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On GSL Markets, clients are offered to take advantage of several markets, which include more than 80 FX pairs, CFDs on equities and shares, commodities, indices, energy, spot metals like Gold, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This platform is wholly committed to helping traders stay updated on the trading strategies and market news. The education center of this broker is seriously concerned with the training and education of the clients. Professional and beginners, each type is offered educational resources to enhance the trading knowledge of traders. 

Is the website only available in the English language?

No! There are two dialects available on the platform: German and English. English has made it possible for clients all over the world to access the platform. In addition to that, the German language spoken in various parts of Europe makes it easier for European clients to navigate the broker’s website easily. 

However, the first suggestion to be listed in GSL Markets Review would be for the platform to introduce more dialects. This initiative would broaden the target range of this trader. 

What account types are offered on the platform?

Every trader in the digital market has unique goals, desires, and objectives. GSL Markets offers five distinct accounts and a VIP club to its clients. These accounts are designed to meet the clients’ needs and preferred level of investment. Every account holder is provided with a personal account manager and an introduction to the broker’s trading platform. 

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Premium
  5. Platinum

GSL Markets Review will mention that accounts on this platform are not only restricted to trading and investment purposes. Each account type also offers basic market education sessions to account holders. Accounts on this trading platform also provide risk management strategies and guidance to the customers. Moreover, with account updates, services like personalized trading alerts, risk-free trades, practical guided trading sessions, higher leverage, and many more are added. 

What is the minimum deposit to create an account with GSL Markets?

GSL Markets offer very affordable prices to create an account with them to start trading and investing. The minimum deposit for a Bronze account on the platform is $10,000. 

AccountMinimum Deposit

How does the VIP Trading Club of GSL Markets works?

The best part of the VIP Trading Club of this platform is that anyone can apply to join it. Every platform has a restricted VIP Club that can only be joined after an invitation from the platform. But GSL Market club is not so! Every account holder has access to apply for this VIP club. The club offers all of the Platinum account services, exceptional benefits, and personal coaching from Senior Market Analysts of the platform. Furthermore, club members are made eligible for exclusive offers and opportunities to offer an ultimate trading experience.

Premium and Platinum account holders have the most benefit, How?

This section of the GSL Market Review will explain how Premium and Platinum account holders have the upper hand on the trading platform. That is because these account holders are given access to join the platform’s VIP Trading Signals Telegram Channel and Jack Scienza WhatsApp Group. Access to these two social media platforms allows account holders to get free advice, learn new strategies from experienced traders, and get exclusive updates on the market. 

What is the purpose of account managers?

Personalized account managers are the best service offered by this platform to every account holder. Account managers guide clients to carry out trades regardless of their trading status. Moreover, they create opportunities for customers to maximize their investment and manage it according to clients’ goals and risk preferences. The guidance on every step provides consumers with significant returns from their trades and investments. 

GSL Markets Review 2022 – An Excellent Customer Oriented Brokerage platform by

How is the customer service of the GSL Markets distinct from other platforms?

This GSL Markets Review will now discuss the incredible customer service of the platform. The ‘contact us’ option on the official website opens a page with six different departments listed. 

  • Contact the department directly via e-mail: E-mail support, e-mail account opening, e-mail disputes, back e-mail office, e-mail partnerships, and e-mail media relations are the options on the contact us page for clients to choose the preferred department and contact them directly. 
  • Call the support team: However, if a client is experiencing problems other than they feel these departments cannot solve, there is nothing to worry about. Customer support is available 24/5, and clients can call on the provided number to discuss their problems. 
  • Please submit a separate message: Clients not comfortable with calls can submit a message to the team after providing their name and e-mail along with their message.

The support team is fast and reliable. The team reaches back within 24 hours and is always ready to guide customers. 

Is the registration process really hassle-free?

Yes! The registration process for this platform is not a big deal. It takes a couple of minutes to be done with. However, for a successful trading career, clients are required to provide accurate information. Moreover, with the correct information added, the customer service can easily contact the customers for various reasons, including providing support and updating the client regarding the account activities. To register with GSL Markets, you are only asked for your full name, e-mail, and phone number; that’s it. To complete the process, you need to set up a password and create your account. It does not cost to register on the platform, but, to start trading, you must submit a minimum deposit of $250. 

What is a 100% Welcome Bonus?

100% Welcome Bonus is the amount your account manager added after making your first deposit. The platform encourages new traders to make their initial investments as high as possible in terms of investment accounts because higher capital reflects higher potential profits.

GSL Markets Review 2022 – An Excellent Customer Oriented Brokerage platform by

This GSL Markets Review will list the steps to be followed by clients to enjoy the 100% Welcome Bonus benefits. 

  1. Make Your Deposit: As mentioned in the GSL Markets Review, account holders must first make a deposit in their accounts or deposit their initial investment. 
  2. Receive Your Welcome Bonus: In the second step, the platform matches the investment of customers to its 100% Welcome Bonus. 
  3. Start Trading: The account managers help traders to start safe trading. Each successful trade earns profits ad doubles the capital of clients.
  4. Enjoy the Rewards: The last step does not mean the benefit journey is over; it is actually the start. The initial investment made by the clients gets doubled every time with the profits earned through trading on the platform. Moreover, account holders can use the profit to update their accounts. This allows them to avail of additional services offered by the broker.

Is the range of this platform limited?

NO! GSL Markets has every opportunity available on the platform for its clients to start trading as professionals, despite being a beginner. The variety of markets offers clients a wide range of financial assets and instruments to perform trades with. This GSL Markets Review will now provide you with brief introductions of its assets’ markets offered. 

  1. Forex:

Forex is the world’s largest financial market that is being offered to trade in on the platform. Clients can trade a variety of forex pairs, including EUR/USD, at GSL Markets. 

  • The platform offers its clients 5 days a week, 24-hour trading on the forex market. 
  • Customers are given leverages up to 500:1. 
  • Competitive spreads are offered.
  • The mobile app also supports forex trading.
GSL Markets Review 2022 – An Excellent Customer Oriented Brokerage platform by
  • Cryptocurrencies:

BTC, ETH, and all major cryptocurrencies are available for traders.

  • The crypto market is open 24/7 on the GSL trading platform.
  • Ultra-competitive spreads are offered. 
  • Indices:

GSL Markets allow trading of CFDs on the index along with indices from DAX to Dow Jones.

  • Ultra-competitive spreads are offered with leverages up to 5000:1.
  • All of the world’s popular indices are accessible to traders on the trading platform. 
  • Commodities:

Commodities like Coffee and Corn are offered for clients to trade through the world’s oldest financial market. 

  • Trading commodities is offered with a zero commission policy.
  • Customers can be worry-free about their underlying assets while trading CFDs on Commodities at GSL Markets. 
  • Spot Metals:

Metals CFDs like Silver, Gold, and Platinum are also offered on the platform for traders to trade with their GSL Markets trading accounts. 

  • Spot metal trade is available for traders with ultra-low spreads.
  • Energies:

Trading of CFDs energies like Crude Oil and Natural Gas is also available on the trading platform of GSL Market.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a recommendation. The author is not responsible for any resulting actions of the company during your trading experience.

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