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Students have to write a plethora of essays in their academic lives. To produce a high-quality paper is an art that most students do not have the time to master. That’s why they often go ahead and use professional paper writing services like DoMyEssay to write my essay online. But if you are determined to write your papers yourself So, you can use several apps and services to guide you in crafting the perfect assignment. Some of these are

Pro Writer Aid

Pro writer aid is a paper writing app used by more than 2 million people, including authors, editors, copywriters, professionals, and students. It not only scans any mistakes you make but also helps teach you to avoid them in the future. Pro writer aid has three writing modes;

  1. Creative writing,
  2. Academic writing,
  3. Business writing.

Out of these 3, students can use both creative and academic writing modes. These two modes feature at least eight different scanning criteria. These are;

  1. Grammar, Spellings, and style,
  2. Sentence variety,
  3. Sentence length,
  4. Unusual dialogue tags,
  5. Readability grade,
  6. Transition usage,
  7. Passive voice,
  8. Emotional tells,
  9. -ing starts.

Every user has dubbed it an incredible tool for authors at every level. Pro writer aid specializes in combining traditional grammar checkers with in-depth analysis. In addition, it generates reports for your work to learn what errors you made and how to rectify them. Thus, it does not only work as an editor but also teaches you.

Suppose you do not have the time to write your assignment. Then, you can hire an urgent essay writing service. These services employ professionals who use pro-writer aid. So, you do not need to be worried and can’t relax knowing that your academic documents will be free from any errors.


The second essay app you can use is Grammarly. In recent years, it has become widely popular due to its unique and helpful set of characteristics. Grammarly believes that everyone has the potential to be a great writer, and all they need is a little guidance. They aim to be this guiding hand.

Despite their name, Grammarly does not focus only on grammar and spelling mistakes but also filters through punctuation, conciseness, formality, and vocabulary issues. Grammarly also has a premium feature. You have to pay for premium, and it has additional versatile offerings like;

  1. Clarity-focused sentence rewriters,
  2. Formality levels,
  3. Fluency in text,
  4. Plagiarism detection,
  5. Tone detection,
  6. Choices of words.

Grammarly is among the rare apps for writing essays with an AI (artificial intelligence) writing assistant. Furthermore, you can apply it to any application you want. So, it is not limited to Microsoft word. You can also use it for emails and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. So, even your tweets will be error-free.

Free Mind

The free mind is not your typical app for writing papers. It is predominantly mind mapping software. The app focuses on three aspects;

  1. Brainstorming,
  2. Note-taking,
  3. Project planning.

It has a brainstorming mode that allows you to conduct sessions efficiently. It will allow you to record different concepts, and you can highlight each concept with a different colour. You can even organize the concepts and sift through the ones you want to use.

Before you start any assignment, you have to create an outline and jot down any relevant information. The free mind is the perfect essay writing software for this. It has many features that can help make notes easy to understand and have a natural flow. The note-taking option has the following features;

  • More than 30 different themes,
  • More than ten different structures,
  • More than 700 clipart designs.

The vast array of options allows the note-taking experience to be a hundred percent customizable to your academic requirements.

The free mind is perfect if you have any assignments to do projects and write about executions. It allows you to generate Gantt charts in a matter of minutes. Many students know that making a Gantt chart is a long, tedious process, and if you make one mistake, it is starting all over again. So, the free mind saves you from all that hassle.


As the name suggests, the simple note is an essays app that allows you to take down notes. It is very convenient for all students. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to understand it immediately. You do not have to waste time learning how to use it.

Moreover, it has several features that make it useful for students at every academic level. These features are;

  • Accessibility: You can use it anywhere you want. It has an internal link feature that enables you to link notes among several devices. Any change made in one device will be updated in the notes on all linked devices.
  • Organization: The app is simple and allows you to organize all the notes in any manner you want.
  • Connectivity: Unlike other writing apps, it is not isolated. You can share notes, lists, and instructions with other users at any time. It helps share notes among friends and colleagues. Furthermore, you can even publish your notes so any user can have access to them.
  • Autosave: All the notes you make are saved on the platform. You do not need to worry about running out of space and your work getting deleted. You can go back and check notes you made last week, last month, or last semester.
  • Markdown support: You can use markdown fonts.
  • Free: On a student budget, it is hard to splurge on a writing app. The simple note has made all their services free to make it convenient for you.

Focus Writer

The last app is focus writer. Focus Writer is an app designed to help students craft the perfect document without interruptions. Unlike many writing apps, it has a unique distraction-free feature. It is a full-screen display, so notifications and other apps do not distract you from the task at hand.

Moreover, it has a hide-away interface, so the taskbar only becomes visible when using the mouse. It is helpful when you have to write a long document and do not waste time. Check out its features

  • Set personalized goals,
  • Spelling and grammar check,
  • Portable mode,
  • Alarms and timers,
  • Sound effects,
  • Available in multiple languages,
  • Use multiple documents.


All these apps encompass different features but have the same goal: to make your writing experience better. Therefore, you can choose any app that best meets your requirements, whether it is a distraction-free environment or checking your readability level. Moreover, most of these apps are available for Windows, macOS, and iOS, and you can use them irrespective of the device.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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