How An eSIM Can Help You Avoid Roaming Charges?


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Are you planning a business trip or a vacation with family or friends to another country? In such cases, the first thing that we all think about is the high roaming charges that you will have to pay for calls, SMS, or internet. Looking at this hustle faced by people, many companies have started providing eSIMs. 

The rise of eSIMs has completely changed the global network connection. eSIM is similar to physical SIM but in a digital version. It has made traveling abroad easier by cutting roaming fees and no worry about getting a local SIM. If you are traveling abroad you can go for any of the eSIM providers, such as aloSIM, Airalo,, eSIM2Fly, and many more.

Still, have doubts about how this is possible? We are here to guide you through eSIM technology, explaining how it helps travelers avoid roaming fees, how to get an eSIM, and all the benefits you can enjoy using it.  

How An eSIM Can Help You Avoid Roaming Charges?

Switching from physical SIM to eSIM is mostly preferred by travelers to avoid roaming charges. To understand how eSIM is helpful in this, we must know what is roaming and what is an eSIM so that we can understand how it works. It’s for sure that you are going to see lots of benefits of using eSIM while traveling.

What Is Roaming?

Phone networks are specified for a single country. While traveling from one country to another, the only way that helps you stay connected is roaming. Roaming allows you to access all services, such as calls, text messages, and data while traveling outside of the network provider’s coverage area. But how does this happen if there is no signal on our mobile network? 

When roaming, our SIM is disconnected from our home network and connected to the network provider of our destination country so that we can enjoy using our same SIM. But this is not free; you will have to pay a roaming fee, which is charged per minute or per day. Wait, you are lucky enough that we now have the eSIM option, which is the best alternative for this.

What Is An eSIM And How Does It Work?

As discussed earlier, the most easy and affordable option that one should choose while traveling to avoid roaming is eSIM. Is this a new term for you, and you are scratching your head? Don’t worry. We have the answer to your questions.

eSIM is a virtual SIM, or you can say an embedded SIM, that is built into our device during its manufacturing process. Its operations are similar to those of a physical SIM, but it works completely digitally and connects you to a network instantly. 

eSIMs can be used in only the latest smartphones with this feature. However, eSIM providers do not operate in all regions, so we need to first find out if our selected company provides services in our destination country. 

How To Get eSIM?

Getting an eSIM is not rocket science. The process is quite simple; just follow the below steps and start enjoying your network connection without paying any roaming charges:

Step 1: Find the eSIM provider based on your destination location and preferences.

Step 2: You can see many plans available and can even compare the plans of multiple companies. Choose the one for your destination, and that fits your budget.

Step 3: Now, pay for your plan.

Step 4: Finally, activate your eSIM once you reach the destination by scanning the QR code associated with it.

Network signals are visible on device. Isn’t it amazing that we don’t have to look for local SIM providers or pay extra roaming charges? Then what are you waiting for? Go for this eSIM option next time whenever you are planning a trip to another country.  

Wait. Let me tell you that there are some more benefits of using this digital SIM, which will be more pleasing and make you think of buying it now. 

Benefits Of Using eSIM 

Here are some of the benefits that will amaze you, and you will surely prefer using eSIM to avoid roaming when you are traveling:

  1. Purchased and installed from anywhere in the world.
  2. Most of the eSIMs have prepaid plans, so you will not be charged extra roaming fees.
  3. Up to eight eSIM profiles can be stored on your mobile.
  4. eSIMs are managed digitally.
  5. Reach your destination and connect to your mobile network instantly.
  6. Use eSIM along with your regular SIM.


After knowing the way eSIM eliminates the costly roaming charges, every traveler must go for it without having a second thought. It provides an easy way to communicate worldwide and has a smooth activation process. You don’t need to stick with one eSIM provider; change it according to your needs. But, when you are in a roaming region, make sure that you switch off the roaming of your physical SIM, and the roaming is only on for eSIM without any extra charges.

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