Forza Motorsport 8 Release Date & What We Want To Hear


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Forza is one of the most popular racing games series on the Xbox and PC. This Microsoft exclusive franchise regularly comes up with two games, Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport.

Forza Horizon is a popular racing game for people who want to drive exotic cars in breathtaking locations around the world. On the other hand, the gearheads would love the simulation style gameplay offered by the Forza Motorsports lineup.

A 1-minute Forza Motorsport 8 trailer was also released late in July 2020 at the Xbox Series X games showcase. It raised the adrenaline levels of Forza Motorsports lovers promising a game 4K 60fps world driven by real-time ray tracing.

The New Forza Motorsport aka “Forza Motorsport 8

Since the release of Forza Motorsport 4 in 2011, we got an entry in the Forza Motorsport series on the odd years. In the even years, Microsoft released a new Forza Horizon game.

However, Microsoft broke this pattern in 2019 by releasing a spin-off, Forza Street. However, when we were expecting an entry in the Forza Horizon series in 2020, Microsoft came up with a surprise.

On 23rd July 2020, Microsoft unveiled its next-gen entry in the Forza franchise, the Forza Motorsport. It seems the studio has ditched the name, Forza Motorsport 8. The tech giant in the teaser didn’t refer the game as “Forza Motorsport 8”.

It gave hint that Microsoft is contemplating changes in the naming strategy, maybe they want a fresh start on the next-gen platforms. However, it is speculated that the company will retain the traditional numbering pattern with “8” in the end. During the launch of its next-gen game consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, against expectations, Microsoft did not add the Forza Motorsport 8 Xbox One to the title. 

During the teaser, we saw some exciting features that the developers have in store for us. It seems developers of the game are going to ante up the Forza Motorsport simulation aspect in their latest entry. 

When is Forza Motorsport 8 Release Date?

As of now, Microsoft hasn’t revealed the Forza Motorsport 8 release date. It means that the game is still in the early stages of game development. However, Microsoft wouldn’t want the Xbox gamers to wait too long for the next Forza game. As a result, we could see Forza Motorsport 2020 hitting the stores in 2021, maybe during the first quarter. 

The recent leak about Forza Motorsport 8 release date has set for February 2021. The development timelines have been impacted due to COVID-19. 

As for the release platform, we should see the Forza Motorsport launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Forza Motorsport 8 Xbox One, and PC. There is a possibility that Forza Motorsport 8 on Xbox One version might have slight downgrades.

Forza Motorsport 8 Release Date & What We Want To Hear

The teaser showed beautifully ray-traced reflection, which the previous-gen console is incapable of doing. Forza Motorsport 8 PC version and the next-gen Xbox will have full ray-tracing support.

Now, when we talk about Forza Horizon, we discuss the beautiful locations that we might see in the game. However, Forza Horizon is more about racing on the tracks. So, the question that comes to our minds is what cars will we see in the game. Another question that many of us might ask is what sort of customizations we can apply to these cars in the next-gen car games.

Forza Motorsport 2020 Features

There isn’t a lot of information regarding the next-gen entry in the Forza Motorsport series. Most of the things that we know about the game come from keen-eyed observers who watched each frame of the trailer to analyze every detail. As a result, most of the features mentioned below are mere speculations. It would be one of the first games on the platform, developers might have ideas that they cannot implement due to lack of resources. So, take the details mentioned below with a pinch of salt.

Forza Motorsport 8 Car List

Before we begin, as of now, there is no information regarding what cars will Forza Motorsport offer at launch. As the game is still in development, the developers are yet to share Forza Motorsport 8 car list.

The last set of rumors suggested Microsoft opting for 54 vehicles in some races. In fact, a revamp of the multiplayer mode was also on the list somewhat closer to what Gran Turismo Sport offers.

Forza Motorsport 8 Release Date & What We Want To Hear

We believe that Microsoft is going back to the roots and deriving inspiration from Forza Motorsport titles of the past. They might try to replicate the success of Forza Horizon 4 and give us a unique Forza Motorsport experience on the next-gen platforms.

However, the Forza Motorsport 8 car list being the next-gen game is likely to have all possible top manufacturers on its rolls. They will be the latest and obviously the fastest. Name them -Porsche, Ferrari, Peel P50, spectacular McLaren 720S, sensational Ferrari F8 Tributo, or from the genre of Ford GT 2020 model. 

The Forza Motorsport game is supposed to showcase new groundbreaking features and promises to be next-gen in its own way. The rumors discuss dynamic tracks and tire pressure, which will add a new level of realism to the game. The dynamic track means that as you race on the track, it will get rubberized. As rubber particles stick to the track, players would find that they get better grip with each passing lap.

Forza Motorsport 8 Release Date & What We Want To Hear

Tire Temperature and Pressure Will Affect How You Race

We also hear that tire temperature and pressure would play an important role in how you perform. As you race, the tire temperature will rise, and the air inside them will expand as well. As a result, if you are pushing your car too hard on a hot summer day, there is a higher chance that you will damage your tires. These additions will make the players plan their races in greater depth. These features would make game modes such as NASCAR more challenging.

The trailer also shows some dirt tracks and SUVs, suggesting that off-road tracks would also make their way to the next Forza Motorsport.

We have seen multiple racing games where online multiplayer plays an important role. Microsoft’s next-gen racing game won’t be competing just against Sony’s Gran Turismo 7, but also against the likes of Project CARS 3, and Assetto Corsa. This competition means Microsoft would be upping the quality of the multiplayer component of Forza Motorsports as well.


Microsoft hasn’t officially announced all the features, cars, vehicles, and tracks of the game till now. The footage we saw was not conclusive, and as the game is in the early stages of development, the final product could vary by quite some margin. So, it would be a good idea to wait for Microsoft to reveal the details before lining up for the new Forza Motorsport. 

Are you excited about the next-gen Forza Motorsport? Will it give a tough competition to Gran Turismo and other racing titles out there? Let us know your thoughts and tell us about the things that you wish the next-gen Forza Motorsport to have in the comments below.

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