Complete Guide On How To Manage Your Passwords More Efficiently


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Can you imagine losing your password? It’s no less than a nightmare for most of us! That’s because it guards your account and confidential information. Therefore, maintaining password hygiene is very important in times of uncertainty. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you in managing your passwords better.

Before learning how to manage passwords, it’s crucial to understand that a strong password is the only key to ensuring online protection. But people often forget it and end up spending three minutes to 46 seconds resetting the password, according to this recent study on passwords. If you don’t want to waste your time, learn how to manage your password efficiently.

Complete Guide: How To Manage Your Passwords More Efficiently | Note Important Points!

People often overlook the importance of managing passwords. If you are one of them, it is better to open your eyes before it gets late. Go through this comprehensive guide!

Frequent Password Reset Can Put Your Accounts In Danger

When it comes to managing passwords, people think the best way is to reset passwords frequently. But the fact is that doing so might land you in trouble. While resetting, we need to remember to check the strength of our passwords, which is a risk to our accounts. And we know that a weak password cannot assure our online security.

Tips On How To Protect And Manage Your Password

Creating and managing passwords takes more work than you think. But the following tips can help you with this. So, don’t delay checking them!

#1 Use A Password Manager

Using a password manager is the best way to manage your password. It not only contains but also keeps your password safe. The best thing about this manager is that it lets you quickly access all your passwords.

With the help of a password manager, you can keep your passwords safe with notes and store your credit card information. Password managers are available in cloud storage and hardware (USB drive).

#2 Don’t Use Browser To Save Passwords

You might get a pop-up asking you to save your password while logging in to a website. Whenever you see such pop-ups, make sure you click NO. The browser might remember your password but can’t keep it safe. Having said that means if you use a browser, you might put confidential information at risk.

#3 Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is like another protective shield you add to protect your accounts. If someone manages to access your password, they won’t be able to log in because the verification code will be sent to your mobile phone. It sounds fantastic, right?

Two-factor verification is the best thing to implement if you are still determining whether your password has good strength.

#4 Change Password Once In 90 Days

Resetting passwords frequently does not mean you must perform it every week or month. After saving your password safely with the help of a password manager, you need to update it once a quarter. This way it becomes easy to manage the password even if you reset it.

Tips To Protect Password

Want to create stronger passwords? Here’s a quick guide on how to do so:

#1 Don’t Use Names, Birthdates, And Phone Numbers

Many people use their names, birthdates, and even phone numbers to remember passwords. Whereas, the fact is that doing so cannot assure the safety of your accounts.

Hackers can quickly join the dots and use your personal information to log in to your account. Apart from this, it’s advisable not to use the security PIN of your credit card. Such PINS come under the category of sensitive information. 

#2 Make Your Password A Mix Of Numbers, Letters, And Special Characters

Use numbers, letters, and special characters to ensure your password is strong. Aim to have at least 12 characters in your password so that they’re more challenging to guess.

#3 Change More Than One Character At A Time

When resetting your passwords, things won’t work by changing only one character. You should consider changing more than one character for this matter. You can also change an uppercase letter to lowercase or vis-a-versa. In a nutshell, try different variations to ensure safety.

#4 Make A Long Password

A long password does not mean making it up to a sentence. A long password might have 2-3 words or combinations of alphabets and numbers. It’s important to keep long passwords because they are hard to guess. So, select such passwords to get high-level security for your financial and social accounts.

#5 Do Not Reuse Passwords

If you think exchanging your social and financial passwords might work, you should know that you are adding a loophole. You can’t even exchange your Facebook and Twitter passwords. So, make sure whenever you are resetting passwords, they are new.

#6 Don’t Forget To Add Special Characters

Special characters are no less than a special touch you add to your passwords. That’s why most of us use them while selecting passwords. And special characters must be used at the beginning of your password. But it’s fine if you also want to add it in the end.

Using special characters makes it challenging for hackers to guess passwords. So, use them whenever you create a password on your own.

Final Words

All in all, it can be said that managing and protecting passwords is very crucial these days. For this, you can’t use any random tip. It’s better to use information that has been tried and tested. Also, if resetting your password, ensure you don’t miss out on all the crucial measures.

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