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Technological progress has given every industry new potential. You have probably noticed the trend of using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies everywhere? And, this happened in education as well. The global Edtech market is predicted to receive $404 billion by 2025. And there will be a CAGR of 18.1% until 2027. E-learning will thrive and prosper using technological support.

With the growth of e-learning development, it would not be wise to ignore this tendency. So, businesses should consider searching for the best e-learning software development services. Here’s when it’s great to consider Inoxoft!

Inoxoft – your custom e-learning development company

If you’re looking for an expert in education software development and want to have a first-class application, Inoxoft might be your lucky ticket to success. With our help you can:

  • Transform your e-learning ideas into innovative platforms

We have a competent expert team that is also experienced in the development of eLearning websites. The team monitors new market trends and so far has gained lots of positive customer comments implementing e-learning platforms, applications that allow language learning, training applications that provide courses in different domains, CMSs (content management systems), and gamification education software.

  • Renew studies with fast and convenient digital software

Although the world already has various platforms with different content, you can always build something better, faster, and more performative. For instance, a responsive education app that can scale and expand its storage of courses, learning resources, timetables, and tasks for assessments. For the sake of better engagement, you can create or upload media resources there, allow interactive discussions on chats, ability to highlight important information, and show results after the successful completion of learning the material. Your students or employees will feel at ease learning using the online digital platform with all the needed material present there. 

  • Replace manual work with digital management tools

Need to manage organizational school issues? No worries. That can be done using different-purpose school management apps. No manual lists and tracking. Only customized and scalable SMS for students, parents, professors, etc. Also, you will be able to view student grades, module results, attendance, home tasks, assignments, admissions, and payment details. This will allow for minimizing error, which was always a case of manual work. Now, everything can be in one place and order. 

Solutions that work best for educational institutions

With the current e-learning software development services, it is possible to become the driver of positive changes in education and modernize schools and universities. And not just these institutions! You can do so much more. For instance:

  • STEAM education can be significantly expanded with the help of technology
  • Teaching materials can be interactive if you add this feature to them
  • Startup launching can be successful with Inoxoft’s support
  • Think innovative and make your wildest ideas a reality

And, Inoxoft is the software development provider that can provide the best custom e-learning software development services for any business needs, meet different goals and requirements, and produce great apps in various niches. One of them includes:

  • E-learning apps for corporate training purposes
  • Narrow-focus domain training apps
  • Accessible technologies for all 

If you’d like to see some of our best implementations, visit Inoxoft’s success stories page on our official website. 

Inoxoft’s user-centred approach

The main player any renewable energy development services provider should focus its research and development efforts on is the user. Usually, users set the tendencies and dictate the demand in educational software. That’s why it is important to hear out your users first and to focus on their needs as well as the customers’ goals. 

To satisfy your users, it is best to create personalized software. Also, this e-learning software has to be engaging and motivate users to study at their own pace and in their free time. Perhaps, the form of gamification and interactivity are the best solutions. It depends on the audience’s age and priorities during studies. But, believe us, no one wants to engage in boring trivial activity these days. 

What can you do to make your e-learning software better and more user-friendly?

Think about the following steps. Maybe, they will set up the right direction for you. 

  1. Intuitive UI
  2. Offline access to studies
  3. Web browser connection
  4. Connection via a smartphone
  5. Customizable personal account
  6. Extra secure account
  7. Downloadability of any content 
  8. Multi-language support
  9. In-built analytics of performance
  10. Interactivity and engaging materials

Based on these steps, consider a solution that goes with:

  • Gamification and Artificial Intelligence. Here, you might implement analytical insights on personal progress; boards showing leadership; a board with virtual rewards; interactive engaging studying materials. 
  • Integrations. Add calendars, Google slides, and anything you like to your application. For example, school ERP can be connected with learning portals; chatbots and video tutorials can be also added; sync with G Suite, etc. 
  • Fair student assessment/testing. Encourage your learners to study better by making a custom e-learning software app. Here, the scores can be generated automatically; personal accounts can be extra secured, and you can conduct surveys to get user feedback. 

With your forward-thinking attitude and Inoxoft’s great experience in deploying educational software, your e-learning app can become popular among users. 


Inoxoft provides outstanding e-learning software development services in the IT market. We tend to gather all the details not only based on the customer requirements, business goals, and values. But also, we hear out their audiences. To ensure the app will be on time, we set clear timelines, define the real budget, discuss risks and how to avoid or solve them, etc. Our development process is pretty clear as it takes 2 weeks per iteration. After the iteration, the client receives a demo of a feature built. Therefore, we provide regular feedback to our clients. Don’t waste time searching for the provider that will give you less attention and support than we do! We care about your business idea success as much as you do. 

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.


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