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Is it Possible to Make Legal Money on Crypto-Games?

Crypto games are one of the fastest-growing and controversial segments of the cryptocurrency market. User reviews of NTF differ greatly: someone writes about a 100% return on money, and someone complains that they flew into a hard minus due to a sharp decline in the token’s price. To earn money, players use such moderation strategies as in-app, advertising, purchases, and referral marketing.

Blockchain games work according to the same mechanics based on randomness as regular online entertainment. The main difference is that crypto games don’t accept traditional currencies. The most popular are simulators (Axie Infinity), card games, and games with the multiverse, where the player can pump the skills of characters and develop their world.

What Are Crypto Games and How Do They Work?

Crypto games or NFTs are platforms where users can get a unique digital property for certain gaming actions, for example, a character or a trophy, and then exchange it for a similar one or sell it for tokens — an internal cryptocurrency.

The principle of NFT’s operation is simple, and almost all games work the same way:

  • registration on the site;
  • creating an in-game wallet;
  • buying tokens for real money;
  • exchanging the purchased tokens for the first character (depending on the game);
  • character development (the user feeds/ waters them, goes through quests with them, and so on).

For certain achievements in character development, the player receives exclusive items — artifacts. They, along with the characters themselves, can be sold in the internal store of the site or in exchange to other players for tokens. The received coins are either exchanged by users for real money on exchanges or spent on the purchase of the following characters. The platform, in turn, earns a commission for transferring tokens to a wallet and showing ads to users.

Top 3 Crypto Games for 2023

The cost of tokens in crypto games directly depends on the number of players — the more of them participate in entertainment, the higher the price tag. Moreover, those who came in first and bought the internal crypt on the cheap will be positive. And since crypto games tend to lose popularity quickly, the users who came in last risk remaining in the red because, with the departure of clients, the price tag for tokens will also fall. The top 3 crypto games that continue to gain popularity and bring profit even to new players are presented below:

  • Axie Infinity — players need to grow fantastic animals from eggs, cross them, and participate with them in battles with other players, and for the user’s victories, SLP tokens come to the account;
  • Gods Unchained — a card game where players fight each other by choosing a character and using cards that increase their strength, for participating in championships or selling rare cards or tickets, users receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency tokens
  • The Sandbox — an analog of the famous Minecraft game with only one difference — the created universe can be sold for real money.

As practice and the experience of other players show, it’s quite possible to make money on crypto games. The main thing is to get into the game promptly and have enough time to sell everything before the token goes down or the site loses popularity.

To reduce the risk of monetary losses, choose NTFs, which have been proven over the years with a steadily growing audience and don’t have a jumping rate of the internal cryptocurrency.

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