What is the importance of practising NCERT questions and answers?


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If you want to appear for the examination conducted by CBSE then a lot of preparation is required in the first place. It is simply because every board has a different way of conducting the examination. The way of examination is able to determine the methodology of the preparation.


It is important to mention that class 12 ncert book usually cover the entire syllabus that would be asked in the Board examinations. Technically the books of NCERT and the syllabus which is there is the limitation to the type of questions that can be asked in the exam.

In such a situation if you want to score good marks in CBSE exams then you need to understand the NCERT books and the questions and answers given in them. It will definitely help to bring a positive outlook. In this article, the importance of practising these NCERT questions and answers would be discussed. If all of these questions and answers of NCERT books are practised, then nobody can stop you from scoring the best.

Helps to gather knowledge

Students of the present generation might think that the internet would be the best one-stop solution to understand important concepts. But this is definitely not the case. You can understand the concept from the internet but you can not score good marks with the help of that knowledge. It is because CBSE follows a very integrated pattern of learning.

It is essential to gather the information in exactly the same way in it is present in the NCERT books. The NCERT books comprise the question and answers in the same format as they would be asked in the ultimate examination. This not only helps in giving sufficient expertise but also a sufficient amount of experience to appear in the examination. That is why NCERT books and the question and answers are the first steps to gaining the correct knowledge.

Helps to reduce the burden

If you study from the internet instead of the NCERT books then your syllabus would be endless. It is because of the simple fact that on the internet there would be a lot of extra knowledge that would not be a part of the syllabus as well. But if you study from the NCERT books then they would comprise The Limited syllabus that is actually going to come in the examination.

This not only saves a huge amount of time but also reduces the burden on the student. It is one of the most important and essential methods with the help of which the burden can be reduced. It also helps to maintain the preparation in a very systematic way. This time can be utilised for understanding the important concepts of the NCERT books. It is all that you need for scoring good marks in the examination.

Helps to understand the concepts properly

In order to answer the concept based questions of the CBSE examination, it is important to understand the concept properly. This conceptual understanding can be promoted only with the help of NCERT books. If you attempt the questions and answers of the NCERT books then you will also get an idea about the way in which questions would be asked.

This will give you a Holistic experience of preparation and experience. But this would not be possible, especially in the situation in which you already know the entire syllabus but still do not know how the question will come. Most of the students usually commit a mistake in the understanding of the concepts from different sources. NCERT books and NCERT solution books are the best solutions that can be used in order to solve this problem.

Helps to get an experience of examination

Most of the students are usually concerned about their performance in the actual examination. It is because of this tension that they cannot focus. Due to the lack of attention and focus, they miss out upon the opportunity to prepare for the ultimate examination properly. It is definitely able to reduce a lot of productivity and at the same point of time increase the burden.

But if the students attempt the question and answers of the NCERT books, then get sufficient information about the format of the examination. It allows them to channel their efforts in that way only. This can be an important technique for scoring good marks in the ultimate examinations.


It has to be concluded that with all the importance of understanding the question and answers of NCERT books being clear you should also realise its importance. Most of the students try to ignore NCERT because it is very basic and simple. But this must not be the ideology of the student because NCERT is the best companion for examination. Want to know more then join the Infinity Learn classes and enjoy learning in a fun and interactive manner.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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