GMS Mobile Certification and Why It has Become Important for Businesses: Know Everything


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Android OS is a real contender to become the global leader in mobile operating systems worldwide. It has the lion’s share in the mobile device market compared to its competitors. The line-up of devices by the company has not only fared for users in general but in the workplace too. With the introduction of Google mobile services, Android has become a game-changer in the world of business. 

Whether a consumer or enterprise device, the users cannot afford to lose any pre-loaded apps or services they expect to be available right out of the box. Google mobile services certified phones offer a set of pre-installed apps and services driven to boost the productivity of certified Android devices. 

GMS certification refers to verifying that all the Google proprietary apps and services work properly as most standard Android devices do. It is an overlooked factor when choosing the ideal hardware for your business. GMS certified devices can help smooth functioning, especially regarding enterprise mobility. 

Here is everything to know about this concept.

What is GMS certification Process? 

The GMS certification process is a set of tests and guidelines established by Google. It tests the devices to ensure they are compatible with various Google-provided applications. Each smartphone and tablet that passes the test successfully become certified by Google. When building a fully compatible Android device, the manufacturers may select from many apps and services developed for the software. For users, it becomes essential as the GMS certification guarantees that all the apps work accurately. GMS-certified phones have become an essential tool in enterprise mobility. 

Many smart devices access delicate personal data, including credit card details, passwords, banking information, confidential business documents, etc. The employees at the workplace also use them for sharing documents through cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Docs, Dropbox, and more. It is vital to keep such sensitive data and information safe. GMS-certified phones and tablets pass various tests to ensure reliability. They receive security updates from time to time, thus assuring all Google Applications will continue working seamlessly. 

Considering the many benefits of these devices, they are not preferred by the users alone but by developers too. By building a GMS-certified device, the users benefit from several apps developed for Android while stimulating developers to create more applications. 

Business Scenarios That Require GMS Devices 

While GMS certification of phones has become necessary for enterprise mobility, many business scenarios require GMS devices to operate. It includes the following. 

  • Companies have lesser chances of getting affected by the privacy policies, terms of use, and requirements set up by Google. 
  • Companies require downloading at least one or a few applications from Google Play Store, and flawlessly updating, managing, and securing these apps. 
  • Companies that use applications or services depend on GMS APIs such as Google Location Services. 
  • Businesses that have to receive API updates from Google without third-party services quickly. 
  • A business handles different types of devices, including corporate-owned and personal devices. 

Benefits of GMS Certification for Enterprise Mobility 

Many consumer-grade Android products benefit from GMS certification regardless of the use case. 

  • GMS certification offers supported security and management features essential for any business. 
  • These devices are loaded with the latest version. Thus no security flaws are experienced while operating your business. 
  • They receive monthly security patch updates and come with a broad combination of apps and access to the Google Play Store. 
  • They offer application stability and over-the-air updates. 

Key Takeaway 

With so many benefits for professional and personal use, GMS certification is evolving as one of the best things in terms of technology. It has a long way to go. 

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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