GREEN TOWER INVESTMENTS REVIEW: An Insight into the Platform and Personal Investing Experience


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I am an architecture engineer by profession. I have my own interior designing company, and I have done many projects related to interior designing. I have seen the ups and downs of the industry, so I wanted to invest my money in the right place. My purpose of investments was to invest my savings in a place that could profit me.

My friend recommended me to join Green Tower Investments, which is a big investment company. My friend told me he has been investing in this company for the last four months and his profit rate is very high. So I went to their official website and registered there. The team members of this organisation are very expert in what they do, so they guide you step by step.

Green Tower Investment is an online trading platform that provides users with different share market trading, binary options trading, long trade and Forex trading. Green Tower Investment is a relatively new investment platform. The company is based out of London, and it has received significant appreciation from various people who have been using it. They have professional traders in their team who are experts in these types of trading, so they provide the best services. Their customer support response was swift. I got replies within a few minutes.

I wrote this review on my own experience with green tower investments. I hope it will be helpful for beginners and investors here.

How to register on Green Tower Investments official website?

It is very easy to make an account on the Green Tower Investments website.  You have to open their official website and then click on the “Sign-up” tab, which is present at the top right side of the page. Then you will be redirected to another page where you need to fill up all essential details like your name, email id etc. You also need to provide these details about your trading experience, the type of account you want to opt for and some other information.

After providing all these details, you will be able to register with them and then sign up on their website, where you can use this login id and password to access your trading accounts.

It was not easy to understand the site because it was difficult to understand all the plans and services.  But when I called their customer support and talked to them about all these details, they explained everything in detail and clarified all my doubts.

How to explore the platform?

After making an account and registering myself on Green Tower I green tower investments site, I started exploring their area. They have a user-friendly platform, and it is straightforward to navigate your way through their site. I don’t think any new trader will face difficulties understanding the features and benefits of this website.

I explored all the plans and services. I want to mention in this review that they do not provide demo trading, so you cannot know about Green Tower Investments.  It is not easy to judge them with just their official website. So you need to contact their customer support to know all the details about Green Tower Investments.

There are different pricing plans, trends, customer services, and other trading tools on their website. When you open their website, there are many tabs on top of the page, which will lead you to different parts of the platform, so you will not find it challenging to navigate through their website.

After exploring all the parts of their site, I was still confused about what kind of customer support they provide, how they work, and their performance.

How was my trading experience with Green Tower Investments?

My overall trading experience was alright with them. They have good customer support, and whenever I called them, they replied to me within 5 minutes. Their team comprises professional traders who provide you with all the details and knowledge about trading.

Their plan is very easy to understand, and even new users can easily choose their plans according to their preferences. They have different types of accounts such as primary, silver, gold and platinum. So you need to know about the right plan which will best suit your needs.

Their support team helped me open an account with them and then chose the correct plan for myself.  I think their customer service is excellent because they cleared all my doubts after talking to their representative. From what I hear from people, they also provide excellent services in case of customer complaints, but I didn’t have any issues, so I am not sure about that.

What services does Green Tower Investment offer?

Green Tower Investment provides many services to its users. Check out the listed services:

  • Trading tool
  • Education
  • Assets index.
  • High-quality customer support system.

These are some of the primary services which they offer to their clients. They have many other facilities too, but I am not aware of all of them. All I know is that they provide excellent customer support through their team. Green Tower Investments on their website provide you with recent trends in the market, price movements, index analysis and other related information. They provide all the information which you will need to make an informed decision about your investments.

Education facility on Green Tower Investments platform:

eBooks are provided by them, which helped me to know more about trading. You can also see the other investors’ blogs on their websites to see their reviews. eBooks are beneficial to understanding the trading world correctly.

A trader needs to have good education facilities because if he knows how to trade, he will make huge profits in less time.

They have different types of education services which are as follows:

  • Basic technical analysis eBook
  • Trading market eBook
  • Advanced eBook
  • Market analysis eBook
  • Beginners’ strategies eBook
  • Forex eBook

eBooks are a user guide for trading when you open an account with them. The customer service and education facilities on their platform are excellent, and they have all the things I need for trading. I think because of these reasons; many people choose Green Tower Investments over other platforms. I didn’t like that these books are somehow pervasive and difficult for laymen like me to understand.

Multiple resources are available on their website to get all the information about trading online. Analysis reports, index analysis, price forecast reports etc. on their site to make an informed decision. Their website provides information about all these details, so you can also check out other clients’ reviews about Green Tower Investment.

Assets Index and charting tools:

They provide an assets Index on their website, which helps you know the best-performing assets for the last day, week and month. The asset index is helpful in numerous ways because you can see all the support available on the Green Tower Investments platform ranked in terms of their performance. By this, you can choose the best one for yourself and invest accordingly.

Different types of charts are also present on their website so that you can predict which one will give better returns to its users. So any trader needs to have access to these kinds of tools to use them according to their convenience. The information provided by them is pretty helpful for trading at any time.

You can also check out all the details about an asset with its latest news feed and analysis reports. These charts should be more descriptive and easy to understand for beginners. When I was new, it was difficult for me to understand them.

 I think this tool is potent because if we can predict what is going to happen, we can take necessary measures accordingly, which will lead us towards success in our business endeavours.

Security assurance by Green Tower Investments:

They provide security to the clients in terms of money and personal information. Personal experience with them is that they are trustworthy because I have not come across any issues regarding my money while trading on their platform. Also, after opening an account with them, I have received all the relevant information about the security of funds and personal details.

Data security is critical because if there are no assurances for others, an account is always safe. I have not come across any issues about the safety of my budget. They are concerned about their reputation in the market because many traders are exchanging their tips for trading on social media platforms nowadays. Still, due to security concerns, this might not be possible in future.

My Overall experience:

They provide different services and trading plans that are pretty extensive to choose from according to your budget and convenience. In addition to that, other packages are also present, which can be selected accordingly. This way, an individual will get what he deserves and be paid for.

They need to make their site user friendly so that beginners can understand all the tools easily. Investors and beginners need to tirelessly investigate entirely about the site and their plans before investing the money. One difficulty that I faced during working with them was that they did not offer demos. Hence, it becomes difficult for beginners and investors to understand their site. I hope my review helped you.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and self-knowledge. Remember that this is not a recommendation

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