How to do Trending iPhone Photo Edit Hack – A Complete Guide 2024


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In case you did not know, you could add the viral sunkissed touchup to your photos using what netizens label, ‘iPhone Photo Edit Hack’ in easy steps.

We have provided a step-by-step guide to the iPhone photo editing hack below.

TikTok is a popular social media space and the home to many creators. It is a platform where most of the presented content makes it look like a boneyard of imagination. Where “cringe” found its place in mainstream lingo. Yet, as time passes some of us have begun to relish the possibility of finding worthwhile suggestions on the platform. Here’s one such diamond in the rough, the iPhone Photo Edit Hack. Taking a great picture always sets the mood for conversation or helps it pick up the slack. The complimentary title of “Photographer” will likely be bestowed upon unless someone is using this exact life hack.

iPhone Photo Editing Tools Explained

You can take advantage of the built-in editing tools of your iPhone. Find the list of the most popular photo editing tools-

Noise ReductionIt refers to the grains of your photograph captured in low-light conditions. Use this tool to find a better quality of your images.
TintThe yellow and blue tones have a warm effect, while the green shade has a tint effect. It is essential while editing a nature photo.
Vignette It works on the photo borders and works on the photo theme.
WarmthYour photos will have cold and hot looks with this warm effect. Adjust the warmth level using the tool.
BrillianceIt adds rich colours to photos to make the details more prominent.
Auto EnhancementThis tool is intended for better contrast, brightness, and colours.
ExposureYour photo can become darker and brighter using this tool.
SaturationThis tool makes your photo more vibrant.
BrightnessIt affects the photo brightness, so you can use the tool for photos captured in dark sites.
ContrastThe brightness level of the photos is to be balanced using this tool.
HighlightsIn lighted zones, you can decrease and increase the brightness level.
ShadowsAdjusting the shadows can make a difference in the overall look.

What is TikTok Photo Editing Hack?

You must turn up the contrast and brightness to play this iPhone trick. After making edits, you can turn them down. You will find a professional-grade photo for TikTok. This hack is best for editing portraits, food photos, and other types of photographs. TikTok users love this trend, and by using the editing trick, they can easily show the best screen recordings.

Cinematic iPhone Photo Editing Trick

Your photo will have an attractive and colourful look with a few configurations to settings. Check the value for different settings.

  • 100- Set Exposure 
  • 100- Brilliance 
  • 33- Highlights effect 
  • 28- Shadow effect 
  • 31- Contrast
  • 24- Brightness 
  • 25- Black Point 
  • 19- Saturation 
  • 19- Vibrant 
  • 21- Warmth 
  • 15- Tint Level 
  • 18- Sharpness level
  • 18- Vignette 

iPhone Golden Hour Editing Hack

With these settings, your photographs will have a beautiful golden-hour look (found in sunrise and sunset photography sessions).

  • 100 for exposure 
  • 100 for brilliance
  • 35 for highlights
  • 28 for shadows
  • 30 for contrast
  • 10 for Black Point
  • 15 for brightness
  • 8 for vibrancy
  • 10 for saturation
  • 39 for tint
  • 11 for warmth
  • 5 for definition
  • 14 for sharpness 
  • 23 for vignette
  • The brilliance and exposure level should again be set to 0.

How to do iPhone Photo Edit Hack in Simple Steps?

Here’s our step-by-step guide to iPhone photo editing hacks, follow along if you’d like.

The viral TikTok iPhone Photo Edit Hack is less of a hack and more of an editing formula that plays with shadows, saturation, and colour.

1. Open the native camera/photos app on your device, and open up Edit leading to your image settings

2. Set Exposure and brilliance to 100

Set Exposure and brilliance to 100

3. Highlights are to be kept at -35

Highlights are to be kept at -35

4. Shadows darkened to -28

Shadows darkened to -28

5. Contrast distinguished to -30

Contrast distinguished to -30

6. Brightness subdued at -15

Brightness subdued at -15

7. Black point denser by 10

Black point denser by 10

8. Saturation increased to 10

Saturation increased to 10

9. Vibrance clamouring attention at 8

Vibrance clamouring attention at 8

10. Warmth simmering at 10

Warmth simmering at 10

11. The tint of your metaphorical rose-tinted glasses to 39

The tint of your metaphorical rose-tinted glasses to 39

12. Sharpness pricked to 14

Sharpness pricked to 14

13. vignette colouring the scene at 23

vignette colouring the scene at 23

Final Step: Now set brilliance and exposure to 0

last step - Now set brilliance and exposure to 0

(Note: The marked steps that need to be followed are the first implemented beforehand. If you’ve left the first step out of the equation, there’s no need to follow the last step)

So what are you waiting for, try this viral iPhone photo edit hack now. And if you feel that this iPhone photo edit hack work for you, let us know in the comments below.

Before And After the iPhone Editing Hack

before and after iphone photo edit hack

The few tricks discussed above can turn ordinary photos into dazzling ones. TikTok users will surely find these tricks successful.

If all that’s been said till now sounds too good to be true, we can only provide a few curated testimonies, courtesy obviously to social media.

If you’d like to check out the actual TikTok video, I’m afraid you can’t. There are certain *ahem* restrictions that don’t allow viewing of TikToks in a few countries, as you’d know by now (but TikTok unban is happening in India soon). Although if you do have a VPN, then change your location to another nation and enjoy the video link’s destination, do so without procrastination, lest you lose out to your friends in capturing the ideal depiction.

Summing It Up

While that’s all fine and dandy, there’s the question of getting the ideal background. What we are trying to imply is, that one simply doesn’t get such an image in a location otherwise known to be bland in colour. If you already have an Adobe membership you could try apps like Photoshop Express that work well on both Android and iOS. Other subsidiary apps like Superimpose and LightX are pretty good contenders too, especially when considering the differences in price.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone Photo Edit Hack, as it is called, actually enhances the overall aesthetic of a bright picture, so it’s worth giving a shot.

That’s pretty much all there is on our end. Have you tried experimenting with your own camera settings leading to some outstanding photographs? Do let us know in the comments below. For more similar content visit us at our website.

Abhinav Anand
Abhinav Anand
Abhinav Anand is a contributor at PhonesWiki. He had joined PhonesWiki in 2021. At PhonesWiki, he mainly writes on upcoming smartphones and software/hardware bugs. He loves to try out the latest apps and gadgets and has more than 800+ bylines to his name. His work has so far been published at Financial Express, Economic Times, KnowTechie, and more. He also contributes to Android Headlines.


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