A Guide to Latest VALORANT’s Starter Agent Gekko


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Riot Games recently introduced the 22nd VALORANT agent, Gekko, earlier this month. It’s like Riot specifically introduced Gekko in a meta where he’d excel the most.

Gekko is capable of blinding, stunning, and detaining enemies, allowing him to impact matches on plenty of maps. The only problem is that he’s relatively new. Because of this, players might not know how to utilize Gekko properly.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Gekko’s Abilities

  • Dizzy (E)

This is Gekko’s flash ability and can be used multiple times every round. But, because this is a creature, you’ll need to find and pick up Dizzy again to use it. The good news is that Dizzy can bounce off surfaces, which lends itself to creative strategies.

  • Wingman (Q)

Another creature Gekko has in his arsenal is Wingman. But, unlike Dizzy, this one travels on the ground and concusses the first enemy it sees. It works in a similar fashion to the Boom Bot by Raze. But, unlike the Boom Bot, Wingman can plant and defuse spikes. Wingman can also survive even after Gekko has died and Gekko can perform normally if Wingman is defusing the spike. 

  • Mosh Pit (C)

Mosh Pit is basically a grenade. You throw it, it spreads out, and it will explode after a small delay. 

  • Thrash (X)

Thrash is a fitting ultimate ability for Gekko. It’s a huge damage dealer that Gekko can control and move around to look for enemies. Once a target is sighted, it can lunge, damage, and detain players, leaving enemies helpless. The only con is that using Thrash leaves you vulnerable to damage, so use it wisely.

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A Guide to Latest VALORANT's Starter Agent Gekko

What are the best situations for Gekko?

Gekko is the best Valorant agent in several situations. He’s ideal as a solid initiator that can clear sites and make space for his team. Unfortunately, defending as a Gekko is more tricky. While his kit fits the role of being on offence well, playing on your heels is a different story. You can’t exactly pick up your creatures if you’re on your backs. 

Here are some maps where Gekko is the best Valorant agent on both defence and offence.

  • Fracture

Small corridors and tight corners are heaven for Gekko. Dizzy excels in these situations, and on defence, the area isn’t open enough to leave you vulnerable while you pick up your creatures. This is possible around Generator or Canteen as well as in B Arcade. The only problem you’ll be having is with A main and A dish, as this is where your best move is to let attackers move in to the A site and go from there. 

Clever use of Dizzy, Wingman, and Mosh, will force most attackers to rotate, allowing you to corner them again once you’ve picked up your abilities. 

  • Icebox

Fracture and Icebox are similar in this regard. A belt and A pipes as well as that one particular choke point near the ultimate orb are perfect when you want to spot attackers. Wingman can help you prevent pushes into A generator or A maze as well.

  • Lotus

Lotus is a fairly large open map that should make life difficult for Gekko. Except, there are plenty of small and tight corners in Lotus that allow Gekko to excel. Also, because you can approach each site in Lotus from multiple angles, Gekko can be used to blind and stun attackers or smoke defenders out of their locations. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking to defend or retake a site, Gekko’s kit will be extremely useful in Lotus.

  • Split

The fracture has plenty of choke points and narrow walkways. Split has even more. So, if you’ve noticed a recurring theme here, it’s that Gekko works best in areas where there’s minimal movement. This is because Gekko can literally force the enemy team to react to his advantage. 

Just avoid carelessly using your abilities in A main, mid, or B garage, and your Gekko play should be on point.

  • Ascent

Gekko is arguably at his best in Ascent because of its open skies. You can literally throw Dizzy up in the air, find out where your opponents are, and literally wait for it to fall back down close to you. Primarily because of this, Gekko is overpowered in Ascent, whether it’s on offence or defence. 

What are the best ways to play Gekko in VALORANT?

  • Pair with agents that can provide you with a smoke cover like Astra, Brimstone, and/or Omen. This way, you can pick up the globules for your abilities with minimal risk.
  • Viper is your best friend. Your Mosh Pit works similarly to her Snakebite. 
  • As much offensive utility Gekko has, he’s still best played somewhat safely. Because of this, it’s best that you pair with other agents like Jett or Raze. This way, they can be the aggressors while you provide backup cover and information for them. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that should net your team more wins than losses. 
  • Except for Thrash, your abilities have a 10-second cooldown after you pick up their respective globule. Don’t be afraid to spam them. 
  • Make sure that you only throw your flashes and stuns into areas where you can pick up your globules safely. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recover the globules properly before they expire.

Gekko is a space-maker and initiator who’s best played as a second fiddle to someone who can play aggressive agents. His closest comparison in VALORANT is Breach as they both excel in the same areas. However, the main difference is that Breach can daze opponents using Rolling Thunder while Thrash detains them. So, if you’ve played as and with Breach before, you’ll know when Gekko will excel. 

To get the best out of Gekko, we recommend that you listen to our tips.

If played with the right agent composition on the right map and with the right playstyle, Gekko can dominate and change the entire game. Lastly, be sure to get a Valorant Gift Card from OffGamers here to get some cool weapons and skins to up your game.


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