[UPDATE] Many Apple users complain of high-pitched screeching noise while using Apple Music after the latest update


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Apple launched iOS 14.6 a few weeks ago and since then it has gotten a flood of responses from Apple users. The latest one being a strange screeching sound. Users are complaining that while listening to music or using headphones, their AirPods produce strange screeching noises. Let’s learn more about the issue and look at some of the possible solutions.

In May, Apple announced spatial audio with support for Dolby Atmos. The company claimed to give users an immersive music experience. They even claimed that they’ll bring lossless Audio to Apple music subscribers at no additional cost.

With the new Big Sur iOS 14.6 update and Apple Music updates, users did get access to all this and more. But unfortunately, many of them have had terrible experiences. Many are now complaining of a strange, high-pitched, screeching noise on their headset and Apple device while playing music. The noise is really painful for many users even if it just appears for a second or two. 

There are two major issues that users are facing with the latest iOS and Apple Music updates. The first one is that song suddenly stops playing after 15 seconds and skips to the next one. And the second problem is the loud screeching sound we just told you about. These are pretty big usability issues. Another common issue reported is encountering stuttering.

Users shared that the loud screeching noise has given them severe earache and headache. Many people listen to loud music at a high volume so just imagine hearing a loud screeching noise in the middle of it. Apart from this, some have even complained of experiencing it on their iPhone speakers. So it has nothing to do with AirPods. 

It has been few days since the complaints started flooding in and Apple hasn’t yet acknowledged it. Many users took their devices to Apple Service Center but even they couldn’t figure out the problem.

But thankfully some users did point out few solutions on Apple forums and other websites, that supposedly should fix the screeching issue. However, these solutions aren’t tested by any professional so we cannot claim a 100% surety. So try out these tips if you want but at your own risk. 

Potential solutions to screeching noises in the middle of songs

Users have noted that the noise stops when they play non-lossless songs. The issue is annoying as well as ear-piercing!

1. Updating your iPhone to iOS 14.7 beta 4 should fix the song skip problem. A user shared that he did exactly this and the issue was resolved. Even reverting your device to iOS 14.6 should also fix the issue. Anything but the iOS 14.7 beta 3 would do. 

2. Turn off your iPhone and then switch it back on after a couple of minutes. Open Apple Music to check if it worked or not. 

3. Another workaround is to first uninstall the Apple Music app. Then switch off your iPhone and wait a couple of minutes. Now turn it back on and re-install the Apple Music app. Check to see if the issue is gone or not. 

4. If the problem is still there, what you can do is delete all your downloaded music. Your downloaded files have likely gotten corrupt. Then go to Settings -> Music -> Sync Library and turn it off. After this turn off your cellular data in the Music setting. Then turn off and on your iPhone. Try Apple Music for a while.

5. If the screeching continues on your device, back up your iPhone instantly. Then after that go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.This will cause your device to get a full restart. Then go to your last backup and select it to get back all your files and stuff. Wait for half an hour till your iPhone goes back to how it was. Then try Apple Music. 

UPDATE As On July 16 – Fix out with iOS 14.7 RC

In its recent patch notes for iOS 14.7 update released for everyone, Apple appears to have addressed the audio issues with Lossless and Dolby Atmos tracks in Apple Music. Have a look at the Patch notes pertaining to the issue:

– Dolby Atmos and Apple Music lossless audio playback may unexpectedly stop

Share with us whether the latest update has patched the issue.

Apple is looking forward to launching iOS 15 very soon and maybe that will solve all these issues. But frankly, bugs and inconsistencies have become a common norm with Apple updates. With every update, be it an iOS update or Apple Music update, users report many issues. And the worst part is that Apple rarely addresses these issues and waits for a long time to resolve them.

The first-hand reports coming from the developer version of iOS 15 beta are encouraging. It is hoped that Apple will fix all the niggling iOS 14 issues in its next major OS update. We’ll be keeping an eye on this issue so keep an eye on our blog for all the updates on this issue. 


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