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Modern logos have a number of features that distinguish them from other types of graphic images. First of all, they include a wide range of applications – both in print and on the web.

In many cases, the logo is a dependent element, which should be optimally placed against the background of the site page or any printing materials. To achieve this result, you first need to get rid of the colored background, making the logo completely transparent. You can create a unique and effective logo of any type in the online designer Turbologo.

A logo is what sets a product or service apart from many other competing products or services on the market. “Logo” comes from the composition of two Greek words “logos” – word, and “typos” – imprint.

The logo is necessary, first of all, to express the individual image of the product or the activities of the organization. As a rule, this is the original image of the name of the company or its line of business.

Another logo is a visual image, which is one of the most important elements of corporate identity. It can be in the form of an image or text. There may be several logos, depending on the place and purpose of its use.

An original and memorable logo is a necessary component of the company’s success. It is used on the business cards of the company’s employees, on letterheads of official letters, on product packaging, in advertising, it serves as the main tool for identifying the company in the market.

A successful logo is not just a beautiful picture, it is also a profitable investment that will pay for itself many times over. A logo is created only once, but it operates and works for a long time.

Transparent logos

Logos with a transparent background are used on websites or social networks (on pages or groups of a company, brand, product). Their main advantage is their versatility, which allows them to optimally fit into the design with any arrangement of elements and colors. Such graphics can be easily and quickly uploaded to various sites without worrying about how to embed them in the background of each of them.

In addition, transparent logos are often used as a watermark for pictures – goods in online store catalogs, etc.

With their help, you can effectively protect any graphic content from theft without harming its appearance. Such logos are also optimally suited for printing products, especially when printing materials of small sizes. For example, if you are designing souvenirs, business cards, calendars, then they may not have a separate place for a logo with its own background. A transparent object is quickly placed anywhere without much difficulty.

Most professional designers set their logos on a transparent background by default, unless the client specifically wishes to do so. However, what if you received a logo with a colored background and now want to get rid of it? Modern graphic editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, will help you to do this quite easily and quickly.

If you have the logo source in PSD format, then open the image in Photoshop and first of all select all layers of its objects, except for the background one. Then you need to create a new group (folder) and transfer them all there – such an operation will later help you easily adjust the transparency of the logo itself, for example, if you need to make it partially transparent.

To get a new empty folder, click on the icon located in the lower right half of the layers panel. After that, go to the background layer toolbar – you will need the eye icon located on its left edge. By clicking on it, you can completely turn off the visibility of the background, easily making your logo 100% transparent.

Create a transparent logo using an online designer

There is another, simpler and faster way to achieve this result without wasting your time working in graphic editors. In particular, online designers will help you get a transparent logo in a matter of seconds – you can easily create an original emblem for your brand, product or service, and then download it in this form directly to your computer.

After your logo is ready, go to the download section and choose PNG, PDF or SVG format for this.

Then, an archive with the logo will instantly be downloaded to your hard drive in various versions, two of which (full color and black and white) will have a transparent background.

Thus, the online designer will quickly help you create a transparent logo, so that you can then use it for designing websites or printing materials without any restrictions.

That’s all! We hope our advice will be useful to you. We wish you good luck in creating and promoting your brand!

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