Leading Android gaming apps worldwide in 2022 by downloads


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Google’s play store is overflowing with a long list of great gaming apps that attract millions of android users worldwide. There are many addictive gaming titles that players can’t ignore, and many game development companies are finding it easier to create more engaging titles for android.

For many publishers and game creators, the android operating system is more friendly for developers and presents a large pool of potential users. That’s why the best real money mobile apps are always available for android before being available on iOS. However, the android gaming market features many gimmicky cash grabs that aren’t worth your time.

Here are leading android gaming applications that are worth your money and time in 2022, considering the number of downloads it has recorded globally.

Dessert DIY

With over 21.9 million downloads, Dessert DIY is arguably the world’s most popular gaming app on the Google Play store this year. The game was developed by CrazyLabs, featuring the simple concept of making ice cream for your guests. Sometimes you’ll get VIP customers who want a certain VIP ice cream made with VIP ingredients and other related requests.

In Dessert DIY, players can also use their earned coins to build their kitchen and make it pretty. Decorations follow different themes every time you upgrade, and you can enjoy some background music while hearing the sound of your activities in the game.

Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher is another relatively new and entertaining mobile game that has the potential to be addictive. Like Dessert DIY, this game has a simple premise and has received over 21 million downloads despite coming under strong criticism earlier this year. Some players complained of not having enough upgrades, but more are still enjoying Bucket Crusher.

Dream Wedding

Planning your dream wedding can be hectic, even when you have an event organizer. However, MagicLab managed to turn this hectic planning process into an exciting android game that has attracted the attention of millions of people. Today, the Dream Wedding game app has recorded over 16.3 million downloads.  

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is among the most popular mobile games on the smartphone gaming market. This mobile game surpassed 26 million downloads this year, with 9.45 million players downloading the game on their android smartphones.

For players, Apex Legends Mobile offers the same thrills as its older brother. It’s an exciting mobile battle royale game that may take some Apex champions some time to become used to the controls, but it’s huge for the franchise and the android mobile gaming market.

Fruit Ninja

While Fruit Ninja isn’t new, it has recently received much attention in the android gaming market. This year, the game has recorded over 9.5 million downloads on the play store, which is still growing. Many mobile players choose Fruit Ninja as the game mechanics are easy enough to learn, although a little challenging to master. That makes it a crowd favorite across a wide range of players in different age groups.

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