GoldenShare Review: A Broker That Gives All You Need For A Successful Trading Experience


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I’ve been trying to find a balance between being successful and supporting my family, but it’s become too much for me. So, I was looking on the internet to see if there were any solutions out there with something new in mind – which might give us more control over our schedules without sacrificing creativity or quality time- that would be perfect!

A couple of years ago, while searching through various job sites online one night before bedtime; Something caught my eye: A company called GoldenShare that offered amazing trading opportunities just like I have been looking for.

It claimed to be a decent work-from-home solution with flexible hours, personal support, and a real community of like-minded individuals striving for success just like me.

I quickly joined and started trading part-time while still working my day job. It was amazing! I could work from anywhere I wanted and make my own hours. I could even take time off when I wanted and not miss a beat. The best part was that I was still able to support my family by doing something I loved.

Since then, my life has changed dramatically. I’ve been able to leave my day job and trade full-time, and it was only possible because of the great service GoldenShare offered.

I was attracted to “GoldenShare” Forex because it seemed like a trustworthy company with loads of positive reviews. The more research I did, the better their system looked – but then again, all these sites seem pretty great if you ask me! The fear of trying something unknown or new is always there, but what made me take the bait was that I had already done some research on them, and my gut told me they were legit after reading several online GoldenShare reviews.

I remember when it came to trading my first deposit with GoldenShare; They held my hand every step of the way – through online classes and their support team. It felt like all the stars were aligned. I’ve been with them ever since and couldn’t be happier.

GoldenShare is a legitimate way to work from home, making a living at trading currency through Forex, CFD’s or Options Trading.

Now without spilling the beans any further, let’s go over the main services this platform offers. In this GoldenShare review, I want to be crystal clear with everything. I will be talking about all the pros and cons of this platform that I have gathered so far during my trading venture with them.

Trading Platform:

Let’s start off this GoldenShare review with how the platform looks because that’s the first thing you see when you sign up. I will be going over each and all pros and cons of every service so that at the end of this GoldenShare review, you will be able to make your own judgement on if this platform is for you or not.

Let’s get started, shall we?


-The startup page of GoldenShare is clean after just having the company logo in one corner, and your account balance displayed at all times within another. They have an easy to navigate menu for every section that helps you quickly find what you’re looking for.

-Let’s also put GoldenShare s visual appeal on display. With its sleek and minimalistic design, the broker can easily represent their professional atmosphere for traders – which makes them more attractive than other brokers who might have messy interfaces or unprofessional branding schemes.

– You won’t join this company because it looks nice; however, if you see that things are well designed, then there may not be any underlying issues holding back your success in trading stocks/options etc… Thankfully though, as soon as I saw how appealing they were from afar (with no prior knowledge), nothing could stop me!

-The site is well-organized and easy to navigate. The landing page provides important information without coming off as too promotional or intimidating; trade horizon continues this tone by including more details in other sections of their website, which helps provide clarity for visitors who need it most (i.e., those looking at buying products).

-Additionally, there’s an excellent balance between having just enough web pages on each topic versus overwhelming people with all sorts of topics thrown together onto one webpage – the former would lead you astray while causing confusion about what exactly should be clicked next since everything seems relevant, while the latter could lead traders to feel bombarded and hopeless about their ability to learn.

-A clean and uncluttered interface is great for new traders who are often overwhelmed with too much information at once (plus, it just looks nicer!). This can be a huge distraction and might eventually lead you to give up on trading.


-I am not a fan of bright colors so, I would have much preferred if they toned down the colors a bit. It’s not a big deal-breaker, but it just makes the site look like a kids game.

-I’m nitpicking here, but I think they should add more information about the assets they offer on their trading platform. For example, it would be nice to know what the margin requirements are and whether or not they offer a Demo account.

-There are occasions where I feel like some of the text is too small and hard to read as well.

– Lastly, I think they should consider adding an option to change the themes from light to dark mode so that it would be easier on the eyes during long trading hours.

Safety and Security:

This is an important section for many traders, as they want to ensure that their personal and financial information is safe, and That’s why I wanted to include it in my GoldenShare review.

GoldenShare has been around for a while and seems to have avoided any major issues. They are clear of all three indicators that could point towards being fraudulent – this is great news! Alongside their clarity, I screened over some legal documents but found no shady clauses like those put in place by malicious brokers who want customers’ funds or information as soon they can get it without thinking about customer satisfaction first (and how safe things will be). So, far everything points toward GoldenShare keeping its user base happy; there’s encryption protection against hackers, AND authenticators account security when needed most.


-GoldenShare encrypts all data with the latest security technologies.

-They also have a 2-factor authentication process in place for added security.

-Their website is protected with SSL encryption, which helps keep your data secure and safe from prying eyes.


A few cons I want to mention in this GoldenShare review are:

-There’s no Demo Account available, which means that you have to deposit money in order to trade.

-They don’t offer a mobile trading app at this time, so traders who want to use their mobile device will have to trade using the web interface instead of on the go.

Customer Service:

I always look at a broker’s customer service as an opportunity to gauge how well the company is. If they put in the time and care to develop reliable answers, then it’s likely that they’ll pay attention to other important details later on. This is a huge thing for me with an unregulated market like Forex because if a broker doesn’t care to please its traders, then that’s not a good sign moving forward.

Customer support and overall communication are definitely one of GoldenShare’s stronger qualities. As I said earlier in my GoldenShare review, even the Basic account gets you an account manager that ensures a smooth flow between brokers and customers by way or two dedicated agents who can be reached at any time during business hours with questions about your account or trades made through them (which always has quick response time). But if all else fails, there’s also live chat which works surprisingly well for some people!

The team over on this side seems very nice–although sometimes their English isn’t perfect, so make sure they’re speaking slowly enough before asking anything sensitive; however, most representatives solve problems quickly anyway.

For me personally, I found GoldenShare’s customer service team to be responsive. They answered within 24 hours and were polite, but they didn’t go out of their way to help me with some of my more specific questions. That being said, it’s always good to have someone to reach out to in case of an emergency so, I still consider their customer service as decent.


-They have a 24/5 customer service team that is available via email, Live Chat, and telephone.

-All representatives are polite and seem to be knowledgeable


-If you want to trade with a broker that has more than 2 or 3 languages as their native tongue, GoldenShare might not be for you. They only use English and German as the main trading language on their site, so if your first language isn’t English, then this might cause some problems.

Final Words:

In conclusion to this GoldenShare review, I think GoldenShare is a very good broker for beginners, especially those who would like to get started with the social trading experience from the word ‘go’ on. They have low spreads on major currency pairs and interesting demo account features that make it possible to trade without any risks. Besides that, they offer good customer service and cater to a wide range of traders.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge is a professional writer, editor, and technology aficionado with in-depth knowledge and experience of digital publishing technologies. Elizabeth is keen on learning more about writing with each article or paper she works on. In her spare time, Elizabeth likes to catch up on pop-culture comfort foods and write blog posts.


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