How to download new Netflix Games from the Android app for free?


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The streaming giant Netflix has now expanded its horizon by trying a hand at distributing video games. Netflix is making efforts to expand its horizon rather than sticking just for the sole purpose of streaming. Netflix is wise enough to invest in the field of gaming and has come up with services dedicated to Netflix Games on Android app. The aim is to diversify revenue sources amid the tight space of streaming and make the gaming offering an indispensable component of the entertainment package.

Netflix Android Games on offer

After the positive feedback from the VR demo of Eden Unearthed, Minecraft story mode, and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Netflix has decided to step its foot in gaming. Netflix has its gaming face on with 5 titles available right now. The 5 new Netflix Android games on offer are-

  • Stranger things:1984 – Complete missions, collect objects by moving between Hawkins. It has pleasant retro graphics
  • Stranger things 3:The game – Player can choose one of the twelve characters of the Season 3 and go on adventure alone or with friends
  • Teeter Up– Developed by Frost Pop, one has to pocket a ball by moving against gravity and the laws of physics
  • Shooting Hoops– Again, developed by Frost Pop, it is a basketball minigame. The payer has to basket by hitting the ball using shooting darts and beat teh levels
  • Card blast – Developed by Rogue Games, the game is dedicated to poker with flavor of Candy Crush

Netflix started its ambitious venture in Poland last August with only 2 games based on the popular Stranger Things series. Within a month Netflix added 3 more titles Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up, and Card Blast to its kitty with rollout to 2 more countries – Italy and Spain. The idea behind Netflix games launch in these 3 countries is targeting the most active mobile gaming generation.

Mind you, the video games are nowhere related to the movies or series by the names. Neither Netflix is the creator of these games. Instead, it has licensed the titles from its devs. Namely, Frosty Pop for Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up; and Rogue Games for Card Blast.

These games are not for hardcore gamers. Instead, they are mean for casual gameplay. Probably Netflix is focusing more on its entry into the video gaming niche and building an average player base.

How to download Netflix Games?

The pre-requisite to download Netflix Android Games is that one must be a subscriber. Any of the 5 listed titles can be downloaded on Android phones for free only for Netflix subscribers. One has to tap on the title chosen in the list on the official Netflix app and it will redirect to Google Play Store where one is promoted to download.

The downloaded Netflix Games are accessible on the home of the android device as well as in the Netflix app. The Netflix games appear in a manner similar to the streaming shows in the catalog. Netflix also claims to have minimal lag while streaming. It offers controller support and also allows you to play with your friends.

No in-app purchases are required if one has a Netflix subscription. There is no extra cost of buying the game when you have a membership. Netflix promises no ads whilst playing the game, but there will be recommendations while browsing.

The game library is available to players in Spain, Italy, and Poland right now. Netflix games are only restricted to the Android platform.

The question that is cropping up in mind is whether the new venture will turn out to be a disappointment, keeping in mind the stiff competition? When Netflix announced its arrival in the gaming industry, people expected it to compete with the big names like Google Stadia, Xbox, and Amazon Luna.

But, judging with this release, it kind of seems that Netflix is only testing waters here. But hopefully, it will be working on enhancing its gaming catalogue and a smoother experience towards the development and distribution of titles.

Netflix requires its players to download the game but it has no plans to embrace cloud gaming yet. This is a bit of disappointment as some of the big names in the gaming industry require a lot of storage which won’t be able to fit in phone storage. This will turn out to be a bigger problem when Netflix expands its devices to smart T.V as well, which on average only have 10 GB of storage.

Let us know how much you are looking forward to playing Netflix games in your country. For similar content click here.

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