6 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer When Applying For A Fiancé Visa


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You are not required to hire an attorney to process your fiancé visa, but having one will help significantly. With an experienced immigration attorney, you can ensure that your forms will be filled out correctly and on time. A lawyer’s help can also prevent delays within their control so the processing of your case moves along as quickly as possible.

Working with an attorney will ensure that any problems in your application are ruled out before submission. The process involved in obtaining your fiancé visa is not straightforward. Therefore, the professional guidance of an immigration attorney can ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Depending on where you plan to process your K1 visa, the timeline for obtaining it will vary. Additionally, some embassies are more efficient at processing than others. Expect the processing time to take between 4-7 months. Consider the following six reasons for hiring a fiancé visa lawyer to assist with your fiancé visa application.

1.  Your fiancé visa lawyer will gather all the forms you need.

You must have included the correct documents for your application to be accepted. Work with your fiancé’s visa lawyer to gather all the documents needed. Your fiancé visa lawyer will let you know what you need and help you gather anything you do not have with you for a timely application submission.

2.  They will ensure your forms are completed correctly.

The paperwork for applying for your fiancé visa is complex. You will need a lawyer to guide you through the documents. Any errors may delay and potentially terminate your application. Get your forms submitted correctly with the help of an experienced fiancé visa lawyer.

3.  They will prepare you for later stages.

In addition to helping you fill out application forms for your fiancé’s visa, hiring a lawyer is beneficial for their additional services, including preparing for visa consultations, petition filings, and interviews. You can work with your fiancé visa lawyer to prepare for each stage.

4.  They will update you.

Remember that US immigration laws may change. Additionally, processing times are different depending on the time of year. Your lawyer will update you with any changes and clarify information from USCIS.

5.  They will help your fiancé complete Form DS 160.

Your foreign fiancé must complete Form DS 160, an online application for the K-1 visa. In addition, they will have to gather the correct documents they’ll need to have for their interview. Lawyers can help your foreign fiancé gather what they need to prepare for the interview and complete their application.

6.  They can speak in the language that is needed for clarity.

Attorneys may assist individuals who speak other languages. Work with an immigration attorney who can address the process in the appropriate language.

Start the visa process for the best outcomes.

For the best outcomes, work with a lawyer when applying for a fiancé visa. You can avoid delays and complete the process faster with an attorney. Reach out to a fiancé visa lawyer and start the process.

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