Kanban Training for Agile Teams For Efficient Task Management and Collaboration


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If you are in a management job, no matter in which niche, which industry, or whichever business, if you are someone who uses IT in their work regime, it is not possible that you have not heard the terms like ‘agile,’ ‘scrum,’ ‘kanban’ etc.

As you might be aware that agile is a methodology in which a bigger task, or better say a goal, is divided into several phases or fragments on which teams work harmoniously, keeping track of the developments, discussing the next step, communicating with all the stakeholders and taking feedback and processing them.

This is done using frameworks such as Kanban or Scrum.

An agile team needs to be trained per the firm’s requirements, and we are discussing Kanban training in this article.

Let’s investigate the depths of kanban training, its certification, and the perks you would receive after being trained and certified as a kanban practitioner.

What is Kanban

Kanban is an agile management framework that emphasizes continuous development.

In this methodology, teams use Kanban boards to keep track of the developments while working on a project. If we go back to the roots of kanban, the name is derived from two Japanese words- kan (means sign) and ban (means board).

The working principle of kanban is quite clear: it uses boards to signify the progress of any task.

This is a good example of visual project management. The cards move through the columns representing phases of the task, and the team can keep an eye on the work progress in real time.

This methodology talks about change in an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary way, so there are fewer risks and fewer chances of shortcomings in the project being worked on.

This methodology helps professionals not only with inefficient task management but also with effective collaboration.


The Kanban methodology is popular in IT, product management and designing, manufacturing, and engineering industries.

Still, it can be used in any industry provided the professionals know and understand the basics and working principles of kanban, and for that, one has to get their kanban training done so that they get to understand the details by participating in real-time situations and getting hands-on experience.

Let’s dive deeper into the details of Kanban training.

All You Need To Know: What Is Kanban Training, and Where To Get Certified?

A kanban training is generally a two-day comprehensive course that teaches you the basics of kanban methodology that a professional would need to know to complete a task in a given timeframe efficiently and effectively along with their agile team.

You will get interactive classes and workshops that will give you hands-on experience in improving the product and the production process. Upon completing your kanban training, you must take a test to get certified as a trained kanban practitioner.

Where to get training and certification:

Kanban training can be done online through various certified platforms where certified trainers teach you the basics and real-life applications of kanban through different techniques. One potential platform to consider training from is Kanban University.

This institution is reputed worldwide, and its certification has equivalent validation across industries, companies, and countries.

You can choose your Kanban course as per your preferences and requirements. Kanban University offers a few courses that are more like different levels, such as:

  • Team kanban practitioner
  • Kanban management professional
  • Kanban coaching professional
  • Accredited kanban consultant
  • Accredited kanban trainer

These are the courses where you enter the kanban game even without experience, and with the different courses, you can become a kanban-trained professional to kanban trainer.

You can enroll in these certificate courses, where you get a certificate of completion after each course. Then you can take the Kanban certification exam to become a Kanban practitioner.

Benefits Of Completing Kanban Training and Getting Certified

Getting certified is always a good option, whether in a management job or having a different work profile.

By achieving Kanban credentials, you will be recognized as a trained and efficient professional across industries throughout the globe.

You can finish a project more efficiently than a non-trained professional. Your leadership and management skills will be enhanced and polished as you learn the basics of task and team management. You will have the skills to divide a target into small tasks, and you can see a clearer picture of the task in real-time.

 Due to this, you can make amendments to the team functioning at any time during the operation rather than wait for the result and then start over again.

Being a Kanban-certified professional gives you an upper hand on your non-trained colleagues, and these credentials can fetch you impossible career opportunities that can only be possible with certification. You can get higher payments than your non-trained counterparts.

This methodology also helps you bring about favorable changes in your workspace. You can lead your team better; your team can see the progress in real time, which, in turn, proves to be a game changer when there are deadlines to beat.

 The bottom line is that you get an overall makeover in your working atmosphere that adds to your and your team’s efficiency.

How is the Kanban Technique Applied in an Agile Framework?

As we have discussed earlier, the kanban technique functions on kanban boards; the task is divided into phases discussed with the agile team, and the progress is monitored constantly. Professionals usually incorporate kanban with other techniques like scrum to get the project on the desk within a timeframe. During your Kanban training, you learn and implement the risk management techniques that help you and your team evolve as a better platform for clients.


Kanban methodology is a team-functioning method where professionals work and develop constantly.

They keep track of the developments using the Kanban boards. It is a technique everyone in the management niche would wish to learn to visualize the process of project development. The first step to get into this affair is getting kanban training.

You can find courses and platforms online where trained and certified professionals develop interactive and comprehensive courses to walk you through the tracks of Kanban methodology.

 Kanban University is the leading platform to get trained and certified as a Kanban practitioner; it offers you numerous opportunities to get trained at different levels so that you get started as an amateur, probably but end up being a professional or expert.

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