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Love to watch or play both golf and solitaire? Golf Solitaire (or Golf Patience game) is the answer. And this is not just a typical game. It’s actually better than other card games that you already tried.

Golf and solitaire demand both physical and intellectual strength to win. These hobbies are known everywhere, which makes the card game version intriguing. The best part is that playing this game is one way to spend time with friends.

Interested to learn how the game is played? Don’t worry; it’s not rocket science. Check out this detailed guide to help you master the game. Once you’ve learned all the rules, you can play Golf Solitaire online here.


Golf Solitaire needs a deck of 52 cards. To start the game, you have to deal with seven piles. Set up five piles with overlying cards facing up. The first card on top of each group is the first to be played. After trading the cards, the remaining cards would be part of the stock, which must be positioned face down. Then, get one card from the stockpile to start collecting a garbage pile, which must be facing up. This arrangement is a card depiction of golf. You must transfer the cards from the seven piles to the garbage pile.


You aim to be the first player to shift all cards from the seven groups to the garbage pile. The card to be moved to the garbage pile must be one with a greater or lesser number than the first card of the said pile. If no more good moves are possible, you may transfer a card from the stock to the garbage pile to explore new possibilities. Golf Solitaire ends when all the cards from the seven piles have been moved to the rubbish pile. If you fail this task, you need to start over.

Game Rules

Like many card games, Golf Solitaire has rules that make it unique. It’s essential to know the rules like the following:

·         The king and ace can be played against each other.

·         Only the first card on top can be discarded into the garbage pile.

·         The card to be moved must have a number greater or lesser than the first card on top of the garbage pile. For instance, if the card on the column is a 4, the card above it in the garbage pile should be a 3 or a 5.

·         There must only be one garbage pile.

·         Start the game with overlying cards to obtain a good arrangement.

·         Draw from the stockpile if no other moves are left from the seven groups.

·         For an increased difficulty level, make a rule that the kind and ace cannot be played against each other.

·         To get the score, count the remaining cards in all seven columns after each round. A skilled player maintains a score below 36 after nine games.

Alternatives of Golf Solitaire

Need more solitaire variations? You can also try these three games:

1.            Klondike

Probably the most popular variation of solitaire, so much so that the word “Solitaire” commonly refers to this game when played alone. Its origin is unknown; however, it is said to have initially played in the 19th-century Gold Rush era in Klondike, Canada, where it got its name.

Its enormous popularity may be traced back to its introduction to Microsoft’s Windows 3.0 operating system in 1990.

2.            Spider

This game is the most popular among 2-deck variants. It gets its name from the eight foundations (spiders have eight legs) that must be built to win the game. The odds of winning this game are one in every three games.

3.            Free Cell

FreeCell Solitaire resembles Klondike but is a more strategic version of the latter, as it requires a careful approach. FreeCell is one with the highest winning rate- 99% of games are solvable. If you’re a beginner in card games, this is a good training ground to teach you the essential skills.

Final Words

Golf Solitaire is one of the most straightforward variations of solitaire, from setup to gaming. Many players enjoy it because it’s easy to set up if the online version is not their cup of tea.

Golf Solitaire is a basic game that has a moderate difficulty level. There is a big chance that the cards in a column will be a number greater or smaller than the number in a garbage pile. There will be times when you need to get a card from the stock to open new options.

Golf Solitaire is a fun game to keep you company when you’re alone. It’s one of those hobbies that can make you smile even when no one is around. Most of the time, you’ll be anxious about your next move. But the thinking is part of the game that makes it exciting- a little adrenaline rush into your brain.

Make this game more enjoyable by setting a timer and trying to surpass your present record. Depending on your motor abilities, you can finish a round in less than a minute. If you want to do faster than that, keep practicing every day. Be a Golf Solitaire master in months.

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