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How do Credit Card Number Generators work?

Credit card fraud has become an online menace in the recent past. Credit cardholders and merchants have become fraud targets due to their vulnerability. To counter the problem, you can use the credit card number generator software available for free online.

What Algorithm Is Used In Generating Credit Card Numbers?

Luhn algorithm is a mathematical formula that is used to validate the accuracy of credit card numbers. It was invented by Hans Peter Luhn in 1959 as a part of the IBM project.

The Luhn algorithm works by taking a credit card’s number and adding all the digits together until there is only one digit in the answer, known as “modulus.” If this number is 10 or higher, then the algorithm will discard any digits that are below 10, and then repeat this process until the original number has been reduced to zero.

The Luhn algorithm was originally designed for use with paper punch cards on which each digit can be punched twice, representing an even or odd position. But today it is most often used with magnetic stripe cards (which store data in binary form).

How Luhn algorithm is applied to credit cards? Follow the steps below

Step 1: Add up all of the digits in a credit card number, including spaces

Step 2: Reverse the order of those digits

Step 3: Add up all of the digits in that number, including spaces

Step 4: Check if it matches the original answer from step 1. If it does, then your card number is valid!

You can check the validity of a credit card by testing it with the Luhn Check digit. Credit Card generators use the Luhn algorithm, which works using a unique mathematical formula. The algorithm gets compiled using a standard format unique only to Luhn.

How Does the Luhn Algorithm Work?

If you want to verify the validity of a credit card, all you need to do is feed the card numbers to the system to check its validity. If the card number equals 0, then the credit card number passes the Luhn algorithm test verifying the validity of the card.

If the credit card numbers module does not equal 0 (1-9), then the card generated is invalid as it does not satisfy the Luhn algorithm.

Benefits of Online Credit Card Generators

You can use your online credit card for various purposes like shopping, buying software, trading in bitcoins, etc. However, they can get used for malicious purposes if they get in the wrong hands. The same applies to credit cards. Many evil people use fake credit card numbers to defraud unsuspecting people online.

Below are some of the reasons why you need an online credit card.

• Online Data Testing

You can use an online generated credit card massively for data testing. Many online companies, especially eCommerce businesses, use online-generated cards to test whether their platform is processing card transactions correctly. Thanks to the internet, the world has become connected, necessitating online card generators to sort out the demand.

• Online Shopping Store Requests

Ecommerce companies nowadays request their clients to use their credit cards for test shopping to receive gift vouchers. To safeguard your card, you can generate an online card and use it in place of your card if you don’t intend to purchase the product.

• Used by Issuers

Credit card companies issue their clients with new cards generated from the online card number generator. The vast number of clients taking up cards daily can’t get handled physically, making it necessary to produce the card numbers using the algorithms.

• Education Purposes

When companies teach their staff how to counter online fraud, they use online card generators to train their staff on how fake card numbers are created. The training is essential for people working in financial institutions like banks to keep their clients safe.

• How Fraudsters Use Credit Card Generators For Malicious Reasons

Fraudsters have become notorious for scamming unsuspecting online users of their hard-earned money. Most fraudsters use an online credit card to generate fake cards to use for shopping online. Since it’s a vice, most companies teach how fraudsters use card generators to make it easy for their staff to arrest online scammers and fraud. Scammers use the card numbers generated online to create fake cards which they use to shop online.


A credit card number generator is an essential free tool for any online shopper. It allows you to generate credit card numbers when testing your eCommerce platform and makes it easy for issuers to serve their clients. If you want to learn more about generating credit card numbers online, you can contact us any day.

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