about the financial markets and their dynamics. I was reading every book I’ve come across, I subscribed to many trading websites, newsletters and blogs. And it paid off because after 5 years of trading with my NostraCapital broker there is no stopping me!

What I find commendable about the brokerage

The thing that I love most about them besides their great support staff is in fact their educational platform. They have so much information on how to trade, what type of trades you should open, indicators you can use in order to increase your percentage of winning trades etc. It’s very easy for anyone to start making good money using these services! Below are some major benefits of giving them a chance to serve you all.

1) You will be able to start with relatively low capital. So if you are just about to make your first investments in the financial markets, this is the perfect company for you! They will show you how it’s done and help you build up your confidence in order to grow bigger.

2) You will get access to all sorts of trading products such as Forex, stocks and commodities and that is a highlight of most NostraCapital reviews.

3) A wide range of educational materials. No matter what level of education you have, they have stuff for everyone. From beginner to advanced trader!

4) Very fast and responsive customer support team and management

5) Your NostraCapital account can be easily managed from any device (desktop, laptop or mobile phone). It doesn’t matter whether it’s your laptop, work computer or even your mobile phone.

6) You can use any trading strategy you want to open trades! And they will manage it for you just the way you like.

7) If there are any issues with their system (which rarely happens), rest assured that their customer support team will fix it in a matter of minutes!

8) Low spreads and cheap trade commissions.

9) Their account managers are always available to help. They know what they are doing so don’t hesitate to ask questions!

10) NostraCapital is transparent about their policies – so no surprises when withdrawing funds etc.

11) Great education on how financial markets work and where the best opportunities at the moment are.

12) Access to a VIP community where you can get free trade signals and be part of the huge revenue-sharing pool.

13) 24/5 secure trading environment with state of the art technology.

14) Ability to use their advanced web-based platform that allows you to control your account in real-time without having to be at the computer.

15) Low minimum deposits required – with $250 you can open an account with them and start trading.

16) I wanted to mention in this NostraCapital review that you do not need to be a financial guru or have any knowledge about how Forex works in order to use their services! They will show you what they are doing every step of the way, for example when entering trades etc.

17)Financial managers are always available to help.

18) It doesn’t matter where you live as they have clients from all over the world!

19) You can use any trading strategy that you see fit!

20) Intuitive platform/ easy to use.

21) Hardly any slippage.

22) Your NostraCapital account manager will work with you on your approach towards trading! If you are struggling, they will show you the right path to follow in order to start making money quickly and easily!

23) Ability to focus on one specific market: stocks, commodities etc. rather than being exposed across all of them at once!

24) Lifetime updates for educational materials are included in the price! So if new strategies or techniques emerge, you would be able to gain access to that information instantly!

All mentioned in this NostraCapital review is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to the benefits that this great company has to offer their clients. I can say that after becoming their client I managed to earn thousands of bucks in just three weeks! And that was when my account wasn’t even big enough. Imagine what you could do with a bigger capital?

The potential flaws

After looking at the above-mentioned benefits and features, I’m sure that any active trader or beginner – who is interested in learning how to trade would seriously consider getting in touch with NostraCapital but before that, I would like to mention some of the downsides you might experience.

1) No free trial but they do offer a very generous and risk-free $250 bonus when registering with them. This basically means that you can open a live trading account with them and start using their services before even putting your own money into it. However, be cautious because they do require a minimum deposit of $250 in order to withdraw any profits or bonuses! So make sure you follow the rules after the initial period is over.

2)The ebooks are very basic so don’t expect to learn high-level strategies with – let’s say a 400 pages ebook. If you are a beginner, they will do the job just fine but don’t expect to become an expert in day trading by reading them!
I wish they offered a wider choice of ebooks. Another downside related to ebooks is that they are not in a downloadable form. This can be a bit annoying because you either have to read it on their website whenever you log in to your account. I would prefer it if they were available as pdf downloads because it would be much easier for me to read.

3) No 24/7 chat support- This can be a bit of a problem as it is essential for online brokerages providing trading services to have live chat available at all times because if something goes wrong, you have to wait until they are back from lunch or you need clarification on some technical terms that might not be explained properly in an ebook! You can contact them through email and they will get back to you ASAP but the support provided by NostraCapital is far better than many other companies I have tried before.

4) Another downside I wish to mention in my NostraCapital review is that they offer no social trading platform implemented – this is a great feature for all day traders out there. It enables you to follow or copy other traders’ trades automatically! This could be done via signals for example!

5) The minimum deposit of $250 is quite high compared to other brokers that are available on the market. I know that this could be considered as a positive but since they offer such an amazing bonus, it could have been lowered if you ask me. But this isn’t the biggest disadvantage I’ve seen so far and it definitely doesn’t play a huge role when deciding whether or not to get in touch with this company!

Concluding remarks

NostraCapital is a great online brokerage company that provides many benefits to its clients. I highly recommend this company especially if you are looking for an educational platform for learning how to trade stocks, commodities currencies etc. They offer very high-quality educational material and the best part about it is that they will always stay updated with any new strategies or techniques that are used by other traders.

I am very happy with the services they provide and I managed to start making money after only one week of practising my new skills! I hope you enjoyed reading this NostraCapital review as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
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