How Redlore Company Providing Solutions To The Indoor Positioning System?


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One of the newest innovations in indoor positioning is Ultra WideBand Positioning (UWB Positioning). UWB positioning is superior to base-band, impulse, and carrier-free technologies. Each monitored asset is outfitted with a unique tag with an integrated or attached accumulator as part of the implementation of ultra wide band location tracking into the enterprise infrastructure. The tag uses billions of radio impulses transmitted in a wide frequency range at intervals of a nanosecond to carry out its task. Receivers, also known as transponders, pick up these signals and convert them into data, allowing the location object to be determined.

About RedLore Company

RedLore Company is a creator of a real-time location system (RTLS) program that can track the whereabouts and health of items and people in real-time. Indoor and outdoor asset tracking, production process, and material flow tracking, real-time inventory, condition monitoring, human safety tracking, equipment tracking and utilization, consignment stocking, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), and automatic (un)loading detection are some of the applications offered by the business. The company’s cloud-based algorithms turn raw data into insights that increase efficiency and are displayed on the control tower or sent to the customer’s information.

Almost any physical asset may be tracked with the Redlore RTLS solution, including people, capital assets (such as carts, tools, and mobile equipment), raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. The asset may be found using the positioning engine (RTLS) both indoors and outdoors in the most challenging environments.

A Review for RedLore Solutions

Our organization can benefit from knowing where resources or people are at any given moment. To meet the demands of our businesses, real-time location systems introduced by RedLore. We specifically refer to businesses that engage in manufacturing, transportation, and other services that require control. Numerous objects require regular observation in this situation. RedLore RTLS monitoring software allows tracking employee mobility history, hence minimizing process faults.

The RedLore RTLS technology has uses outside of warehouse management in many different sectors. It makes it possible for our healthcare facilities to keep track of medical equipment, enhancing asset utilization and guaranteeing equipment accessibility when required. Retail establishments can use the RedLore system to track consumer movement, arrange products optimally, and improve the shopping experience. RedLore’s real-time asset tracking can help manufacturing facilities reduce downtime and improve production. The possibilities are endless, and each industry’s specific requirements are met by RedLore’s RTLS solution.

What Are the uses of indoor location RTLS tracking?

Grocery Stores

Retail is another industry where indoor mapping is used. You may design a map for your grocery store that provides real-time turn-by-turn guidance for customers. Users need only put in the item they are looking for, and the software will give them the best path to the aisle. Even additional information, such as prices, stock, and promotions, can be added to the indoor map to improve the user experience.

General Asset Tracking

Tracking everything from small parts to heavy machinery within a facility can assist stakeholders in improving productivity and safety. Dedicated asset tracking has many advantages, including maximizing inventory levels, reducing equipment abuse, eliminating production bottlenecks, automating tool calibration, and finding lost assets.


Due to its effectiveness in streamlining procedures and boosting output, RTLS is quickly gaining popularity in asset tracking for agriculture. Farmers can schedule operations like feeding, watering, and maintenance more effectively by using RTLS to precisely track the whereabouts of their tools, equipment, and livestock.


Businesses of all sizes and types benefit from RTLS tracking technology. It can manage worker safety, streamline processes, and monitor inventory levels, among other things. Businesses may use their resources more effectively and down time spent looking for items by always knowing where their assets are. By streamlining processes and removing lost or stolen goods, RTLS may also assist firms in cutting costs. Consider employing RTLS tracking technology if you’re seeking a solution to enhance your company.

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