How Junglee Rummy Moved the Spotlight from RPG to Card Games?


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When it comes to card games, every family in India seems to have a story to tell. We have all spent time playing Indian rummy or observing others play this enjoyable game.

Indians’ love for card games led to rummy becoming a part of our culture. With the online gaming industry growing with each passing year, online card games like rummy have become widely popular with all social and economic classes.

Popular online rummy platforms like Junglee Rummy have raised the bar and made the game popular with millions of gamers all over the country. Rummy has now become a sensation that’s loved by the masses. It’s not just the millennial generation; even the elderly enjoy playing online rummy games.

Online multiplayer games

From gaming consoles to mobile phones, the online gaming industry has transformed over the past few years. Multiplayer online games are now the norm.

Online games are of two major types: social games and competitive games. While a lot of  social games on the internet are played only for leisure, the gaming community continues to shift toward more serious opportunities.

Multiplayer online games have been quickly gaining more committed customers and their user base now makes up about 40% of the overall gaming industry. User-centric design and an enjoyable gaming experience have helped multiplayer card games like Junglee Rummy acquire a massive user base and generate high revenues.

Junglee Rummy: a new sensation

Online multiplayer games offer users new ways to socialize. According to the All India Gaming Federation, gaming apps are used by about 300 million online users in India. Most online gamers are introduced to multiplayer gaming platforms by their family, acquaintances, or friends. These platforms offer a chance for them to use their skills and interact with other like-minded people from across the world. Junglee Rummy offers players productive entertainment, which makes the platform a leader in the online card gaming space.

High revenue

When computers replaced real-world games, card games became instant hits. Although the online entertainment universe has a lot of things to offer, card games like rummy and poker are at the forefront.

The online game of rummy means big money, and players account for half of the internet business in India. The online advertising industry has invested money amounting up to INR 700 crore on internet ads, and experts believe 2021 will only witness a further growth in revenue.

As it turns out, the rummy industry has grown rapidly in India and is currently worth approximately INR 2,200 crore with a growth of CAGR 34%. Popular platforms like Junglee Rummy have been witnessing unprecedented growth.  

Apart from its round-the-clock accessibility, the excitement and thrill of playing online rummy has further added to the game’s popularity. The game is tailor-made to suit Indian players, which helps it gain massive fanfare and popularity in every nook and corner of the country.

Amazing opportunities

To make their platforms suitable for both beginners and expert players, online rummy platforms and apps offer free practice matches, daily bonuses, and exciting tournaments with big prizes. Gamers can install a rummy app on their mobile phones and play rummy games with real players from across the country at any time and win big prizes. New players can always begin by playing a lot of practice games to enhance their rummy skills and boost their confidence before playing high-stakes games.

Skill games have taken over the internet gaming industry in India, and card games like rummy are big contributors. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if online card games soon become the MVP of the gaming industry.

The rummy sector has a code set by The Online Rummy Federation (TORF). TORF is an autonomous business association that facilitates online gaming and helps rummy companies implement a common framework to protect players’ interests.

The major factor that decides the popularity of any online game is how easy it is for its consumers to connect to. The availability of smartphones has helped bridge the gap between the gaming industry and users. The ability to quickly develop online gaming apps has helped designers get constructive feedback and further work on newer design.

With a huge variety of applications available to play about every classic format of the game, the competition in the industry is tough. Players now have the chance to enjoy various versions of each game.

Appealing graphics, welcome bonuses, referral benefits, and game rewards amplify the player’s interest and reassure others to participate in games and tournaments.

With growing access to the internet, multiplayer online games have become a trend in the country. It’s become simpler for users to satisfy their gaming and entertainment needs from anywhere in the world.

The future of online rummy in India looks bright, and rummy companies are expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

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