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Playing the lottery has changed drastically over the years. Tony Sloterman, product owner and marketing manager at Casino Bonus Finder states the obvious when he points out that there are a lot more of them and the jackpots are exponentially bigger than they once were.

There has also been a major shift in how people play the lottery. Not long ago, lottery players would line up at retail outlets, pick their numbers, and get their tickets from the cashier. On top of that, they could really only participate in local lotteries.

These days, lotto fans can participate in multiple draws that operate all over the world. In addition to American-based lotteries like Power Ball and Mega Millions, lottery aficionados can get in on all sorts of foreign lotteries like EuroMillions, the UK National Lottery, and Spain’s ever-popular El Gordo. How? Well, they simply download a mobile lottery app, pick their numbers, and pay for the ticket. No more trips to lottery outlets, no more worrying about lost tickets, and no fretting over whether you will get paid.

What is a Mobile Lottery App?

A mobile lottery app is simply a small yet multi-functional program that you install on your mobile device. Different lotto apps come with different features designed to streamline and improve the overall lottery experience. Some of these apps do things like keep track of the most frequently drawn numbers. Most of them generate random numbers for you to play, and the best ones go so far as to facilitate the purchase of tickets for a huge selection of domestic and international lotteries.

How to Use a Mobile Lottery App

One thing that the best lottery apps have in common is extreme user-friendliness. For instance, those who use the ever-popular Jackpocket app simply choose which lottery they want to participate in, select their numbers, and then purchase their tickets. Jackpocket then buys your lottery ticket at a retail outlet and sends you a scanned copy along with a confirmation email. As for the physical ticket? Well, it is securely stored in a fireproof safe. It’s worth noting that sites like can help you find the biggest lotto jackpots currently up for grabs.

What Happens when you Win?

With a bit of luck, you will get to experience the joys of winning the lottery even if it’s not the jackpot. In most cases, winnings under certain amounts are immediately credited to your account and available for withdrawal. With Jackpocket, anything under $600 is credited to your account. If you win more than $600, then Jackpocket will securely deliver the actual ticket to your door so that you can bask in the glory of claiming your prize.

What are the Best Mobile Lottery Apps?

While there are plenty of excellent lottery apps around, the question of which one is best boils down to which one best suits your preferences. If you just want to make it easier to choose your numbers, then an app like US Lotto Picker or other random number generators would be good choice. If you want to purchase tickets for an array of domestic and foreign lotteries, then the aforementioned Jackpocket or The Lotter would be solid picks. Some apps like GammaStack are perfect for syndicate play while an app like Lucky Block is ideal for cryptocurrency lotteries. There is a great lotto app for anyone who plays the lottery. If you are interested in using a lottery app, you will find loads of them at the App Store and Google Play.

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