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How to make Alexa say what you want, prank your friends?

Among all the useful things your Echo device can do, Amazon has added a lot of scope for you to customize it further and make your Alexa work according to you. One such ability is to make Alexa respond to your questions in a way you want. This is a fun feature where you can add your own questions and make Alexa respond to you however you want.

I noticed a lot of articles online that mentions custom Skills developed by third-party developers to achieve this. Some of them work, some of them don’t. Most of them include solutions like Text To Voice which is not the proper way to do this. Luckily, Amazon has made it pretty simple to do this without having to use any third-party Skills. The answer to this is Amazon BluePrints.

You can use this to prank your friends, make fun videos by making Alexa respond to your questions in unexpected ways. Here is how you do it:

First of all, you will need to open the appropriate link given below in your browser:

Make sure you are logged into your proper Amazon account before you follow along.

Alexa Custom Responses

Click on the Custom Q&A tab that takes nyou to a new page. The new page explains how the Custom Q&A Blueprint works. You can read all the instructions and click ‘Make Your Own‘ button when you want to continue.

alexa custom questions answers

Fill out the questions field the way you want. You can have multiple versions of same questions in different styles for Alexa to respond to them. Go crazy and be creative with these questions and responses.

If you wan’t to add multiple questions, click on the ‘+ Add Q&A’ button. It will add another field for you to fill. When done, hit the ‘Next: Update Skill’ button and give Amazon some time to sync your questions and responses across your account. It usually takes around 2-3 minutes and when this process completes, you can start asking Alexa the questions that you created. Have fun!

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