‘How to get paid by Twitter’ is in trend after subscribers on the eX bird app start earning from X Ad revenue


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As Twitter’s Premium (Blue) subscribers begin to receive ad revenue, a number of users on the platform are exploring opportunities to monetize their presence as well.

Premium subscribers have the potential to earn payouts that span from a few thousand dollars to nearly $40,000, especially for accounts boasting a substantial following.

It’s important to understand that these payouts are cumulative and have been accumulating since February. To qualify, users must have accumulated at least 15 million tweet impressions over the past three months. Furthermore, individuals need to possess a minimum of 500 followers and be at least 18 years old.

Twitter has intentions to broaden the eligibility criteria to include a wider range of creators, enabling more users to take advantage of this revenue-generating opportunity. This expansion in eligibility could potentially pave the way for a greater number of users to benefit from the ad revenue program.

Different ways to ‘How to get paid by Twitter’

A group of users, commonly referred to as “X users,” are actively seeking methods to earn payments from Twitter. This interest has been sparked by the introduction of Twitter’s ad revenue program for Premium (Blue) subscribers, where these subscribers have the opportunity to receive payouts based on their account’s performance.

The ad revenue program allows Premium subscribers to accumulate earnings, which can range from a few thousand dollars to nearly $40,000, particularly for accounts with substantial follower counts.

It’s important to note that these earnings are cumulative and have been accruing since February. To be eligible for payouts, users need to have garnered at least 15 million cumulative tweet impressions over the past three months. Additionally, they must have a minimum of 500 followers and be at least 18 years old.

'How to get paid by Twitter' is in trend after subscribers on the eX bird app start earning from X Ad revenue

As part of their plans, Twitter is working on expanding the eligibility criteria, aiming to include more creators and users in the ad revenue program, thus providing a broader opportunity for individuals to monetize their presence on the platform.

The news of Twitter’s payout program quickly spread, and in response, numerous users, often referred to as “X users,” began exploring ways to capitalize on the opportunity to earn money from the platform.

Many of these users are aiming to expand their presence exponentially and potentially turn content creation on Twitter into a full-time profession. Others are still in disbelief that they can actually earn significant amounts of money through their tweets.

The prospect of receiving compensation for sending out tweets has brought joy to users, as they envision using the income to support higher education and cover essential expenses. Some users even reminisce about the time they were engaging with others on Twitter and are now surprised by the prospect of getting paid for their activity.

Several individuals speculate that they might receive a portion of the revenue generated by Twitter through subscriptions.

A user on the platform reflects on how monetization might influence content quality, suggesting that there could be an increase in the practice of artificially boosting engagement.

Reports suggest that individuals are earning approximately $350 to $500 upon reaching 15 million impressions. One user claims they are set to receive a total of $1,253 for garnering 31.3 million impressions in July.

To participate in Twitter’s monetization options, including Creator Subscriptions and Ad Revenue Sharing, users need a Stripe account and must adhere to the platform’s Ads Revenue Share Terms. These developments mark an interesting shift in how users can engage with and potentially profit from their activities on Twitter.

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