How to Watch Quality VR Content on Your VR Device


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Your first foray into enjoying adult virtual reality content can be tricky to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right knowledge, exploring all that virtual reality can offer the erotically-minded adult can be a breeze. There exists a huge range of adult VR experiences suitable for people of all interests. First things first: you need a device.

You Have the Technology

Whether you’ve made the leap into VR before, whether via an early iteration like the fabled Nintendo Virtual Boy or a more recent and hyper-affordable apparatus like Google Cardboard, or are coming at this as a complete newbie, there are plenty of sensible options for your first VR hardware purchase. Meta Quest 2 remains the best-selling VR device of all time and presents new users with a little obstacle to immediate immersion into virtual spaces. At less than $400 USD, it’s a modest price for the VR market and not a huge outlay for someone eager to start using VR. There are competitors like Pico 4, Valve Index, and, for the gamers, Playstation VR (and the forthcoming Playstation VR 2) but it’s hard to argue against Quest 2’s appeal.

Once you’ve acquired your VR device, it’s more or less a simple case of turn-on, strapping in, and exploring. Maybe try a popular game like rhythm slasher Beat Saber, the perfect 3D take on the classic platformer that is Astro Bot Rescue Mission, or something more involved like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. Virtual reality meditations can also be a very enjoyable way of getting used to actually being in VR. When you’re good and comfortable (which, for most, won’t take long), get ready to see what the world of virtual sex has to offer.

Fantasies at Your Fingertips

Set aside some time alone to start exploring adult VR content and let your natural inclinations take over. It’s best not to start out trying to find that perfect experience but to instead sample most anything that captures your interest. Soon enough you will find out what really pleases you and what falls flat. Sexual interests being as varied as any human trait, there are bound to be some experiences that truly, deeply excite you and some that, though you may expect them to, do not.

Those new VR users who’ve spent some time with traditional adult entertainment may want to see how it feels to come face-to-virtual-face with their favorite performers via studios like VR Bangers, among the best of the studios now working predominantly in VR. Those users with a preference for adult content that feels a bit more authentic and naturalistic will be pleased to discover the substantial contribution being made by amateur performers. Amateurs of all kinds come up with creative ways to convey their sexuality for the pleasure of an engaged audience in ways that truly make great use of VR technology.

Cosplay-aided encounters are a fantastic way to liven up your new virtual sex life. Studios like VR Conk deliver well-crafted erotic encounters with women cosplaying as your favorite movie, anime, comic book, and game characters with thoroughly entertaining results. Fantasies about fictional characters are extremely common and plenty of fun to indulge in via VR.

If a user is keen on delving into truly adventurous fantasies, adult VR games offer limitless creativity from endlessly customizable spacefaring simulators to narrative-driven office dramas in which everyone is “up for it.” There even exist real life adult stars modeled in 3D CGI performing personalized shows just for you as well as long-running games like Dezyred that use more conventional VR photography but give you an interactive way to experience your favorite stars. While games may take a bit more time to get used to, they are very much a worthwhile addition to any adult VR diet.

Quality is Key

We may be decades past the reign of the VHS tape but that doesn’t guarantee high-quality video and audio in every VR experience. Trusting reputable sources to provide you with the best content can be key to a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. Top adult VR sites and services provide streams and downloads of expertly crafted VR experiences in 4K, 5K, 6K, and now even 8K. Where 4K doubles the resolution of 1080p HD, 8K doubles 4K and gives you 2160p resolution per eye. Obviously, your ability to appreciate 8K VR experiences is hardware-dependent but if you’re equipped, you’re likely to find it even more satisfying than the leap from Standard Definition to High Definition. In VR, the resolution accounts for the entire 180° or 360° visual field, not just what’s appearing right in front of you. This deep background detail further enhances the feeling of reality. These high resolutions allow you to notice even the tiniest physical details of your virtual partner.

Binaural sound – recorded with two independent, specially placed microphones to give a 360° effect to a stereo sound field – further places the VR user into the scene they’re experiencing. Whether your chosen VR device has in-built stereo speakers or a headphone jack for fully private listening, the specialized placement of audio amplifies the immersive nature of a VR experience.

Regardless of what you choose as your VR device of preference, the actual way in which you consume adult VR content varies little. Find a reputable, top-ranked source, visit it via your VR browser and start enjoying the fruits of your new hobby.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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