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How to Identify a No Caller ID

[Meta: No caller ID phone calls may be scams, and they are annoying to deal with. Our article gives you information about identifying a no caller ID phone call.]

No caller ID calls are annoying to receive, and you may receive multiple of these a day. After all, there is no phone number to report or easily contact to get the calls to stop. No caller ID calls are often suspicious, and it’s important to learn how to identify a no caller ID to avoid accidentally falling victim to scams, telemarketers, or other frauds.

Our article provides you with more detailed information on no caller ID calls and gives you a few easy methods to get your researching on identifying a no caller ID number started.

What Are No Caller ID Phone Calls?

No caller ID phone calls are those calls that are received, but you cannot see who is calling. Oftentimes, your phone might identify the caller as “private number” or “unknown,” and it makes it very difficult to figure out who is calling you and why. It also makes it hard to do research on the caller, as you have no phone number to go by.

Are No Caller ID Calls Scams?

Most no caller ID calls will be scams or telemarketers, as hiding their phone number makes it easier to repeatedly call people without having their phone number reported.

Hiding their phone number also makes it harder to call the scammer back or identify that the caller is suspicious in the first place. It’s important to stay on guard when answering or researching no caller ID calls, as they are often predatory scam attempts.

How to Find the Owner of a No Caller ID Number

Finding the owner of a no caller ID number isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and you should be wary about any apps or software that you have to install on your smartphone or another device that claims to track these numbers. More often than not, these apps and software are also a scam and may result in you losing important personal information or access to your devices.

The three methods we list below are simple methods to help you identify the owner of a no caller ID number.

Check Your Phone Bill

One of the best ways to identify a no caller ID number is to check your phone bill. You will need to access an itemized breakdown of your phone’s activity for a month; you will be able to track where you’ve sent messages or received calls from certain numbers. Match the numbers that you receive calls from up with the record of calls on your phone in order to locate the number behind any of the no caller ID calls you receive.

Most phone companies will refer to this information as “usage details.” Log onto an online account with your service provider or contact your service provider directly for this information.

Phone Call Hacks

There are many “phone call hacks” around today that tell you how to find the owner of a no caller ID number. These hacks include items like pressing *67, *69, or *57 after receiving a phone call from a no caller ID may immediately dial the phone number back and then show you the phone number that is being called.

You will need to research each of these hacks and see if they will work for your phone’s operating system in addition to providing you with the identifying information you need.

Reverse Phone Number Searches

Once you’ve obtained the number behind a no caller ID call, you can further identify the owner by utilizing an online reverse phone number search. This is done by inputting the phone number into a search tool and then running the search. A report will be returned to you utilizing publicly available information that gives you the details of the owner of the phone number and other important identifying information when possible.

We recommend the reverse phone number search on Information.com, because it will pull up every additional phone number connected with a number’s owner – so you can block them all at once.

Reverse phone number searches are a great way to ensure that a no caller ID number is indeed safe before you call it back.

Staying Safe From Phone Call Scams

While not every private number or phone call received from a no caller ID caller will be a scam, many of them are, which is why it’s so important to screen your phone calls ahead of answering them. It can be a little difficult to find the owner of a no caller ID number, but the three methods we listed above will help you get this research started.

Remember to always practice phone safety tips such as never answering calls from numbers you don’t recognize (including no caller ID numbers), never giving out personal or financial information over the phone, and hanging up on suspicious phone calls. These tips will help you stay safe from any phone call scam you may encounter.

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