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Do you prefer to make one call rather than a hundred messages? An online video conference is your main asset. Setting it up yourself is easy. Just sign up for a profile, open a meeting room in your personal cabinet and share the link to this room with your colleagues. This is the room where the video call will take place.

The iMind has only two requirements: you have at least one Internet connection and a device connected to it. A phone, laptop, computer, or tablet doesn’t really matter. Any device with a display, sound speakers, a microphone, and an Internet connection is an ideal video conferencing tool for companies with online meetings.

You can use any OS: iTunes, Mac, iOS and Android, Linux – iMind runs everywhere with a modern browser.

Among other things, iMind, as an enterprise video conferencing provider, takes security extremely seriously.

The Essence of Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is a common tool for remote collaboration, which is almost indispensable. What it allows users to do is communicate in real-time, use online chat to exchange ideas in writing, to apply visual aids with advanced features, and so on. These features make video conferencing versatile, so people use it for almost any business purpose: helpdesk, presentations, training, interviewing, etc. But such wide applicability presupposes a high-quality product that ensures reliable communication and rapid development.

The List of Capacities, Offered by the iMind Platform in the USA

The iMind video conferencing platform is a tool that is rapidly evolving. Their team has worked hard to ensure that the platform meets the constant demands and emerging challenges posed by remote working. For example, they have improved their product and service by collaborating with major telecommunications companies, developing technology and patenting it in the US, and trying their best to meet the expectations of their customers.

The visitors can get a full description of each function. Nearly all options are free of charge. Some of the features of iMind are worth mentioning:

  1. Noise suppression – is an option that helps everyone in the conference to hear their interlocutors, even if their surroundings are visibly overpowering.
  2. Screen Sharing – helps you conduct business meetings or negotiations efficiently.
  3. Conference participants’ volume control.
  4. Automatic Speaker Detection – this option helps you control the flow of the conference.
  5. Recording meetings – pro users can even record meetings in different rooms at the same time.
  6. Ability to use emojis to display emotions during a conversation.

Also, iMind provides online chat for Pro members. Here they are able to send text messages, various files, and much more. An excellent solution would be to use this chat for business meetings.

Motivations for Selecting iMind

Ideal, for instance, for making an important business call, holding a conference or organizing a meeting. Also, people often use the platform for casual conversations with friends and relatives. Users choose because of the service:

  • simple to operate – interlocutors simply have to follow a link dropped by the room administrator to join the conference;
  • lets you screen out uninvited guests – before joining a conference, the platform asks the newcomer for a photo.

Above mentioned functions make iMind a suitable video conferencing tool for companies, which take care of their privacy. And regular consumers choose the service thanks to good-quality communication from anywhere on the Internet.

How to Start Using iMind?

You can start using the iMind platform by simply clicking on the invitation link without registering. Registering will open up more functions for you: organizing conferences, recording calls, creating rooms, and generating the same invitation links. To sign up for iMind or sign into your account, go to the website and click “Start Free / Sign In”. There are 4 sign-in methods supported by iMind: a one-time code with email or signing in via your Google, Microsoft, and Apple account.

Conditions for iMind for Online Video Conferencing

There is no need to install a special video conferencing application on iMind from the United States. No extra downloads or installations! Make an online call with iMind simply by using your browser.

Navigate participants on your mobile phone by simply swiping them. Toggle between views by swiping your finger across the screen. You can find the chat text on the right and a mosaic of participants on the left. That leaves free space in the center for the main active listener.

You can download an application, too, if you like. More convenient to have the launch icon at hand than to open the site every time. It starts up in the same way as the desktop version of the browser.

Connect Video Conferencing via a URL

Let’s say your hands are busy or you are in a hurry: cooking, cleaning, or simply running to work with a heavy bag. At this unfortunate moment, an invitation to a video call arrives. How do you proceed? Click on the link!

Yeah, that’s right, click on 1 click. Press the invite link and you’re instantly at the conference! A waiting room function will protect you from intruders.

Reviews of Users about the Platform

Feedback from customers is the most valuable aspect of iMind chat for business organizations in the U.S.A. Many times when people leave feedback, they mention the quality of the recording during an online conference, the multi-screen sharing feature, the ability to join and chat with another participant for free through the tool, and the ease of use. As we know from iMind reviews it is a fantastic software for both small and large corporations.

It helps companies maintain a collaborative workflow and maintain a balanced working relationship with all colleagues.  

Now, your quality conference room is ready for use.

For instance, a video conference call for business is not much different from a parent on a video call. The idea is exactly the same – a video call in which everyone can see and listen to you. There are, however, still additional qualifications for running a commercial call.

All that remains now is to choose your listeners and to properly estimate the effectiveness of the online meeting.

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Parth Singh
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