How to get more followers on Instagram Threads App in 2024?


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Instagram is introducing its latest offering, Threads, and existing Meta users have expressed mixed opinions about the followers feature in the new app.

Threads aims to be a competitor to platforms like Twitter, providing users an easy way to communicate through text. As there has been a recent backlash against Twitter, Threads is being marketed as the app “where communities come together to discuss everything from current topics of interest to future trends.”

However, there is some confusion and disappointment regarding the feature of followers on the Instagram Threads App. Users were hoping for a more comprehensive set of features when the app was launched, but it appears that not all expectations have been met.

In the past, there have been attempts to rival Twitter, such as Donald Trump’s TruthSocial, and other social media platforms like Parler, Gettr, FrankSpeech by Mike Lindell, and BeReal. However, none of these platforms have been able to surpass the dominance of Twitter, and they have only managed to attract a small number of users.

It remains to be seen how followers on Instagram Threads will fare in the competitive social media landscape and whether it can provide a compelling alternative to platforms like Twitter.

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How to transfer your Instagram Followers to Threads App?

As of now, there is no option to transfer, move, or import your Instagram followers to the Threads app. This feature was not available at the time of the app’s launch.

Some users had hoped for a feature that would allow them to connect their Instagram account to Threads and seamlessly transfer their Instagram followers to the new app. However, it seems that this feature was not implemented during the launch, which has led to disappointment among users.

According to articles and reports, the developers were aware that users would express their dissatisfaction if this feature was missing. Unfortunately, it took them longer than expected to develop this feature, excluding it from the initial launch. They have now scheduled it for a future update.

For now, when you sign in to the Threads app with your Instagram account, you will be prompted to choose which of your Instagram followers you would like to follow on Threads. You can select specific individuals or choose to follow all of them at once.

Instagram Threads allows users to add their existing Instagram and Facebook followers to the app by linking their accounts. This feature aims to provide a more convenient user experience by allowing users to connect with their existing network on Instagram and Facebook directly on Threads.

However, opinions among netizens are divided regarding this feature. Some users appreciate the ability to easily add their existing followers, as it allows them to continue their connections and conversations seamlessly. It enhances the convenience and familiarity of the app.

On the other hand, some users have expressed concerns or reservations about this feature. They may have privacy or security concerns, as linking accounts could potentially expose more personal information to the app or increase the risk of data breaches. Others may feel that it limits the ability to have separate communities or conversations on Threads, as it brings the same network from Instagram and Facebook.

The diverse opinions reflect users’ different preferences and priorities when managing their social connections and privacy.

Instagram Threads Controversy on Privacy Policy

The launch of Threads has sparked debates among social media users regarding the followers feature and its privacy implications. While some users express privacy concerns and disapprove of the automatic addition of Instagram followers to the Threads app, others find this feature appealing and convenient.

One Twitter user criticizes the automatic addition of Instagram followers, stating that it is a negative aspect of the app. On the other hand, another user highlights the benefit of seamlessly merging and connecting Instagram followers to Threads, avoiding the need to rebuild their audience from scratch.

A third user praises the app as a masterstroke, particularly in light of the backlash against Elon Musk’s Twitter. This suggests that some users see Threads as a strategic move by Meta to attract users and provide an alternative platform amidst controversies surrounding other social media platforms.

The differing opinions reflect the ongoing discussions surrounding privacy concerns and convenience within social media platforms.

It’s worth noting that Threads primarily focuses on facilitating conversations and sharing content among close friends, rather than replicating the full Instagram experience.

How will data be collected by Threads?

Facebook’s Meta has been recognized as one of the prominent social media platforms known for its extensive data collection practices. Apple’s app store provides insights into the types of data that Threads, an app developed by Meta, may collect from users.

According to Apple’s app store, Threads has the potential to collect users’ personal information, including data related to health, fitness, finances, contacts, browsing history, usage patterns, location information, search history, and other identifiable data points.

Furthermore, Threads explicitly states that it “may collect and link your personal information to your account.” This indicates that the app can gather and associate personal data with users’ Threads accounts.

The disclosure of data collection practices by Threads aligns with the broader concerns surrounding privacy and the handling of personal information on social media platforms. Users should exercise caution and familiarize themselves with the app’s privacy policies and settings to make informed decisions about their data sharing and usage.

In conclusion, while there may be hopes and speculations about the possibility of transferring followers from Instagram, Mastodon, or other Fediverse social media platforms to Threads, this feature is not currently available. Users can only connect their Instagram accounts to Threads and rely on their existing followers to also join them on the new app.

It remains to be seen if future updates or developments will allow for more seamless follower transfers or connections between different social media platforms. Until then, users can utilize the existing features and functionalities of Threads with their followers on Instagram Threads and engage in conversations within the app.

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